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If you’re in the Air Force and you want to date someone that’s also in the Air Force you have to tell your CO/someone of higher power so that they don’t put you in the same chain of command with that person so like… Imagine post-DADT Sam blushing through a conversation with his CO bc he and Riley want to date each other


William Darcy - I went looking at’s new pictures earlier cause I wanted to see what they had and as soon as my eyes fell on that one, I started to laugh, I mean…there’s a smug sense of entitlement my Darcy was lacking…and now has.

Johan Medici - Johan is a danger to everyone, except himself. Zero outward sense of compassion for anyone, he will slit someone’s throat or break their neck or really do anything that involves hurting others mostly just because he wants to, but he manages to do all of this in the service of Giovenetta Bournecelli, his boss and lover. Johan isn’t outwardly emotional towards anyone, only a few people have seen him actually smile, the rest of the time, he’s not the guy you want to meet in a dark alley.