Sam Roberts Plays Music Sometimes, Isn't Bad at It

By Josh Dixon

Over the past decade, Sam Roberts has undeniably become one of Canada’s proudest rock music icons. He has garnered international acclaim while keeping to his humble Canadian roots. 2011 saw the release of Collider, arguably his best album to date, as well as a whirlwind of touring across the globe. Such success would obviously lead the common man to an ego-trip of epic proportions, but Sam Roberts is not a common man.  Au contraire, Robert’s success seems to have had the opposite effect on him. As the Collider tour rolled into Charlottetown this month, Sam and his band took time out of their busy schedules to stop by local record store Back Alley Music to meet with fans and play some acoustic numbers. 

As the man of the hour entered the room, there was a look of genuine surprise and appreciation upon his face as he greeted the many fans that had showed up. He took his spot at the front of the room with his pal and guitarist Dave Nugent, and began playing some of our favorite songs, from recent hits such as “I Feel You” and “Without a Map” to earlier staples like “Brother Down”. In between songs, he chatted with the crowd about how happy they were to be back on the Island and told us stories of their first show here almost ten years ago at Baba’s Lounge.  He took requests from the small crowd, talked about singing techniques, and essentially let us into a world that not many get to experience as we all shared in this very intimate experience. 

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