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Trick or treat sastiel :D

“Must I?” Cas asked, looking over the outfit he was wearing, before looking at Sam.

“I think you look good and if Dean is insisting on this party in the bunker, you’re dressing up.” Sam smiled.

“But you look good as a pirate, I don’t.”

“I think you look amazing.” Sam smiled, putting on his bandana before pulling Cas to him.

“Well I don’t.”

“Well too bad.”

Cas rolled his eyes a little and gave Sam a small bitch face, but couldn’t deny that he liked seeing Sam so happy about a previously hated holiday.  Even if he thought he looked dumb.  Though from what he had heard about Kevins costume, something called bubblegum, he wouldn’t be the dumbest looking person there.

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Right so you know your whole "Swanchester went domiestc and Emma died and Dean raised Henry" headcanon? I want to add Lisa to it. Dean and Lisa and Ben and Henry. And Henry and Ben are like total besties who just completely adopt each other as brothers.

SO MUCH YES. Actually Heather and I already thought about it. But then PAIN again when Cas erase Lisa and Ben’s memories. My poor bby Henry 

Benny forgot how much he liked sleep when he was in Purgatory, but when he finds the puppies by the side of the road, hardly a week old, he can’t leave them to die. He’s up every few hours to feed them and he’s exhausted. Dean swears he’s not going anywhere near them, but when Benny finally sleeps through a feeding and wakes up panicked he finds Dean patiently bottle feeding the last one, little yips already quieted.


with just a few minor alterations suddenly bruce wayne becomes jason todd: battle for the cowl edition ;3

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Or maybe Cas uses some of his 'borrowed' grace to help Sam sleep a little more peacefully. He even tries to make breakfast, though he thinks he made the coffee wrong.

He’d make a mess of the kitchen and the coffee tastes foul but Sam just comes and hugs him from behind, thanking him for the best night of sleep he’s had in years. Thank you so much for these, it’s totally made my day amazing! :D