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Samsung's Galaxy S8 can turn into a PC with its DeX dock
Samsung, like Motorola and Microsoft before it, is trying to turn a phone into a PC. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will pair with a new Samsung Desktop Experience (DeX) dock accessory to morph into a desktop PC-like environment. The specialized dock, that looks like a candle holder, supports a monitor connection via HDMI, keyboard, mouse, and two USB ports to help expand the Galaxy S8’s capabilities. Read more
Samsung’s DeX dock for the Galaxy S8 costs $150 and will ship in April
The dock that unlocks the Galaxy S8’s desktop PC-like experience will retail for $149.99, according to Samsung’s website. T-Mobile is giving a free dock to its @Work enterprise customers who reserve the Galaxy S8 in-store. The DeX Station, as Samsung calls it, attaches to your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus via USB-C and lets you plug in an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Read more