“Since day one my dream has always been to create something of myself that would inspire younger artists to pursue whatever it is they are passionate about most. I was told a lot growing up what "wasn’t possible” by people who were just blind to their own potential due to the fact that they were too comfortable in their own lives. I don’t ever want kids to think this is the case, and try to live my life to prove to younger aspiring artists that it IS in fact possible to create your own path and pursue whatever it is you love most in life. You just have to trust your gut and use your failures to fuel your long term success.“ - Sam Shapiro | Phoenix, AZ | Videographer/Photographer |

Since when did it become cool to Ignore your fans and followers? Kids shouldn’t have to be caught off guard when their favorite band or musician replies back to them via tweet or social message. It’s one thing to not have time to response because you’re busy, because I understand that completely, but another to “Ignore” or blow the people who have faith in what you do, completely off. Challenge yourself, speak out, and impact your followers. They got you where you are today and no one in this industry would be anywhere without the love and support they get from their fans. If you’re purposefully “Ignoring” those who would do absolutely ANYTHING for you, you’re very wrongly sitting on someone else’s throne.
—  Samuel Shapiro (@SamShapiroMedia)