sams other brother

Sam was raised the exact same way as Dean with the exact same shitty parent and yet he has some tact and compassion. 

Saw this quote on a post, expressing something I’ve seen before about the differences between Sam and Dean, which (putting aside the suggestion that Dean has no compassion, which, bwuh?) is missing a major point about their respective upbringings.

Yes, Sam & Dean were both raised by John, but they had quite different childhoods. Case in point, compare the flashbacks in “Something Wicked” (with nine-year-old Dean) with “Just My Imagination” (with nine-year-old Sam.)

Sam, at nine, is being left alone in a cheap motel room. He has to feed himself and entertain himself. (He happens to get some help with that thanks to a friendly Zanna, but John had no way of knowing this.) Sam does get calls from Dean checking on how he’s doing, but even so, he’s NINE – it’s a clear case of neglect and it’s terrible. It also sets firm personality traits in Sam – primarily, that he learns he is responsible for seeking his own happiness (though his brother will try to support him in it, doing what he can to help Sam get what he wants.)

Dean, at nine, is being left alone in an even cheaper motel room. He has to feed himself, but before that he has to feed and entertain his five-year-old brother. He gets no supernatural help and no regular check-in calls, that we see. He tries to entertain himself, but an innocuous pastime as going to an arcade nearly gets Sam killed. Dean learns that he is responsible for someone else’s life, and that seeking his own happiness is not only inconsequential but actively harmful, that it lets down the people he loves.

This is not to say that Sam wasn’t neglected or that his childhood wasn’t terrible. He most definitely was, and it was. But if Sam is better adjusted than Dean, if Sam is better at showing tact and compassion, it’s not solely because he’s a naturally better person than Dean; it’s because Dean is a better parental figure than John is.

Secret Memory

Description: The youngest Winchester finds a troubling nightmare is actually a memory when she is reunited with a familiar face, after only living with her Uncle Bobby for majority of her life.

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, (mentions of) John Winchester, and a sister!reader

Warnings: Swearing, and a little violence

A/N: This is actually my third imagine but tumblr deleted the one I spent four hours on….as I was about to hit post. But, here is this one as a sub! Thank you for reading in advance! Let me know if you want to be tagged or send m a request! Also the memories are in italics! :)

Tag(s): @winchesters-favorite-girl

You woke up, in screaming terror. You were sobbing as your Uncle Bobby ran into the room with a shotgun drawn up to view. He quickly placed it on the nightstand near your bed and cradled you in his arms. It was another nightmare. You had been bestowed with the gory images since you could recall your dreams. You often tried avoiding them by pulling all-nighters and drinking as much caffeine as your blood could hold.

You were finally breathing normally, whipping the tears off your cheeks as fast as they had come. Bobby’s steady heart beat calmed you. He had always been such a father to you, and his calm made you realize you were indeed, still safe.

“You’re safe,” he cooed. You nodded, and hugged him back.

 The nightmares were so much of a routine that eventually you kept the light on while you slept. You hated hearing the screams of the people, and seeing the blood. Bobby never seemed to know where they originated from. Your guess was that when helping your Uncle, you picked up a vivid sense of being in the hunting life, even though you were never in the field. Sure, you helped with research, but you had never actually seen any demons or ghosts. You were just informing the hunters of the stories, and ways to end the lives of the evil creatures lurking. You weren’t that afraid of them either, so the nightmares were almost uncalled for. 

Little did you know that the nightmare was a memory. Bobby knew this, but would never let on, and would never mention the fact to you. He had promised your father John, that he would never relive the time you were taken by accomplices of the yellow eyed demon, or Azazel. They took you into an old prison where they held most of their victims. The screaming and blood had scared your little two-year-old form. You were also cut open repeatedly, and left for dead. It was one of the worst sights the Winchester boys had seen. From that moment on John knew he wanted you disconnected from them, but still safe. He dropped you at Bobby’s in the middle of the night. The boys were at school in Utah while he dropped you in the care of the old man. You never saw him again, and as you grew older Bobby had convinced you the images of your brothers and father were just imaginary friends. This was all in the wishes of John, even though Bobby knew in his heart you should have the right to know your brothers.

