Water pollution in Thailand

The film tells the story of 13 year old Suwimon Daengniam and 59 year old Wali Pejarean who both live along the Samrong Canal, one of the major canals that flows in to the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. Through their stories we begin to understand how integral the canal is to the every day lives of the communities who live there, as a source of food, trade and way of life. We hear about the effects this has on the people living there.

This scene here from Yuri on Ice shows briefly of the Thai setting for the character Phichit, who is a Thai skater that has yet made an official appearance to the story.

The building behind is Imperial World Samrong, a shopping mall with one of the largest ice rinks in the country. Phichit was probably on the way to/from his practice.

This scene just had me so hard! Not to mention that this place is super close to where I live, I also had a very very close connection to this rink.

When I was young, my family invested quite a large sum of money to the “largest ice skating rink” in Thailand (or region) of back then. My father was a manager and co-owned the place.

I spent my whole summer breaks there because summer in Thailand is, as you may know, hellish. I had full access to all facilities in the premise. The coaches there were friendly to me. I could skate whenever I wanted. But being me, I mostly spent my time at the arcade…

Too bad that once figure skating has really become a thing and gained a special place in my heart, it was too late. My skating skills ended at “moveable without falling” and that was over 15 years ago. Imagining the potential of a young skater who had her personal rink! Just like Yuri!

I never realised the importance of having some foreign skaters made a gala show at our place. I never cared. Nobody explained to me. I just loved the AC there.

The business went downhill not long after that. The shopping mall was (and still is, I think) run-down and there have sometimes been gang fights in the mall itself. We couldn’t attract a lot of visitors for those reasons. Perhaps the management wasn’t really effective. I didn’t discuss this with my dad since we grew estranged from each other but I figured he and his business partners must have sold it.

Just casually reminiscing about the place where I spent my childhood. Really happy to see it in an animation. Hope to see Phichit soon!