samsa stark

Samsa Stark- A Game of Thrones.

Recently I’ve heard of people slagging Samsa off, saying how shes a weak character and how she could have easily ‘ran for it’. Now Samsa is one of my favorite characters, and I felt the need to defend her, so heres a little rant about Samsa Stark and why she is actually one of the strongest characters on the show.

Initially I didn’t like Samsa too much, with the whole 'I want to be a princess doesn’t matter who with’ but then I realized shes what, sixteen years old? Of course she wants to be a princess, she wants to live in the south and be queen to the king, have servants and the life every little girl dreams of, initially I think she actually saw some good in Joffrey, until he showed his true colors of course. 

Now the turning point for me was when Samsa begged Joffrey for her fathers life, it was in front of all the noble people, all of the important people and yet she didn’t care that she was basically spitting on her reputation, she didn’t care that she was going directly against Joffrey, she just needed to save her father, and reduced herself to begging to do so. Also when Ned was killed and she went to push Joffrey off the bridge; honestly uninterrupted I believe she would have done so, I believe she would have pushed him off and taken her death regardless.

Also the way Joffrey treats her as we all know is awful (even more so in the books, were its revealed guards actually go into her chambers EVERY DAY and beat her black and blue under Joffreys orders). People always ask why she can’t be more like Ayra and try and escape. Right okay, Ayra escaped because she could easily get away with being a little boy, no one would ask any questions about it because shes a young girl. I think it’s fairly obvious even with short hair Samsa could not get away with being a boy, so her route to escaping would be so much harder, also can you imagine if she was caught? Can you imagine what would happen to her? She doesn’t want to run away because she knows shes alone in it, don’t you remember a guy helped smuggle Ayra out, where as Samsa? She literally has no one who cares about her. 

Samsa also puts up with so much, shes nearly been raped, been beaten, seen her Fathers head chopped off, her Sisters missing and her Brother? He’s leading a rebellion that will get him killed if he fails. All that whilst being around people she knows openly despise her and don’t you think that would make you a bit whiny? And very reluctant to leave as for worries of consequences? 

Samsa is NOT a weak character, shes actually one of the strongest for staying around and putting up with it, rather than racing off like an idiot to be killed the second she gets caught at the castle gates.