As you grew older, the memory became less vivid, but you hated being woken up in a sweat nevertheless. You grew accustomed to late nights with coffee, and books. You often stayed up with your Uncle, watching him go to sleep even though he wished you would follow. You refused to believe the nightmares would cease, even though Bobby thought they would.

You entered the house after a day of school. You were tired, and sleep begged to take over, yet the fear of the nightmares kept you pushing forward.

You dropped your bag at the door, “Hey Dad, I’m home!” you yelled. You had grown so close to Bobby that you now called him Dad.

You rummaged through the cabinets, searching for coffee. Your eyelids drooped as you called to him again, “Dad! Where the hell did the coffee go?!”. It had been an all-nighter for two days in a row. You knew the crash was coming soon.

You turned around, running right into a firm chest. You looked up to meet bright green eyes, and a confused expression. Suddenly, a flash of the nightmare came rushing into your thought process. Your eyes shut, and you could still see the green eyes. You gripped the counter behind you as the images of blood came into sight, and the screams of others being tortured filled your ears. You felt hands grip your arm, but the images only intensified. You were crying now, but you opened your eyes. The nightmare had finally completed itself, except it wasn’t a nightmare, it was a memory.

 “Dean,” you heaved out between trying to fill your lungs with oxygen. The images played over in your head.

“You think they can hear you scream?” a demon in a small woman’s body asked.

You were crying as your little arms bled. You had never been taken, or separated from everyone in your family before. The demons took turns playing with your skin and the knife. Finding new places to cut. The demons laughed as you screamed, and cried out for your brothers and father.

“They’ll never find you, you little-," suddenly the door crashed open and the demons fled.

The tears in your eyes coated your sight of vision. You felt your brother Dean’s arms taking you into his chest.

Shhhh, baby I got you,” he cooed. You could hear the crack in his voice.

 Your father led you both back to the impala. He never took you into his arms that night. He couldn’t help but feel this was his fault. He went out that night, leaving your brothers to clean you up.

You snapped back to reality. Bobby, and Dean were staring at you. You cleared your face of the wet droplets that had escaped your eyes.

“I remember,” you looked to Bobby. He looked towards the floor. “Dad, you, you didn’t tell me I had a brother,” you sighed.

 “Dad?” Dean turned to Bobby.

Bobby looked back at Dean, “It’s not like your father was around”. Dean sighed in defeat. “Why don’t you sit down,” Bobby gestured to the couch. You nodded and took a seat.

Just then, the door opened and a taller man came through. His eyes landed on you, “Oh my god!”. Suddenly, more memories clouded your vision.

“Bunny, please sit still,” your other brother, Sam, pleaded with you.

 You were crying again, and squirming as Dean tried to stitch up your cuts. Dean wanted to take you to a hospital, but John didn’t want to risk the questions about perfectly sliced skin. Dean was trying to wiggle the needle into your shaking form. Sam kept trying to get you to quiet down, but you were hurting. His heart broke with every cry, and every stitch.

               You looked up to Sam, and you couldn’t believe your eyes. You then looked to Dean. These were your brothers. The ones who had tried to help you, and protect you with all their power. You then looked to Bobby. Anger boiled within your veins. He had kept this secret from you. You had lost your brothers, who had tried to patch you up during your worst days. You could feel the warmth of dangerous energy in your chest.

“You son of a bitch!” you screamed. Bobby’s eyes widened. Both your brothers were taken back by the sudden attitude change. “You lied to me!” you screamed.

“Now hold on just a minute!” Bobby put up his hands.

“No! You lied to me! Said they were just nightmares, told me my brothers were imaginary, you made me think I had no one but you!” you screamed. That’s when you felt the acid of the words on your tongue. Your eyes suddenly softened, even though you could still feel the anger in your veins. Bobby looked away, and went back into the kitchen.

“You’re so, so big,” Sam said, clearly trying to lighten the mood.

You walked back towards the kitchen and leaned against the door frame. “You know I didn’t mean it like that. I was talking out of anger,” you said.

 He sighed and faced you with a beer in his hand. He was thinking hard about what he wanted to respond with. “I only did that because it’s what your daddy asked me to do. I wanted to tell you, and lyin’ to you hurt me more than you could ever imagine,” he said, taking a sip.

