if i married sam winchester i’d not only be a great wife to sam, i’d also be a great sister-in-law to dean and i’d make delicious pies for him whenever he wanted them and he’d look over at sam, smile and say, “you did good marrying her, sammy.”

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Samsanna buddy you’re a boy making big noise playing in the street gonna be a big man someday thank.

Omfg.. ok lets try it. 

Sam smiled, a knife in hand and blood sprayed across the floor of the store. Susanna stared up at him from her place on the floor, mouth agape and frozen in fear. The decapitated corpse of some monster lay only a foot away. 

“Sorry about that,” Sam half smiled, shrugging his shoulders. 

“I thought you were a pest control guy,” Susanna replied, snapping out of her shocked state. 

“Well… it was being a pest.” He laughed nervously, offering a hand to help her up. She took it and brushed herself off.

“Oh you’ve got a bit of-” He placed a hand to her cheek, using his thumb to wipe a bit of blood off her cheek. “You probably need a drink after that. How about it?" 

"Sure,” She replied with a shy smile, “But next time you kill something, you might want to try and not destroying the whole store in the process.”


You and Sam have been dating for a few years. You know he’s been planning something special but you haven’t been able to figure out what. It’s sunday morning and sunlight is streaming onto the mattress where you both lay curled in each others arms. “Wake up baby,” he says softly kissing your forehead. “Morning,” you say through half open eyes. “I have a surprise for you, but you gotta get dressed.”  "Should I be concerned you say?“ slightly jokingly. "No,” he says grinning hugely.  You start to get ready and you can hear him quietly talking to himself in the other room. “Ok baby I’m all set, what’s this surprise I’m becoming increasingly concerned about.” Sam looks at you as you enter the room and suddenly it’s like the first time you saw him. You’re just as in love with him as you were the first day you met him. “No concerns necessary. We’ve been together for a while now and I think it’s about time I show you my home town.” “But-” “I know what you’re thinking Susanna, I didn’t exactly have a traditional home life. I basically grew up on the road. And that’s exactly where we’re going.” He steps aside and reveals to large black travel bags. “Ta da!” “I don’t-” “I’m gonna show you all my favorite places, places I grew up. It’s not exactly my home home but-” he freezes as your hands fly to your mouth and tears start pooling in your eyes. “We don’t, I mean, if you don’t want to go it’s totally ok! I just thought you might-” You run up and hug-tackle him. You can feel his body relax as you hold him. “I’d love to Sam.”

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What if Sam had called you to tell you he was gonna be late home from hunting, snd he wasn't sure if he'd be back tonight. of course you worried, but you tried not to too much for his sake and decided to go browse Tumblr for some peace of mind. A few hours later you hear a bit of commotion from the front door. "Sam, is that you?" you open the door to see him bruised and bloody. He holds out three red roses and smiles weakly "I brought you flowers."


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samsanna hs au

sam is the new kid in school and after going through the motions of homework and essays in all his classes he realizes that there’s a particular redheaded girl in all of his classes. he pretends to forget a pencil for their midterm and asks to borrow one from her. her name is susanna. he asks her out for pizza after school.