sams song

Cada vez que me lastimas, me rompes un poco más.

Y cada vez que me dejas, no sé qué más hacer, aparte de llorar.

Pero, cuando apareces, sé que te sigo amando.

Pero, cariño, las dos sabemos que nosotras no funcionamos.

Y aún así no soy muy buena con las despedidas.


[Not] too good at goodbyes

u know hoseok is a fucking phenomenal rapper like he has to rap along side namjoon and yoongi, both of whom have underground roots and consequently years of practise, but hoseok hold his own among these two powerhouses and makes his rap and presence just as powerful and that not only means he is a natural but also he works hard to bring out his inner rapper and i love him so much and i’m so proud of him and i honest to god can’t wait for the hixtape