A Study In Sexy: Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan and Their Claire and Jamie Fraser

This one goes out to my homies, laurabelle2930 and sabahuniverse.

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“Searches Your Face to Learn the Very Depths of Your Soul” Jamie

“Sexually Satisfied and Absolutely Unapologetic in Seeking and Enjoying Pleasure” Claire

“Makes You Forget How to Fucking Breathe” Sam

Seriously. Wuf, sir.

“I Will Claim Dominion over Your Entire World” Cait

“Yes, Ma’am. Holy Jesus, Yes” Sam

“Wait, What Were We Doing Again? Hahahahaha! God We’re Adorable and Playful and Adult Relationships between Hot People is a Rich Tapestry of Attraction and Awe and Camaraderie and Respect and Fun” Cait and Sam

“Strong, Emotional, Passionate, Flawed, Angry, Fearful, Stubborn, Compassionate, Vulnerable” Claire and Jamie

“Powerful, Careful, Intimate, Thoughtful, Fearless, Heartbreaking Depictions of Well-Drawn Characters” Cait and Sam

“Tyra Banks Should Show This To Every Top Model Contestant and Just Yell the Words, Face, Legs, Eyes, FIERCE, FLAWLESS” Cait

“He’s So Tall and Handsome As Hell/He’s So Bad But He Does It So Well, Cocky Mofo” Jamie

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