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For Filipino-Americans and other Asian/Pacific-Americans:

Never be ashamed when that kid makes fun of your flat nose. When you compare it to other people, don’t envy them because of something you can’t help. Your flat nose, that’s who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed when an older family member makes suggestions on how to be lighter. Your pigmentation has nothing to do with your worth, and embrace the warm chocolate or golden tint people burn in the sun trying to achieve. Your color is who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed for when you break the small, petite Asian stereotype. We are more than our sizes, and your body should only be policed by you. In a world that stigmatizes anything over a size 8, don’t let those standards rule your mentality. Your body is who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed if you can’t fulfill the perfect-student image. Life is more than grades and school, and you don’t have to fit into the Asian mold. Try your best, and even if you think that isn’t enough, even if you bomb that test, whatever repercussions come are temporary. Stay strong through the hard times, because your grades are not you. Your academic abilities are not who you are, and they don’t define you.

Never be ashamed if you feel in the middle between Western culture and your family’s original heritage. You could see it as not belonging to either, but why not see it as being part of both? If you are first generation, your own situation is vibrant between your home life calling back to your original mother country and your social life diving you into another world. If you were born here, you still have the opportunity to connect to a people whose blood runs through your veins. You’re culture is who you are, and it belongs to you.

Never be ashamed of being Asian/Pacific American. This life is yours, and it belongs to you.


I made this infographic for anyone who’s unfamiliar with Asian American talent in hip hop. ENJOY!

More of my work:

@nakhiphop @samuelock @ampmovement @jasonchumusic (I don’t think any of the other rappers have Tumblrs…)

I wanted to do a list of artists/models with facial/other piercings ‘cause I just really love piercings LOL Feel free to add more if you know some other!

Lee Taeil (eyebrow, tunnels)

Sik-K (nose)

Lee Gwangmin (snake bites)

Supreme Boi (spider bites)

Jay Park (nose)

Choi Sam (lip piercing)

Zion.T (eyebrow)

Oh Hyuk (cyber)

Johan Kim [Hyukoh’s stylist] (labret)

Taeyang [young BB era] (eyebrow)

Kim Jaejoong [young era] (belly button, nipple)

If I didn't love you, you would be screwed.

Summary: Sometimes, Sam is a superhero, but most of the time he is just a dad.
Word counting: 582 words
Pairing: Sam Wilson x East-Asian!Reader
Warnings: Family fluff. Domestic Avengers.

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“Are you sure you can do this?” You looked at Sam.

“Baby, it is just a diaper.” Your husband looked at you. “It is not like he dropped a bomb, it’s just poop.”

You gave him an unsure look. Your son - Joshua - was nine months old now, and Sam had only changed peed diapers during his short parenthood.

“Okay.” You sighed. “Okay, just…”

“Go finish your task.” He rolled his eyes. “I do it. And then I’ll feed Josh and put him to bed.”

You sighed, but complied, and he looked at the boy in his arms.

Joshua looked like a perfect mix of you too. With his dark skin tone and your East-Asian features, he was a sight to your eyes.

Steve was, of course, his godfather, and was deep in his role. If you needed anything or any help, he was right there. He always took care of the baby when you and Sam needed a night to yourselves.

“Now, champ.” He looked at the boy. “Let’s clean you.”

Sam considered himself as a good project of a dad. He had good intentions, but was far from perfect.

“Okay.” He said, putting the baby down. “This can’t be so hard, Y/N do this all the time.”

He looked around, finding the wipes and the powder and smiling openly.

Yep. It was easy.

“Now, boy.” He smiled. “Let’s clean you up.”

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The Most Famous Black Man In Korea: Sam Okyere | ASIAN BOSS

With the town of Rose Creek under the deadly control of industrialist Bartholomew Bogue, the desperate townspeople employ protection from seven outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and hired guns.


Regina King as Samantha Chisolm, an African-American warrant officer from Lincoln, Kansas, and leader of the Seven.

Charlize Theron as Johanna Faraday, a flirty gambler with a fondness for explosives.

Winona Ryder as Ellen “Goodnight” Robicheaux,  a Confederate veteran and sharpshooter who is haunted by her past.

Greta Scacchi as Jane Horne, a religious tracker and mountain woman.

Lucy Liu as Mary Rocks, an East Asian immigrant and assassin who likes to utilize in knives.

Bárbara Mori as Gabriela Vasquez, a Mexican outlaw who has been on the run for several months.

Julia Jones as Red Harvest, an exiled Comanche warrior and the youngest of the Seven.

EDIT: I’d like to thank @activationprotocol for pointing out my error in casting Lucy Liu as fem!Billy since Byung-hun Lee is Korean, not Chinese. I’m so sorry for my mistake. Mary Rocks’ actress is now Kim Nam-joo. Here is her picture:

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Naf posted their biracial OCs! Can you do a list too~?

Anonymous said to mothsbymoonlight:Who are your biracial/mixed race characters?

I’m only gonna do active/online babies for right now but here we go~ From left to right! (If I don’t list parents it’s because I haven’t really thought about it, but the point should still get across alright!) 

  • Astrea (Ocean of Cycles) - black/white. White mom/black dad
  • Darga  (Ocean of Cycles) - afro-italian, Italian mom/black dad
  • Emion (Ocean of Cycles) - native/slavic/turkish, mixed turkish/slavic mother, mixed slavic/native father
  • Rilu (Solaris) - afro-polynesian; black and hawaiian
  • Leslie (Cheers!) - japanese/hawaiian 
  • Quinn (Unlucky) - black/japanese
  • Phoebe (Fruit Parfait) - russian/korean
  • Lilianna (Citron Bonbon) - afro-latina
  • Sara (Sam&Sara) - south asian/white - british bengali dad, british irish mom
  • Jessica (Picture This) - afro-latinx, black-mexican mom, Colombian dad
  • Eden (magicalgirlverse) - ashkenazi jewish/japanese
  • Candace (Starless) - latinx/white/chinese; super mixed family
  • Sage (Shards of Moon) - white/east asian, irish/japanese
  • Sorrel (Shards of Moon) - afro-romani

And as always, if I find/flesh out more, I’ll add them!

