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Sam Wilson’s birthday is September 23, we should do an everybody loves Sam event in the fandom. Art, fics, fan mixes, metas, the works…


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stuckyau ok ok but lets talk marriages n shit

clint and natasha (lord barton and lady romanoff) have a long-standing betrothal

sam (lord wilson) is very much in love with one of his bannermen, riley (im gonna slip samriley in there. you know i will. where i can i will)

would tony have a poly thing going on with lady potts and lord rhodes?? idk i like that idea

the three possible aus for steve and bucky:

steve is a wildling that night’s watch member bucky falls for

steve is a lord that bannerman-for-house-romanoff bucky falls for

bucky is a bannerman for house rogers

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About that one gifset that broke my entire soul.

birbwilson you know when i get a hold of something I research the everloving shit out of it right???


The white dude is Brian Geraghty who plays Owen Eldridge in the Hurt Locker. He’s teamed up with Mackie to control their new boss’s (Renner) wild shenanigans in the middle of a freakin warzone.

He fits the Riley image I’ve had in my brain. Blonde, blue or green-eyed corn-fed military boy. 

He even fits THE 1940′s WWII AU! 

(Oh no, does Sam have a type? He looks so similar to a certain other someone…)

Here’s a shot of him in a more air-force Class A type dress.

How about a modern AU fix-it, where Riley’s alive?

How about a modern AU fix-it where Riley’s alive and also BUILT LIKE A BRICK SHITHOUSE/SOFTCORE LUMBERJACK

And this has nothing to do with anything but also here are the three of them (renner was in the movie as lead) celebrating the hurt locker winning an oscar just because I think its so cute. 


none of this made sense but I think Riley Eldridge is a perfectly respectable white boy name anddd I’M GONNA USE IT.

anonymous asked:

1) Bucky should have died. 2) why doesn't someone just kill sam already i mean he works for hydra?? 3) I created the brother bear meme not yana 4) i hate the bird squad. they all suck. 4) why on earth would anyone ship samthor? like wtf? no. 5) if you think samriley was real you're delusional 6) if stucky ever happened i would boycott marvel.... i could really keep going... lol.


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