 You nodded, “I’m sorry Uncle Bobby. You know that you were always a father in my eyes”.

 He smiled, “You’re the best damn thing I ever had a hand in kid”.  You gave him a hug. “Now get in there and catch up with those two idjits!” he shoved you towards the doorframe.

 You then found yourself a little shy as your brothers turned to face you. “Uh, hi,” you gave a small smile.

 Sam had tears in his eyes, and Dean had a look of amazement on his face. “Hey there kiddo,” Dean smiled, and pulled you into a hug.

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Little Dean checking under the hotel beds and closet so Sammy knows there's no monsters hiding there

Sometimes he would check few times, so his little brother would be absolutely sure that they are safe, that there are no monsters hiding in the shadows. 

Dean would never say that, but he felt better after checking himself, too. Face pale and hands trembling every time he had to look in the darkness, knowing about all those things that he might see and praying that he won’t. 


When Dad disappeared, Sam and I looked around, and something became very clear.
That the only thing we had in this world was each other.

Just breathe okay? // Winchester brothers

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Request: Could you number 82 about Sam and deans little sister has an anxiety attack and they comfort her?

Warnings: Anxiety attack

A/N: I’m glad to see that you all like brother!winchester imagine 

#82 - Just breathe, okay?

You were on a case from a few days already, it was a though case, a child had saw his parents died in front of him. You suspected it was a demonic possession and you were right. It was hard but you finally succeeded to exorcist it. Now you were on the road to go back to the bunker. 

You didn’t have a lot of sleep these last few days, well mostly like not at all, you just couldn’t sleep knowing there was a demon somewhere killing people. And now you were tired like never before, you just wanted to sleep, you would if you could but it was not the case, you were too stressed to even close your eyes, it was impossible for you. You looked at your hands, they were shaking sightly. You were starting to have an anxiety attack. You tried to calm yourself alone, you didn’t want to worry your brothers, but you could feel it was getting worse and fast. 

Dean parked the Impala in front of the bunker and got out of the car with your other brother, Sam. But you, you couldn’t. You could barely move. Sam was the first to see that you weren’t feeling right, he rushed to the back of the Impala and opened the door for you. He helped you to get out of the car. Dean rushed to you and also helped you to get into the bunker.  

Every second it was getting worse, you wouldn’t be able to go to the couch, it was too far away for you. You stopped moving and sat on the floor, your vision was getting blurry and your heart was beating faster. Breathing was getting harder every second. You needed it to stop and your brothers knew it. Dean kneeled in front of you and told you to look at him. You tried but it was hard. You felt Sam’s arm around you, usually it was helping you.

“ Just breathe, okay? ” said your older brother, you could hear fear in his voice, whenever you had an anxiety attack he was so afraid for you

You hugged Sam the best you could like you didn’t want to let him go. You listened to his heartbeat, slowly it finally calmed you. Your breath was getting normal again and you could perfectly see again. Sam kissed your forehead and told you how proud he was. Dean got up and took you in his arm, carrying you to your bed so you would finally get some rest. It was what you needed the most. You begged Dean and Sam to stay next to you, at least until you fall asleep, and that’s what they did. Dean even stayed by your side until you woke up a few hours later.

It’s For My Little Brothers

Characters: Winchester brothers x older sister reader. John mentioned.

Words: 1800

You have a little tradition of going to the nearest supermarket to buy some snacks to your brothers and you, just to see the smile on their faces. 

[Angst, fluff, character death]

A/N: I packed this one full of gifs, couldn’t resist :)

You wandered, a little cautiously, through the aisle of the small store, looking for the pie. It was an early fall morning and you had left your little brothers, 7 and 3, at the motel. At only 10 years old, it was debatable if you should be out alone at such an odd hour, but you were independent and also with the information you had, you knew there were far worse things to be scared of.

You found the pie for Dean, and hurried to the checkout where you paid for it along with the candy you had gotten yourself and your other brother Sam.

