samson sounds

Cullen and Samson know eachother from various LARPs they attended. Cullen isn’t fond of Samson at first. Unfortunately they tend to run into eachother at the gym from time to time and Samson enjoys Cullen’s company way too much.
Things between them magically change, when Cullen drunkely rants about his broken heart during a LARP and Samson is there to support him. ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡

drunken nights - a forever hold your peace drabble

anon: Sooo im gonna put this out there but a Drabble about harry ranting to his bartender about birdy, and across town birdy ranting to Samson about harry would be the cutest most hilarious thing. CAN IT HAPPEN PLZ

ever wonder how birdy and harry dealt with not talking to one another from chapter 19 to chapter 20? well here’s a very canon glimpse of one night where they go to their respective pubs and bitch about one another under the influence of alcohol (is anyone surprised?) enjoy!

“He’s a fucking wanker.”

Birdy noted how Samson seemed to wince at her sharp words, not paying much mind to it as she finished her third drink with a suck through her teeth. She motioned for another one as she set the glass down onto the bar, looking over her shoulder at the handful of people scattered around Stanza at that late hour. When she was in a mood she very much preferred the place being empty, talking to Samson without remorse was better when no one was around to hear her. But in the end she didn’t care, she was getting drunk and letting her issues float away, and while she might have been escaping reality in exchange for bitter drinks, nothing could have erased the reality of one Harry Styles. Just the thought of him made her blood boil.

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