Thank you SO MUCH to the person, who preferred to remain anonymous, that commissioned me to write this AMAZING fic about Sam moving into his house after he left the Air Force! THIS WAS THE BEST! For more info on commissioning me, click here!

“If you’re interested, let me know,” Sam’s real estate agent tells him.

“Your offer has been accepted!”

“Just sign right here and the keys are yours.”

Sam signs. The keys to his home are now his.

“You bought a house?” His sister asks him. There’s a bit more skepticism in the question than Sam wants.

“Yes, Sarah. I bought a house.”


“In Virginia. About three steps into the state.”

Sarah gives him a look. She owns a townhouse in the city proper. It’s not in the best neighborhood, but it’s a nice house. A beautiful house that’s full of pictures and memories, full of children’s toys and crayon marks on walls that didn’t quite come out all the way, full of food and laughter and recently- Sam.

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softurl  asked:

samriley + things you said under the stars and in the grass because i'm godawful

Riley’s eyes crinkle at the sides as he laughs. “You’re something else. I can’t-” he has to stop to finish laughing.

“What?” Sam’s own giggles are bubbling up in his chest. “Seriously! What if we’re on a really long flight and I have to pee? What if I get cold?”

“Sammy! Some guy tells us today that we’re gonna have a damn rocket three inches from our assholes and all you’re worried about is what if you get cold?”

“Well, yeah! Aren’t you?”

Riley sighs, still smiling. He takes Sam’s hand into his and laces their fingers together. For a moment, everything’s quiet spare of the crickets’ songs. Sam keeps looking at Riley. He’s looking up at the stars. You can see so many of them here compared to Harlem. Tomorrow they start their training for a new classified project. After that? They go back overseas. He doesn’t blame Riley for wanting to stargaze, even though Sam’s eyes are resting fine just on him.

“I’m worried about a lot else.” He turns his head to look at Sam for a moment, lets Sam see a look full of nothing but love and underneath that- worry. Then he looks back up again. “I’m worried about losing you.”

“You won’t,” Sam tells him. Riley doesn’t say anything, so Sam says it again. “You won’t.”

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I've been sitting on this for 2 weeks or something BUT who, in the Sam/Riley relationship, is the one who puts on music in the car for The Tunes and who uses it as their Personal Karaoke Time?


no question, hands down, sam picks the music, cranks it, kinda jams a lil bit, even if he’s driving, 

but riley WITHOUT A DOUBT sings along v loudly and v out of tune


sam makes fun of riley for being a bad singer but he super loves when riley sings in the car bc it makes sam smile so hard it hurts. also riley sounds HORRIBLE and nothing like sister sledge but his accent is cute and the car rides go by faster when riley makes them fun :’)

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Prompt: Sam losing it and flying through the night sky after Riley fell. Just soaring away from his emotions, with the moonlight on his wings... (My apologies for sadness)

He gets one last flight.

He’s not allowed, technically, but he doesn’t have to give his wing pack back until the morning and he doesn’t see the harm in it.

It’s not like he has anything to lose anyway.

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Sam Wilson Sexuality Headcanons

I believe sam is gay because…why not! He was born this way hes on the right track baby he was born this way born this wa-ay!
Im very sorry for ^^^^^^^^i had to though
Anyway back to headcanons
Yeet wait a moment honestly like im not goibg to do the whole samriley backstory in this one😘
dont want to be stereotypical but just having that dad be not approving of his sexual orientation i mean black people (coming from a black person) in general have a dislike for gay lgbtqiap people so like its realistic for me especially sams family living in harlem and shit so like yeeeeaaaah annnnnyyyway HEADCANON TIME 

 •sweet momma wilson so accepting, so warrrrrmm 

•sam lowkey staring at steves glutes literally for the whole 30 minutes steve was running •wooo sorrry had to go get a glass of water after thinking about steves gluteus maximus,minimus, and medius 

 •sam highkey flirting with steve the whole time • sam having a crush on steve for the longest time 

 •sam eventually dissecting his feelings and logically thinking through his crush and storing away his feelings into his golden heart 

•steve also having a crush on him for the longest time like 2 years •steve/bucky courting sam for mad long pulling all nines out to frigging impress him 

•sam being hella ignorant because of his stored away feelings 

•also im sorry for making this basically sam wilson romance headcanons butttt hooooooooooooeeeeeeeee i dont give a singular eff 

•anyway sam having a crush on his high school bestfriend but the dude moves away and later joins sheild 

•teeny 13 yr old sam confiding in his mother about the feelings he has towards boys 

•momma wilson telling sam that its okay and that he was born this way but also to not tell his father 

•sam being heartbroken he cant tell his dad but also confused 

•when sams dad dies he has mixed feelings because he hadnt come out to him before he died and he didnt know how he would react

 •sams high school bestfriend (lets call him James ‘Jamie’ Wall) being a shield commander/leader whatever something with power 

 •sam seeing jamie when he helps out with a mission sam steve and/or bucky are on 

•imagine it being an undercover one where jamie and sam pose as a couple in a high stakes situation and make out and other stuff in front of a jealous steve and/or bucky 

•honeslty im really about to write a fanfic 

•like legit I’ll let you know what progress im making because im seriously doing it Antyway man 

•sam coming out to steve after a half a year of friendship because i feel sam would be open about his sexual orientation because he wasnt able to be open at home and in his school and in the army for fear of people finding out and the consequences of it 

•sam being a specialty therapist for lgbtqiap veterans and such 

•one of the veterans having a crush on sam 

•Sam having to shut it the fuck down because it is unethical and the therapeutic alliance would be affected and a whole bunch of other doctoral psychological shit that u really dont want me to get into 

 •sam being a kids group therapist on the sude or maybe even a guidance counselor 

•the kids in his group loving sam because he is a gift to this earth and deserves all praise and we shall sacrifice the great shnew-shnew to his highness because sam is a fucking king/queen whatever he fucking prefers 

•ooooook im sorry i got carried away 

•honestly i love sam wilson soooo much im making a part two and probs threee to this do stay fucking tuned my duuuuudes…!

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About that one gifset that broke my entire soul.

birbwilson you know when i get a hold of something I research the everloving shit out of it right???


The white dude is Brian Geraghty who plays Owen Eldridge in the Hurt Locker. He’s teamed up with Mackie to control their new boss’s (Renner) wild shenanigans in the middle of a freakin warzone.

He fits the Riley image I’ve had in my brain. Blonde, blue or green-eyed corn-fed military boy. 

He even fits THE 1940′s WWII AU! 

(Oh no, does Sam have a type? He looks so similar to a certain other someone…)

Here’s a shot of him in a more air-force Class A type dress.

How about a modern AU fix-it, where Riley’s alive?

How about a modern AU fix-it where Riley’s alive and also BUILT LIKE A BRICK SHITHOUSE/SOFTCORE LUMBERJACK

And this has nothing to do with anything but also here are the three of them (renner was in the movie as lead) celebrating the hurt locker winning an oscar just because I think its so cute. 


none of this made sense but I think Riley Eldridge is a perfectly respectable white boy name anddd I’M GONNA USE IT.