Thank you SO MUCH to the person, who preferred to remain anonymous, that commissioned me to write this AMAZING fic about Sam moving into his house after he left the Air Force! THIS WAS THE BEST! For more info on commissioning me, click here!

“If you’re interested, let me know,” Sam’s real estate agent tells him.

“Your offer has been accepted!”

“Just sign right here and the keys are yours.”

Sam signs. The keys to his home are now his.

“You bought a house?” His sister asks him. There’s a bit more skepticism in the question than Sam wants.

“Yes, Sarah. I bought a house.”


“In Virginia. About three steps into the state.”

Sarah gives him a look. She owns a townhouse in the city proper. It’s not in the best neighborhood, but it’s a nice house. A beautiful house that’s full of pictures and memories, full of children’s toys and crayon marks on walls that didn’t quite come out all the way, full of food and laughter and recently- Sam.

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brachial-saur  asked:

Prompt: Sam losing it and flying through the night sky after Riley fell. Just soaring away from his emotions, with the moonlight on his wings... (My apologies for sadness)

He gets one last flight.

He’s not allowed, technically, but he doesn’t have to give his wing pack back until the morning and he doesn’t see the harm in it.

It’s not like he has anything to lose anyway.

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//Headcanon regarding Sam and tattoos on him: it’s been a while but I do remember hc-ing about the different ones he has a long time ago (wow I just dated myself oops) but anyway, he has a couple, mostly no bigger than like, the size of a grapefruit for each one tho. I admit I haven’t really thought enough/set on what ones he has in his main verse yet (it’s been 3 years tho wow go me)

He and a couple of buddies has matching PJ (pararescue) tats, after surviving a particularly bad couple of disasters they were mobilized to. And because they said they were gonna get the tats after finishing and “graduating” the PJ school

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He found out that one of the other guys died while on duty as a PJ after Sam joined the Falcon program.

Jumping out of helos is one thing, learning to fly on mechanical wings was a heck of a lot harder. Since bonding with Riley, they got matching tattoos too.

Riley got one wing on his back. Sam got the other one on his. Along with the Falcon logo because like the PJ symbol, it too was a badge of honor and a reminder of how much work they need to keep doing to be able to be free flying airmen with their lifesaving purpose.

After Riley got shot down and Sam went into his depressive period, he almost tried to remove the tattoo because it was overwhelming to look at whenever he turned in the mirror every day. It would remind him of what he had watched happen to his best wing man every time he sees his own back.

After about a year after the incident and Sam slowly recovered and gotten better, he realized that his tattoo isn’t just about Riley’s death. That’s when he got the matching tattoo of the other wing added to his own back; the same one that Riley had and the mirror image of the one he has tried to scratch away in his PTSD delusive periods to make the wings image now a whole pair. Though the one he had had started to fade and damaged, the new one reminds him that life is short and precious (also part of why he doesn’t hesitate to help others whenever and wherever he can) and that Riley and the memories he shared with him will always be part of him as well and not just the sad parts but the good times as well.

PS. Bonus hc: Sam’s was the one on the right and Riley’s was on the left, which adds to Steve’s “on your left!” meaning too. Not that Steve replaces Riley or the role Riley meant to Sam but that new friendship is awesome too


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
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