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“Steering a Passage, Finding a Line”
Twelve/Clara, punk AU, ~3k words, Teen-ish.

[also on the Ao3]

Clara is broke. Flat broke. Owing-money-for-not-having-any-money-in-her-bank-account broke. A flurry of job applications are landing in the inbox of the hiring managers for places she’d like to work and places she could work and places she might be able to fake her way into at least one pay-cheque, and places she doesn’t want to work at but needs must. No money coming in before bills are due, though, even in case of a miracle.

So, she takes the acoustic guitar she bought on a whim two years ago and all ten popular songs she’d bothered to learn, and her winning smile and determination. And she takes a deep breath, and she leaves her flat, purse pulled tight around her shoulders. Into town.

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Cute gifts that they'd get you
  • Eren: He's pretty aware that at times he can't express his feelings properly, and he wouldn't want you to experience the same. In order to help you out, he'd get you a little notebook/journal with a nice pen where you can write all your thoughts, worries, and things you can't confide in him instead of having random outbursts.
  • Armin: He would love to share his love of literature with you, so he would get you a set of books that's worth a read. He would go for something that he's already read, but then he'd consider what you like and buy you the complete series of whatever genre.
  • Reiner: If you were to ask him for a cute gift, he may consider putting himself in a box and presenting himself to you. Jokes aside, he really wouldn't know what you'd find "cute", so he'd stick to what's generally cute, like a big plushie. He would then eventually get one of his own to match with you and treat it like his kid.
  • Bertholdt: Just to spoil you even for a day, he would get you a nicely decorated mini cakes. He wouldn't really know what flavor you'd like, so he would go for something like a sampler set for you. He'd then present it to you with a nervous heart, even if you guys had a platonic relationship.
  • Jean: For him, nothing else is cuter than pajamas with designs all over it. He'd either get that or settle for a kigurumi for you. It wouldn't really seem like something that he'd do, but he would also get a matching one in his size so that you can have all the dorky moments you want.
  • Marco: He would get you a couple of nice going out outfits, complete with shoes. He believes that if you feel good in it, you would definitely look good. It would be a dream for him to always see you looking and feeling your best, thus he'd go for that.
  • Connie: He would get you anything adorable that'd remind him of you, so he would end up buying a figurine or a decoration souvenir as he goes on a walk. It would seem like a simple thing that you'd put up in your room, but then it would have a story and a thought as to why he chose that for you.
  • Levi: Of course, to be clean is to smell clean as well, so he'd personally pick a nice perfume for you. He would go for musky or cleanly floral scents, as he knows it would suit you anyway. He would also be careful and make sure that the perfume has a nice bottle design.
  • Erwin: What else is cuter than a pet? He would want something memorable for you and for him, so he would get you a puppy or a kitten, whichever you prefer. He would end babying it a lot and you would have to steal it back from him from time to time.
  • Mike: Basically, he'd give you anything you'd ask for, but if he were to personally choose a cute gift for you, he'd stick with getting you a nice bouquet of flowers. Not only would the gesture be sweet, it would be an aesthetically pleasing gift, and you'd definitely think of him every time you look at it.
  • Mikasa: Not only does her prized scarf give her a temperature kind of warmth, but it also gives her the warmth that you can only get at home or with people you really love. Platonically or romantically, she would want you to experience the same warmth, so she'd either buy or personally knit you a scarf of your own.
  • Annie: She doesn't really have much to say in verbal terms, and she doesn't really believe in buying you something that you'd throw away after some time. Instead, she'd give you a hand-written letter with nice stationary that talks about all her platonic or romantic feelings for you.
  • Sasha: As always, her philosophy would be "the way to a person's heart is through its stomach". After giving much thought of that saying along with what gift she should give, she would then settle for a cute lunchbox. She would ask you what's your favorite character, then look up ways on how to make its face out of food.
  • Christa: She would turn to tutorials on how to make things out of recycled materials. Not only is it friendly to the environment, it would also show all the effort she put into it just to put it together. She would most likely end up with a tetra pack bag or a newspaper anklet.
  • Ymir: She can get quite cryptic at times, and it's become part of her nature so she doesn't easily get to express everything she wants to express. Because of that "barrier", she would rather have someone else spit it out for her, which is why she would most likely give you a mixtape as a present. Every song would mean something that she'd want to tell you, so you'll have to listen closely to it.
  • Hanji: She would want you to think of her every time you'd use or look at the gift, so she would settle for accessories, like necklaces and bracelets. If she doesn't see anything nice enough to buy, she would just settle on making one herself. Expect to receive loom bands if that's the case.
  • Petra: No matter what the occasion is, she'd make sure that she'll present you with a gift from the heart. She would put a lot of effort into compiling a very cute photo album/scrapbook of memories that you guys shared together. She would include nice stickers, little notes about a specific picture, and everything else that would make the contents memorable.

