Nirvana is a psychological state of mind. It’s not a place like heaven. It’s not something that’s not here. It is here! in the middle of the
turmoil, called Samsara- the whirlpool of life conditions. Nirvana is the condition that comes when you are not compelled by desire, fear or by social commitments…When you hold your center and act out of there.
—  Joseph Campbell

Films watched in 2014.

Film 169: Samsara (Ron Fricke, 2011)

Nota: 10/10

Después de ver Samsara (secuela de la también impresionante Baraka) los ojos me hacían chiribitas de la belleza. Una serie de planos sobrecogedores filmados durante cinco años en veinticinco países se unen formando un argumento abstracto en tu mente. Una obra de arte que recomiendo veáis en una pantalla lo más grande posible y con el volumen a tope. Si Tumblr no tuviera el límite en 10 gifs por entrada, habría hecho infinitos.

Everyone lives in the universe of his or her own creation. There are universes within universes within universes that all co-exist. People usually share physical matter but all these universes have very different vibrations. That is why some people live in hell while others live in heaven in the same environment.
—  Tara Springett