samsung galaxy s2 case


I ended up purchasing the “NW Envelope Wallet Card Purse Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S2 S3 & iPhone 6″! It was US$3.52 on Ebay, and despite my skepticism, it is sturdy as hell.

On that minimalism post, I mentioned coming up with a criteria before actually going out and looking for a wallet. This was the criteria I came up with (and why I love it!):

  1. Smaller than my current wallet and can fit into my smallest purse
  2. Contains medium-sized coin pouch (zipped)
  3. Has place for cash and receipts, separately
  4. More than 2 slots for cards (ideally 4-6)
  5. Can act as a wristlet
  6. Has the option to add keys that can sit in or out of wallet
  7. Can fit a phone in there (iPhone 6)
  8. Exposed region to plug in earphones or charging cable with phone inside
  9. Chic design; can act as a standalone piece or add a pop of color to an outfit

I really recommend it, and for the price, pshhh why not. They have it in 3 other colors, you can check out photos and buy it here or here.