sampling madness

Laito Sample Voice
Diabolik Lovers Haunted Dark Bridal
Laito Sample Voice


Sample 1: “Haha, you’re mad, are you? With those eyes… It’s fine…you’re so cute…I just love it… You can be more and more mad. You can resist all you want, you can even push me over. But. No matter how hard you try - you won’t be able to defeat me”

Sample 2: “I’ve been telling you countless times. You don’t need to hide it. Afterall, you’re going against us, the starters of your desires. Why are you being so hesitant? Just let go of your rationality. Morals are like shit now.”

Sample 3: “Don’t forget this. You were the one that dived into here. I’ll love you from one side to the other thoroughly. Bitch-chan….? Now…the night’s about to start…”

Me and Her

Oh Please
Save me from myself
And all the incarnations of me
That might appear
Save me from them
From her
And all her wild ways
You may see her wandering the streets of London
Or sitting at the bottom of a whiskey bottle
Or living in the chords of a guitar
Being played at a pub down the way
She may be wearing a hat
Or scarf
Or running naked through a field full of wildflowers
As the sun rises against the warming sky
Save me from me
From all the parts of me
That dance through the world
You may see her
Flying to the moon
Walking toward the horizon
Sinking with the sunset
Dancing through the stars
Stop that mad girl
From catching fire
As she lets the sun hold her in its arms
Save that girl trapped in the mirror
Whose green eyes
Mirror my own
Whose blonde hair flows in the summer breeze
And lives amongst the willow trees
Save yourselves
And her

Original Work: KH 8/31/14


It seems odd to call one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood underrated, but Olivia Wilde is exactly that. The actress, currently co-starring in Her, is a frequent face in the tabloids and one-half of the coolest couple ever, and yet she’s better known for her wedding plans than for her personality, her passions, and her talent as an actor. This is a real shame, because Wilde is one of the coolest women we (wish we) know — five reasons why she’s kind of the best:


Those of you who only know Wilde from The O.C. or the TRON movies might not realize that Wilde is actually a hugely talented actress. House fans have known that Wilde, who played Thirteen, can act for years, but for those unfamiliar with the medical drama, Olivia Wilde: Serious Actress could be hard to comprehend. Yet if you watch any of the four (!) movies Wilde appeared in during 2013, you’ll see that the actress is capable of major talent. Whether it was her role as a confused, complicated beer brewer in Drinking Buddies or her turn as an insecure, maddening blind date in Her, Wilde knocked it out of the park with her performances last year and proved she’s a talent to watch.


Type this in your browser: You’re welcome. Wilde, with over a million followers, is one of the funniest, smartest, and all-around best people to follow on Twitter. Sample tweet:

@OliviaWilde: Mad Libs has a “play by yourself” option which is the saddest thing that has ever happened.

We can’t attest for her non-Twitter humor, of course, but it if her thousands of tweets are to judge, Wilde is probably just as witty in real life as she is on the Internet.


Because being gorgeous, funny, and talented aren’t enough, Wilde is also an outspoken, passionate feminist. In interviews, she doesn’t shy away from identifying as a feminist and voicing her views on women’s rights, and in October, she wrote an editorial for Glamour on turning 30 that’s basically a giant “fuck you” to Hollywood’s perceptions of what women should be like. In a time when some of the biggest celebrities refuse to call themselves feminists for fear of losing fans, Wilde’s feminism is particularly awesome.


Wilde’s philanthropy and activism cover a range of worthy causes, from the conversation of the environment to the protection of free speech, but some of her most prominent work is her involvement with Half the Sky. The movement, begun by New York Times’ columnist Nicholas Kristof, works to end female oppression worldwide. Wilde has travelled the globe with the organization, visiting places like Kenya and Haiti to help women and girls in need.


The thing we love most about Wilde is actually the simplest: her honesty. The actress, through, Twitter, interviews, and speeches, has proven again and again that she’s one of the most candid stars in Hollywood. Example: at a Glamour-hosted event in 2012 in which she spoke about her relationships, Wilde said that the end of her marriage was when her “vagina died” and that “there’s no reason to sacrifice your womanhood and femininity for some sort of weird feeling of responsibility to something that may not be right.” Amen.