Stucky Pretend Relationship AU

Someone’s gotta write a “Just Go With It” Stucky AU where Steve is Danny and Bucky is Katherine and Sharon is Palmer and Nat is Eddie. 

And before you yell at me that this movie was terrible–I KNOW but still, fake relationship tropes are my jam!

So hear me out: 

Steve doesn’t wear a wedding ring because he’s TRYING to pick up girls with it, cuz that’s just not Steve, but rather he wears a wedding ring so he doesn’t have to engage with girls. EXCEPT, he sees Sharon, and there’s an immediate attraction, which never happens for him. So he pockets his wedding ring when she comes over to sit next to him at the bar. And he strikes up a conversation with her and it’s going great. And as he’s offering to pay for her drinks and taking his wallet out of his pocket, his wedding ring falls out, and she’s shocked and mad as hell. But he tries to explain, but then messes it up majorly and ends up telling her he’s divorcing his partner BECAUSE when she asks what his “wife’s” name is he blurts out “Bucky” since that’s the first name to come to mind. AND so then he also has to explain he’s bisexual and Bucky’s technically his soon to be ex-husband.

SO enter Bucky, Steve’s faithful co-worker/(best) friend who agrees to pretend to be Steve’s fake husband. And it goes from faking one dinner, to a “family” trip to Hawaii because Bucky’s got kids with Natasha–but it was a friendly separation and they both love the kids and are good parents–and he gets a call from one of while they were out with Steve and Sharon and Bucky let’s slip he’s got kids. So then Sharon mistakes them for Steve’s kids as well and now the lie gets bigger. SO THEN, they go on this trip to Hawaii, because that was the only way to bribe the kids into participating in this lie. And Nat also joins because she not-so-secretly thrives off of this kind of drama. Plus she’s acting as Bucky’s “new” girlfriend so Sharon doesn’t think Steve and Bucky will get back together. And Nat pulls all kinds of pranks on this trip (bless her).

ANYWAY, so Bucky runs into his college frenemy (/ex), Sam Wilson, and now he’s also using Steve (who’s ripped and hot and amazing) to lie to Sam because Sam is now married to T’Challa who is the Prince of a small country. 

But throughout the trip and all the fake relationship stuff, Steve and Bucky start to realize (separately and secretly) that they have feelings for each other. And Steve who was at first terrified of the kids also learns to really love them. But Nat having seen Steve shopping for engagement rings, had told Sharon about it, and Sharon proposes Steve and her elope because she’s thinks he’s great. 

Bucky’s heartbroken when he finds out, but he hides it. Steve and Sharon go to elope, but Sharon also realizes that Steve’s “still” in love with Bucky. And she tells him she wanted to elope because she didn’t want to lose him, but that she changed her mind because she can see that she’s not the one he loves.

So Steve goes to find Bucky, and profess his love. And they get together for real. And surprisingly, Nat and Sharon find a spark because while Steve and Bucky were “fake” relationship-ping in front of Sam and T’Challa, Nat and Sharon spent a lot of time together.

And everyone lives happily ever after including Sam and T’Challa.