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Is there anyway you could do one of those character ID atlas posts with all of your biracial characters (or at least the main ones)?

  • (left to right)
  • Samantha (Sam&Sara): white/east asian, German dad, Japanese mom
  • Morgan (Romaine Hearts): black/white, mixed White dad, Jamaican mom 
  • Renee (SalaDays): white/east asian, Japanese dad, British mom
  • Symphony (White|Outlines): black/white, both parents are also biracial, of mixed Italian and Somali heritage
  • (left to right)
  • Marduk (Solaris): black/east asian, Ethiopian and Japanese mix
  • Constance (Ocean of Cycles): black/white, mixed Black dad, Irish mom
  • Elliel (Ocean of Cycles): central/south asian, mixed Kazakh and Indian. Mainly Kazakh but has Indian blood somewhere in her ancestry
Have Some Star and Kwan Headcanons

Since they’re two of my favorite background/side characters, I do actually have quite a few headcanons for them. Since I just posted both of their analyses, I figured this was a good chance to share them.


  • Star is basically the queen of gossip in Casper High. She knows everything that circulates about everyone, and she knows the entire student body by name and social status. While she does participate in gossip, she’s also capable of crushing it. If she likes you, she can silence any rumors about you. If she has a grudge against you, though…
  • Her best subject is math, though she’s good with English, too. Out of all the popular kids, she has the best grades. She often helps Paulina with subjects she struggles in.
  • She’s one of those people who have several best friends. Two of them are Valerie and Paulina.
  • This one’s not an original headcanon, but I can totally see her running the school newspaper. With how much she knows about the students and how smart she is, it’s a great fit for her. She’s also on the student council and the debate team.
  • She’s actively working towards a scholarship and is interested in journalism. Her backup plan is meteorology, which she partly enjoys because she believes the world needs a meteorologist named Star.
  • She also enjoys photography, though that’s more of a side interest, and she and Sam were both in the photography club together in middle school.
  • She wasn’t always very high on the food chain. She was never considered a nerd or anything, but she was more of an average kid in her earlier school years. She put a lot of work into getting where she is because she knows the street cred will make her school career easy for her, but she doesn’t really care all that much what others think of her.
  • Initially, she thinks Paulina’s crush on the ghost boy is insane and is worried for her friend, but she’s supportive of her and helps her out with her research because it’s much easier to watch out for her when they’re together.
  • Star is actually very knowledgeable about social issues and politics, as she believes it’s important for a future reporter to stay up to date on these things. She knows how to keep her articles unbiased, but she’s actually got very strong opinions on these subjects. As an example, she’s actually very pro-LGBT+ and puts a lot of effort into making sure her school is educated about subjects like that. It’s partially thanks to her that there isn’t really any bullying issues specifically related to being LGBT+. She’d make sure those responsible were never heard from again if there were.


  • His and Dash’s fathers went to college together, and now they live next door to one another. As a result, the two of them grew up together.
  • While Kwan does enjoy playing football, he’s not as passionate about sports as Dash. He’s mostly involved because Dash is and because their fathers were.
  • He loves trying new things and has been involved in various clubs and sports since he was little. One of his favorites was learning to play clarinet, but he couldn’t join band in high school because that was deemed “uncool.” He’s actually pretty sad about it, but he tries to stay optimistic and enjoy playing football with his friends instead.
  • There is not a single person that Kwan knows that he could honestly say he dislikes. He really thinks everyone’s pretty cool and loves getting to know people and finding out what their interests are.
  • Unlike Star, he is completely oblivious to school gossip. He’s just not especially interested in talking about other people. He prefers to talk to people. After they start dating, Star does her best to keep him out of her gossip circles, because he deserves to stay pure.
  • Though he was born in the States, both of his parents were born in Hong Kong. He and his parents go to Hong Kong every summer vacation to visit family. While they usually all speak English, he can speak fluent Cantonese.
  • He likes bringing back souvenirs from Hong Kong for people he’s enjoyed interacting with, even if they’re not really friends. Sam and Tucker were both surprised when he brought them each something at the start of sophomore year, and even more surprised when they turned out to be things they actually liked. (He also bonded a bit with Sam over their shared Asian heritage.)
  • When he gets older, he stays in contact with Dash since they’re childhood friends, but he decides to keep some distance between them because when he has a family, he doesn’t want his kids ending up in the same position as him, where they do things just because it’s what everyone around them did.
  • Kwan’s the type of person who would absolutely say yes to any person who asked him out, even if he wasn’t actually interested in dating them. He thinks dates are a great way to get to know people, so as long as there are no strings attached, he’ll gladly spend time with anyone.
  • He refuses to eat burned food, including meat that he feels is too charred. He’s convinced it’s unhealthy.
  • I absolutely believe he does charity work. He likes trying new things and helping people, and it gives him a sense of accomplishment. Once he started, he couldn’t stop.
  • He doesn’t know what he wants to do when he’s an adult career-wise, but he really wants to be a father.
  • He’s actually great with kids and sometimes babysits for family and family friends for some extra cash (though he’s cool with doing it for free, too.)

Danny Lim @ Soul Artist Management + Devin Alexander @ Soul, Sam Worth @ DNA, Mark Westinghouse @ NY Models by Dana Scruggs for Tabula Rasa Magazine, Issue #1 / Stylist: Michael Fusco