10 minutes later you put the key in the keyhole and unlocked the front door of your room. Instantly, both of their heads perked up from the two beds, Dean’s dark blonde and Sam’s curly, slightly darker one. To see their faces light up was the reason for your occasional expedition, that along with the fact that you wanted to have something to do.

You held up the plastic bag with a grin, so that they could see what you had gotten.

“Yes!” Dean exclaimed, eyes round with excitement.

Sam giggled with his hazel orbs twinkling, as he followed his big brother towards his big sister. As you put the things on the table, Dean sat down by it. You pulled out a chair for Sammy, and helped him up. You soon sat down too, and then you enjoyed the sweets together with them.

It was a nice, simple moment, just how you liked it. Although, you had already been introduced to a much darker worldview by your father, and nothing would be the same. As you looked at your innocent brothers, you hoped they wouldn’t have to know. But you knew that your dad even now thought about letting Dean in on the secret, which you didn’t know what to do about. You wanted to talk to him, but he also intimidated you.

Hopefully Sam would at least live in innocence a while longer.

You strode through the aisle searching through the shelves for the apple pie, 14 and more comfortable to be on your own. However, you wanted to make it quick, not for your own sake, but for what could happen when you were away. You had seen enough evil to worry like that. Once you found it, you grabbed a packet of pie and walked towards the checkout. For yourself and Sam you had gotten some cake.

Soon you were walking back towards the motel, absentmindedly flinging the plastic bag back and forth with each step. The air was crisp, and there was close to no one outside. You enjoyed the walk, it was the only time you got to be alone. Not that you didn’t like being with your brothers, but it was nice to just be on your own. As you were away, you liked to pretend as if you were no one special, you were just an ordinary kid, nothing different with your life.

But you were needed in your family, you were the protector. Well, your dad were the one who physically killed the threats, at least mostly. But you were the one who looked out for everybody, you were there if anyone wanted to talk and if anyone had gotten hurt. You always wore your head high, your little brothers behind you.

You checked twice before crossing the street, with the motel in sight. Soon you would be back inside with your dear brothers. You honestly didn’t mind being the protector, the one with responsibility. Because they were your world. You wished you could protect them from everything, sometimes even your father and his ideas. Dean had found out though, 4 years ago, when he was 7. Now, he had been training quite a few times, joining Dad and you. He was already a good shot.

Sam didn’t know yet though. And that was something you and Dean agreed on, to put it off as long as possible. The longer he could be just a kid, the better.

At 19, you winced as you pulled the seemingly heavy door open. You hardly noticed the bell ringing as you made your way into the store, slightly limping. Last night’s hunt got you bad, you had ended up with a deep cut in your thigh. Even though you had cleaned and stitched it up, it still hurt like a bitch. Dean had offered to join you, but you told him that you wanted to be alone, you wanted to clear your thoughts. And even though you appreciated him asking, you told him off. Always trying to not showing any weaknesses was a bad habit for you, but maybe that just came with you always having to look out for everybody else; you had to be strong. Some of the pressure came from your dad, but much was self inflicted. But, now wasn’t the time to do a phycological evaluation of yourself, you had other things to do.

You found the pie, still buying it for Dean, because you were nice like that. In your hands you already had some snacks for you and Sammy.

As it turned out, Dean was big on responsibility too. He just seemed to take it on, even if it wasn’t needed. You already had it covered. However, you let him worry about Sammy and the rest of you, even though you still kept the role as the one who really looked out for you siblings.

He was almost taller than you now. You had always been standing tall, and it felt weird. Though, Sam was still a little squirt so that made you feel better. He was 12 now, and already a hero. Your dad, you and Dean mostly put him on research, but when he came along he really was great. Both of your brothers were heroes, and you were proud.

You had graduated school, which led to that the dynamics of the family changed slightly. Earlier, it had been you, Dean and Sam, and then your father who was out hunting. But now you got to go along on the hunts all the time, while your little brothers still had school. It wasn’t something you had thought of before leaving school, but it had happened, and now you had adjusted. Soon, you would leave for another hunt with John, but you had been determined to go on another shopping trip before then. It had turned out to be a silly tradition for you, but you needed some constancy in your life.

You paid for the things and limped back to the motel.

