I’m writing drafts for the AU Fic based on the President Samuel Thomas Wilson and FLOTUS Captain Steven Rogers photoset I made. I plan to have the whole thing finished by November 1 in then gonna post all the chapters leading up to Election Day.  In the meantime, some thoughts:

  • Pope Associates runs the presidential campaign.  Along with Abby, Harrison, Huck, and Quinn, Olivia Pope brings in Cyrus Beene and Joey Lucas (who brings Donna Moss and Josh Lyman) as the core Think Tank.  Charlie Young, Ainsley Hayes, and Sam Seaborn are hired later on.
  • Cyrus spends a good four hours attempting to convince Sam to run as a Republican in a desperate attempt to help rebrand the Republican Party after several horrific cycles where they’re being choked to death by the alt-right.  (The decision not to literally comes down to: YOU REALIZE I AM MARRIED TO A SOCIALIST, RIGHT? “Is your marriage REALLY more important than restoring balance and justice to our two party system?” YES, CYRUS, YES IT IS.)
  • Sam runs on a strong domestic platform: education, affordable housing, clean energy jobs.  Steve’s pet project as FLOTUS is the NEA and Arts Education.
  • Selina Meyer is Sam’s VEEP.
  • Sam and Steve have girls twins, Jamie and Riley, and another daughter named Peg.  Sam watches Steve and Olivia, during the early days of the campaign, go FIFTEEN ROUNDS over the kids.  So MANY arguments about the kids.
  • The First Dog is Baron Von Steuben, a Siberian husky, who Steve adopted during a campaign stop.  Sam hates this dog.  Hates.  This.  Dog.  It is the BANE of his existence.  Why? Because it’s a little shit, and its owner is a complete shit, and Sam gets more press and heat on that damn dog than his Heathcare plan. It digs up the Rose Garden.  It shits on the Jefferson Memorial.  It goes for marathon runs with Steve, which causes Animal Rights Activists to accuse Steve of animal abuse. It ESCAPES and then the Secret Service has to CHASE IT AROUND THE NATIONAL MALL.
  • Baron Von Steuben is the only pet until Prince T’Challa gives Sam three black kittens from the local shelter for Sam and Steve’s kids (the kittens are named life, liberty, and happiness, because T’Challa really likes screwing with Sam).  The gift happens during Wakanda’s first State Dinner in Years. Sam works closely with King T’Chaka and Prince T’Challa throughout his presidency.
  • Kamala Khan is head of Steve’s Secret Service Detail, because Steve is a nightmare.  At first every agent WANTED the Detail, because, you know, IT’S CAPTAIN AMERICA.  HOW AWESOME?  Nope.  He dodges them.  He puts them through tests.  He makes them cry.  Steve has had five different agents in ten months.  The position turns into a punishment.  Your boss doesn’t like you, you get assigned to Captain America.  Watch as he laughs at you as he and his DAMN DOG sprint around the reflecting pool.  Then comes Special Agent Khan who isn’t taking ANY of Steve’s shit, and is clever, and spunky, and Steve’s like, she is mine, and if you have issues with her or her religion you can go fuck yourself.
  • Sam thinks he got jipped: he has to, you know, carry the hopes and dreams and well being of 325 million people of his shoulders; meanwhile, Steve gets to read books to school kids and plan State Dinners.  Sam really wants to trade off a couple of days a week, but Steve is pretty convinced that’s a coup.
  • I have more thoughts, but those are the basics.  I also have a whole plot where I rewrite AOU and CACW, because Sam gets tapped for Congress directly after the HYDRA / Project Insight SNAFU.  That means he’s a Congressman during AOU, which is why he isn’t in the big fight at the end, and leads the Congressional Hearings on the Aftermath of the Battle of Sovokia, which gets heated, and angsty, and totally awesome sauce.


Things That Happened to Samuel Thomas Wilson in Civil War:

  • had to relive Riley’s fall when Rhodey went down
  • became an internationally wanted criminal meaning he’s barred from seeing/contacting his family and friends for the forseeable future
  • has likely had all military honors stripped from him for comitting treason
  • is a human, was still imprisoned in an underwater fortress designed to hold people like the Hulk and Wanda
  • has apparently been following Steve boundaries-are-for-other-people Rogers around for TWO YEARS
  • due to being locked in PRISON Sam still does not know if Rhodey is okay or not
  • did I mention that Sam had to relive Riley being shot out of the sky and being unable to save him, an event which has canonically contributed to his PTSD and which was one of the most traumatizing momentsof his career as a pararescuerer?


  • sam wilson needs a fucking hug
  • sam wilson needs a goddamn medal
  • sam wilson is not okay
Neighbors AU Prompts
  • I come home and find your cat in my sink after I get home from work.
  • I just moved into the building and I found banana bread on my doorstep. I probably shouldn’t eat it cause I have no idea where it came from buT IT’S DELICIOUS 
  • I work at home and I haven’t left my house in a while and you think I’m dead in my house.
  • Your cat always fucking pisses on my doormat. 
  • I can always hear you singing Phantom of the Opera so I decided to sing the duet with you.
  • It’s the middle of winter and my heater went out and you let me stay at your place so I don’t freeze to death. God bless you.
  • You’re so sweet and nice to everyone and I wanna be your friend but I’m basically a hermit. 
  • I heard constant coughing in your apartment it sounded like you were choking so I panicked and kicked down your door to come save you. Wait, you’re not choking and just have a bad cold? Oh my god I’M sO SORrY. I’LL PAY FOR THE DOOR. I’LL ALSO MAKE YOU SOME SOUP.
  • I know this is really creepy but I can always hear your music through the walls and I noticed we like all the same music. There’s a music festival coming up and I have an extra ticket. Do you wanna go? 
  • I broke my coffee maker and you noticed how miserable I’ve been, so you let me come over and have a few cups of coffee. Thank you so much.
  • Why are you crying in the hallway?? Are you okay?? Let’s go to my place, I have ice cream and Netflix.
  • Sam:Happy 'Only White Men Got Independence' Day
  • Steve:It's my birthday, Sam
  • Sam:Happy 'America Was Built on Genocide and Enslavement' Day
  • Steve:You made me a cake and you won't even wish me a happy birthday, Sam, I'm confused
  • Sam:Happy 'Are Any Of Us Truly Free?' Day
  • Steve:Sam, pls