I’ve noticed that people who own a Samsung Corby II (Samsung GT-S3850) can’t/don’t know how to change the font on their phone, even though there’s a setting for it. The pictures above are screen captures of my Corby II. I just changed the font.

I found a post on how to change the font on your Corby II, and here I am with some instructions, a bit rewritten from what I found. I want to share to the world how to change the font of Corby II because Samsung’s font might be nice, but you gotta admit it is pretty boring. 



1. Download Samsung Kies and install. 

2. Download Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones and install, then restart your PC. (I think you can do this with just the USB Driver, but I downloaded both Kies and the USB Driver just to be sure that my PC can detect and read my phone.)

3. Download TK File Explorer. 

4. Open TK File Explorer and connect your phone. 

5. Windows Button + R, run devmgmt.msc

6. Modem, right click Samsung Phone, click on modem tab, get the port

7. In TK File Explorer, click the button with the phone and gear near the question mark. Enter the port. 

8. Click the button which looks like a computer and phone syncing. 

9. On the lower part of the window, Double click AppEx. Double click User. Double click Font. Double click Download. You will see that the download folder is empty.

10. On the upper part of the window, look for the font you want to put in your phone. Put the fonts you want in a folder in your desktop so it’s easy to locate. When you find the fonts you want to put in, double click them and they’ll transfer to your phone. Your phone might slow down if you go past two fonts

11. When you’re done, click the disconnect button, the one with the big “X.” Restart your phone and change the font. :D

I hope it works well for you because it did for me. If you encounter problems please visit this site. Enjoy your Samsung Corby II. :) 

Meet Kirby

Almost a couple of weeks ago, I got to dig and play with my colleague’s phone because the ER was pretty quiet that time and we had nothing else to do. The phone was a Samsung Corby 2, a hybrid of the infamous Corby. It’s quite bigger and it has better features than Corby 1 so I instantly fell in love with it. I had no plans of buying a new phone since I was saving up for a BB, and I already own 2 cellphones at the moment, the cheap one with the flashlight feature was my “default” phone since it’s pretty practical to use especially at work when I had to work and text at the same time very quickly. I can practically text without looking at the keypad on that phone and the flash light thingy was very useful when we check our patient’s pupils or throat. LOL.

But as I’ve said, I fell inlove with Corby 2 and the enxt thing I knew was that I was at this cellphone store inquiring about it. I had to wait for almost a week after that because the unit was out of stock. But finally on August 12, I was finally able to purchase one, yayyy!:) And yes, I named her Kirby. Just because it sorta rhymes with Corby.haha I planned to take pictures of it as soon as I bought it but yes, plans remained as plans and it was only now that I finally got the chance to have a photo shoot with Kirby. LOLmuch. I’m really loving the phone, it’s more than worth the price, not to mention it was even cheap for this kind of phone. :))

Two thing I can’t live without at the moment, Kirby and Luna (my phone and my camera).

Oh Kirby, we really are meant to be together. My love affair with Blackberry will definitely have to wait a long time. haha. :p



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Still with the brown color scheme, this time a not-so girly theme, though I don’t recommend using the wallpaper. Apologies again for the icon repeats.. Guy themes are not my specialty, sorry >.< 

SOON: Hello Kitty theme, SkullXblack theme, Reggae theme. 

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