Dean walked down the aisle to look for the pie. It was tradition, ever since he was little he had always gotten apple pie. However, it had always been someone else who had gotten it for him.

Besides of himself, an old lady and the cashier, the small store was empty. And it reminded him of you. Well, a lot of things did, and this was one of them. Every time he was in one, he always seemed to see you. Not in reality of course, but often he had to look twice, sometimes when it was a young woman who shared similarities with you, and sometimes it didn’t even have to be someone there. As he spotted the pies in the other end of the shelves, he could almost see you standing there, with your silky hair, familiar frame and clothes. You noticed him and smiled, that characteristic little smirk of yours.

Until he blinked twice, and you were gone, as always. And as every other time, his heart ached for you.

You were 21 years old when it happened, only in the beginning of your life. Dean was 18 and Sam was 14. A demon had shot you, and you had died. Just like that. He had been there, your blood had stained his hands, and his tears had fallen into your hair.

Sammy was at the motel, Dean was thankful for that and he knew you were too. Both of you didn’t want him to see the horrible scene, and he knew how you hated them seeing your weak moments.

Dean would always remember your pain, the tears in your eyes. How you had panted for air, the blood that pumped out of you. His father’s tears, never had he seen his father cry like that, not since Mom.

How they had to carry your cold, lifeless body out of there.

You last smile; you last words.

I love you. Tell Sammy I love him too.

Then the corners of your lips had pulled upwards, right before your eyes rolled back. Dean had closed them.

He was now older than you were, than you would ever be. He never thought that day would come, he never thought he would survive you, at least not so early. It had been 5 years already, he was 23 now. One year ago Sam had left for college, which left Dean alone for the most part, as he and John didn’t hunt together anymore.

What happened changed them all, for example, Dean had gone to a very dark place. He almost didn’t make it out. After some time Sam had gotten deep into the thought of leaving the hunting life behind, for something more safe; just like he wanted the remaining parts of his family to do the same.

Dean wasn’t ready however, to give up hunting that is. It was who he was, it was his life. More importantly, it had been your life.

Dean paid for the one single piece of apple pie, and left the angsty store behind. He jumped into the Impala, his home, and drove for a few minutes till he reached the mountains just outside the small town. There, he parked the car and sat himself on the hood, with his apple pie of course. The sun was shining, the air was fresh. It was quiet except for some birds chirping in the distance. The view was amazing, snow coated mountains, and dark green pine trees.

He enjoyed his apple pie in his loneliness, and thought of better times.

He remembered you, how strong you were. He still thought so, even when he got older and started seeing how broken you were inside through your eyes. How much crap you had seen, what the pressure on you shoulders had done to you. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, after all.

How he wished he had told you how much he looked up to you, but he was pretty sure you had already known.

You were a light, you shone brightly and burned out fast. And he would always, always, remember you.

Ophelia and Chris

Juliette and Liam

Rosalind and Leo

Celia and Jake

Miranda & Mark

Tamora and Kenji

Portia and Blake

Elena & Ferdinand

Kenna and Everyone

Cordelia & Michael

Sam and Dave

Status: Alive!AU


  • sam cries when he holds his daughter for the first time
  • aelin teases him about it, of course, but she can’t stop smiling when he holds her
  • after much debate the new princess’ name is raina - “happiness” or “queen”
  • she has sam’s dark hair but the ashryver eyes
  • her ears are a little pointed and her teeth a bit sharp but that’s as far as it gets
  • one night they’re watching her sleep and sam goes:
  • “you remember that night all those years ago? when you told me everything?”
  • aelin just hums a yes and strokes the dark fuzz that’s begun to grow on raina’s head
  • “well i remember distinctly you said children of a queen not child”
  • raina almost wakes up as her bedside table starts smoking. almost

ps do not under any circumstances imagine aelin reserving the honor to crown sam do not imagine their wedding do not imagine sam with a crown do not imagine their people chanting “long live queen aelin! long live king sam!” 


Requested by @the-gang-makes-a-tmblr (edited slightly)

It’s been forever since you’ve seen your brother Dean. You made a deal with a demon to save your other brother Sam and this caused you to turn into a demon yourself. After this Dean hasn’t seen you the same and admittedly, part of you couldn’t really blame him.

