I want to share this video as well, despite my main post being the previous one. This is not a commercial from 2014-2016. It is a commercial from 2013. 

When reading Cynthia B. Meyer’s article “Branded Entertainment Reshapes Media Ecosystem”, I am also reminded of a Samsung Galaxy S4 advertisement that uses the actors from the TV show Psych. Meyer talks about commercials featuring cast members from a well-known film or TV show. She says, “Cast commercials, in a kind of reversal of product placement, bring a program’s performers into an advertisement so as to keep the audience’s attention during the commercial interruption.” This Psych commercial mostly resembles the third form mentioned in Meyer’s article: the traditional narrative form used to “drive brand engagement and sales.”

This commercial captures the viewer’s attention with a seemingly regular plot of another episode of Psych, where Sean—played by James Roday—shows off his new Samsung Galaxy S4 to Gus—played by Dule Hill. It is exactly something Sean would do in the show. Then the plot twists suddenly, with a second Gus—who is from the future—appearing, telling the present-day Gus that Sean will change history with the phone if he gets it back. Having this irregular plot twist—plus Gus’ and Sean’s personalities—in this commercial, instantaneously draws people into the world of Psych. It makes them fall in love with the characters’ fascination and disbelief of that particular Samsung Galaxy S4. Overall, after watching this commercial, this this brand of cellphone is now associated with the memory of Sean and Gus from Psych, which makes the phone seem more appealing.

Happy Singles Awareness Day, everybody! (hoorgh)

As a totally self indulgent project, I made a Sanster-themed phone wallpaper. This one fits Samsung Galaxy S4, but it should fit most of that line. Might be squished a little in on the sides. Let me know if it’s not working out for you! It’d be most helpful if you told me what specific phone you have, so I can match the screen size. <3

download link, just in case


Troye Sivan Lockscreens (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini)

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