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Also hey here we go the fic idea that I had? I just made the first chapter. Of Gods and Kings is now out today first chapter available. I’ll post a link on here, too, every time I finish a chapter. Therapeutic Retelling is for fun but boy this is the big one for me. I’m putting a lot of effort into this and I hope you’ll want to join me on this.

I was rewatching bits of 12.01 and it hit me: So, yes, okay, Sam’s sass and determination are absolutely awe-inspiring, but also he was walking? His right foot was horrifically burned and he’d recently had a bullet dug out of his left thigh, but he stood. He walked. He ran up the freaking stairs trying to escape even with both legs in that shape. My badass, charred, cinnamon roll son. How even. I have no words.

Real Talk

I think this episode was a “How To” on pissing off Dean fucking Winchester.

-Step 1) Kidnap, injure, and continually torture Sammy
-Step 2) Hurt his mother, who has been dead for 30+ years, AND his boyfriend (I don’t ship Destiel but let’s all be real for a sec)
-Step 3) Put a big ass dent in Baby

i don’t know why people don’t appreciate sam and cas’s relationship as much as they should like they love each other, whether you see it as platonic or romantic, they love each other, with or without dean. like yes, dean is what brought them together, but if you think cas only cares about sam because he’s dean’s brother or sam only cares about cas because dean does, you’re wrong. sam understands cas better than anyone, he never has given up on him, like he’s had his doubts a few times, but in the end he never has truly given up on him. he even said he’d die for him. “i’d die for him, i would.” quote from 6.20 and cas? from the get go, despite not understanding humans as much, he didn’t take their first meeting as an insult. holding sam’s hand with both of his hands should prove that. and of course, he’s there to help sam over and over again, no questions ask. he’s repaired him, despite that he’s the one who broke him, he’s the one who raised sam from the cage and get this? he didn’t have to! it was dangerous beyond belief, no one told him to do it, and yet he went down and dragged sam back up. yes, he forgot his soul, but as i said, it wasn’t exactly an easy task and he STILL repaired him in the end. plus, cas stood against LUCIFER, telling his brother to stay away from sam and when cas let him possess his vessel in later seasons, when lucifer was after sam, cas was able to shove him back down to keep him from hurting sam. “you’re not taking sam winchester. i won’t let you.” quote in 5.10 upon meeting lucifer. and of course, one of my favorite scenes, when cas was extracting gadreel’s remaining grace and he stopped because he didn’t want to kill sam in the process. “nothing is worth losing you” in 9.11 so you know, i stand by what i said…more people should appreciate their relationship. they both care about dean, yes, but they also care about, and love, each other. please don’t forget that, or ignore it for that matter. sam and cas love each other, so much.



Below are the chosen stars and bloodcolors, (since we can’t find our refrence sheet with our god tiers and planets, so we’ll add a post about that later)

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I and I

by Saṃsāran

There is an “I” for practical purposes. That is to say, there is a part of the totality of the person we define as “me” or “I”. This “I” experiences things through the senses and combines them with thought to create our image of reality.

“I” is not body nor mind.

This “I” is not our body oddly enough. For example, we feel pain. The “I” experiences it but does not produce it. In this way we can see that the body is not “I”. Similarly, we experience thoughts which may produce anxiety or sadness. The “I” experiences it but does not cause it. The thoughts come unbidden to us and uncontrolled by us. Thus we see that “thoughts” are not “I”

“I” is the experiencer. “I” decides whether a sense impression or thought is “good”, “bad” or “neutral”. Most of us find pain to be “bad” and seek to avoid it but some people view pain as “good” and so desire it. Thus we see that the reaction of “I” to the external world is subjective. It is a matter of interpretation.

Why is this important?

It is important because this means we can CONTROL IT to a certain degree. We can place a buffer between the pain and the “I”. This means that pain, anxiety, and suffering can be controlled by “I” through practice.  

Understanding this is the first key to the end of suffering.

The fact that some people don’t like Sam Winchester completely baffles me. He’s just so…good. I mean, he’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. He loves his family more than anything and is always more than willing to sacrifice himself for anyone, even strangers. He knows he’s made mistakes, and he doesn’t have a hard time admitting it. He apologizes so much, but doesn’t think he deserves to be forgiven. His heart is too damn big for his own good. He’s got the most amazing body, but he doesn’t seem to know. Whenever he smiles, his dimples are like crescent moons carved into his face and I swear I can see heaven in his eyes. Oh, and also, he saved the fucking world.