You’ve both spent almost your whole life hating and fighting demons. Now you were one. This didn’t make the rejection hurt any less though.

This was all about to change however because you were about to run into Dean again. You had been attacked in alley by some muggers, instead of killing then you managed to just get away. To your great surprise seconds after escaping you bumped into your brother who had seen the whole thing unfold.

“You didn’t kill them” he said and you nodded.

“I didn’t want to” you murmured “… it’s ah nice to see you Dean. I know you probably can’t say the same but-”.

“Stop” Dean said placing a hand on your shoulder “[Y/N] after what I just saw I know now that you’re still my sibling, and I don’t want you to ever believe otherwise okay?”.

“Seriously? I’ve missed you Dean”.



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The door creaked open just as he had slid his hand underneath the hem of your shirt, his fingers burning against your skin. You broke the kiss, breathless, and shoved him to the other side of the couch.

“Hey, we’re home!” Sam called, his footsteps from down the hall following his voice. You dug a hand into the backpack resting by your feet and tossed the boy a textbook while grabbing a notebook for yourself.

Sam froze in the doorway when he spotted the two of you. Dean walked around him with a  slight severity in his eyes, all concentrated on the boy.

“You look a little out of breath there, sis. What’ve you been up to.”

You shrugged. “Just studying.”

He glanced at the textbook and your very uncomfortable study date before plucking the notebook out of your hand. “Taking notes on Macbeth in a math notebook? How’s that going for you?”

He tossed it back to you without looking and pointed a finger to the boy. “Come on, we’re going to have a little chat.”

You groaned, burying your head into your hands and preparing for the worst.


Characters: Castiel x Winchester!Reader, Dean, Sam

Word Count: 1,376 (This was supposed to be a drabble. Whoops?)

Warnings: Insomnia, other than that, it’s just fluff

Request: Can you do a Cas imagine where he finds out his girlfriend (Sam and Dean’s sis) hasn’t slept in two days and it’s because she can’t sleep unless he’s holding her?

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

Feedback is always appreciated

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It’s okay, Y/N, you got this. A lot of Hunters don’t sleep. A lot of Hunters go on very little sleep. You’re nothing special. Sam and Dean do it all the time. Hell, Cas doesn’t need sleep. But he’s an Angel and they don’t require sleep but same difference, right?

It wasn’t the fact that you didn’t want to sleep; it was the fact that you couldn’t. You were a Winchester and sleep didn’t come very easily for you. You had insomnia and both Sam and Dean knew this. You’re the only one out of your family that has it.

However, since you started dating Cas, you’ve been able to get to sleep without a problem but only if you were in his arms. You’ve tried tea, milk, medicine, baths, watching movies but nothing seemed to be working.

You were tired as hell but no matter how tired you got, you weren’t able to fall asleep. It was like your eyes wanted to sleep but every nerve in your body repulsed against the thought of sleep.

“You look like shit.” You jumped when you heard the voice. Two days of no sleep made you jump at anything. You looked up at Dean who entered the library. There was a case going on and luckily it was very close to home so you decided to do the research here instead of some musty motel room.

“Thanks Dean. Appreciate it.” You grumbled, looking back at the lore book.

“Alright, you get some sleep.” The book was taken from you and you looked at Dean with pleading eyes.

“You know I can’t sleep.” You sighed.

“You look like a fucking zombie. You’re lucky we know the difference between a monster and our sister. Go to bed.” Dean demanded. He thinks that just because he’s the oldest, he could boss you around.

“No.” You crossed your arms, not moving from the chair.

“What’s going on?” Sam entered the library.

“Y/N won’t go to sleep.” Dean said, looking at his brother.

“Sam, tell your brother that I can’t go to sleep. You both know I have insomnia. The only way I’ll sleep is if you knock me out but you won’t.” You said, pleading with your other older brother.

“Y/N, when is the last time you slept?” Sam asked, frowning when he stepped closer to you. He must have gotten a better look at you. You must have had bags under your eyes and blood shot eyes from the lack of sleep.

“Two days ago.” You shrugged, not seeing a big deal.

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