Never Leave Me Alone by Ben Heine on Flickr.

Never leave me alone

A poem by Katie Gabrielle

Never leave me alone
I am sweet
And I am good
I always do everything
I should
Never leave me alone
The world can be kind
But also cold
I’m so very young
I depend on you to show me
How to be brave
How to be strong
And just to survive
From today to tomorrow
But with you to guide me
I am not afraid
Never leave me alone
Just show me the way
And I’ll be alright
Yes, I’ll be okay

Been meaning for ages to get my little Clanger to go for a trip in the TARDIS.  There wasn’t enough room for me to join her, so she did the trip on her own.  She told me it was the trip of a lifetime!!

If you don’t know what a Clanger is here’s the original 70′s series.  And here’s the new one.

Thanks to John, he reminded me of this wacky 70′s clip of The Master watching the Clangers on tv in The Sea Devils.