@atsushisuggestions you’ve been through a lot and I wanted to make you feel welcome, so happy birthday! I got you a new notebook that you can write and draw in, pencils to go with it, a comfy blanket (it’s not real fur, I promise) a tea sampler set so you can pick out some favorites, your own mug for the house, and because you need a cool jacket to be in this family something for when it gets cold out. Happy Birthday, kiddo!


September Patreon Information

Nominations are open for September’s Patreon project!  We have 2 nominating-level Patrons this month ($10+), and so far, the suggestions are:

  • Parasol Protectorate
  • Wonder Woman
  • Classic Shoujo Titles
  • Sailor Moon SuperS’ Amazoness Quartet (in honor of August’s eclipse)

Nominations are open until September 15th, and voting starts on the 16th!  If any of these projects appeal to you, become a Patron today, and you won’t be charged until October 1st!  Only $5 to be a voting-level Patron.  

To recap the levels:

  • $1: access to posts
  • $5: voting on projects, a mini-sampler of the project
  • $10: nominating, voting, mini sampler, and a full-size community project product
  • $20: nominating, voting, mini-sampler, full set of full-size community project products, and 1 custom personal product
  • $50: nominating, voting, mini-sampler, full set of full-size community project products, set of 4 to 5 personal products
  • $100: nominating, voting, mini-sampler, 2 full sets of full-size community project products, 2 full sets of 4 to 5 personal products OR 5 bars of a custom soap

All levels also receive a personalized thank-you card.

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Creating gold foil at home 😆 I used a regular laminating machine and some foil sheet. You do need to print a solid black image using a laser printer (not inkjet home printer, it wont work) I got my foil sampler set (with some crazy colors) from 😍👍👍👍🎨


To gift or not to gift? That is the question.

As fun as the holidays are, they are also known to induce stress ulcers. Gifting can be really hard. Somehow, it’s even more difficult if you buy your gifts early, because then you have to deal with the inner turmoil of whether or not to keep the gifts for yourself. Your intentions start out good, but then your present pile just looks so tempting to unwrap. The struggle is real. This Sephora Glossy post on our exquisite Sephora Favorites kits puts that challenge to the test. BECKY PEDERSON

External image

SKIN WONDERLAND: an 11-piece kit that includes oils, cleansers, creams, and treatments.
This is a plush gift for someone who loves to pamper. Think: your friend whose bathroom could totally double as a day spa. It’s also easy to break apart if you’re looking to up your stocking stuffer game.
There are some nice, high-end products in this box. Do your loved ones even realize how generous you’re being by giving this stuff away for free?

The Kate Somerville exfoliator is a premier at-home facial, and the Nude treatment oil is magical. The Jurlique mist is an interesting addition, because in addition to being a toner you can also use it as a makeup setter (just spray it on and pat into your skin to make your foundation look natural). While they are famous for their hand creams, the L’Occitane shower oil is the brand’s secret weapon. Its nutty smell is ideal for girls who want a fragrance but don’t like florals; also, it’s a great base for perfumes because the smell is very subtle and the oil will make whatever you spray stick to your skin longer.

External image

SUPERSTARS: a 12-piece makeup set with full sizes that covers all your beauty needs.
These products and colors are all really universal. They flatter every type of person, age group, and skin tone. While this is THE starter kit for the girl just getting into makeup (parents with teenagers, pay attention!), it’s also a great gift for a makeup junkie—yes, she probably owns all these products, but the smaller sizes would be a perfect addition to her travel bag.
You’d be giving away all your must-haves—makeup, moisturizer, SPF, hair, nails, and fragrance. It’s an entire, foolproof beauty routine in one box. (For this reason, it makes the case for keeping this box as a full set instead of breaking it apart to use as stocking stuffers.)

The Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, paired with Anastasia’s Brow Wiz, will keep you on trend with textured hair and full brows. The NARS blush in Orgasm looks good on everyone, and the Formula X polish in dark burgundy looks beautiful whether you’re wearing a comfy fall sweater or a chic dress at a holiday party.

External image

PERFUME SAMPLER: a 14-sample set that includes a voucher for a full-size bottle.
This is choice for someone just getting into perfume, as well as people who want to experiment with layering for a customized scent. The box covers all the scent families. Though you’ll find it full of popular, luxury brands, the fragrances featured are all outside of what these brands are known for. You’ll want to keep this together as a set, as you’ll want the recipient to be able to use the voucher for a full-size bottle.
This should be obvious. If the thought of spraying on fragrances in a store gives you anxiety, this is the box for you.

External image

COLOGNE SAMPLER: a 12-sample set that includes a voucher for a full-size bottle and comes with a toiletry bag.
Compared to us ladies, men seem to be a little more resistant to nailing down their scent selection, so this gift is a nice push in the right direction. This set contains mostly old standbys with a few newer scents thrown in. All the fragrances are from top brands that have stood the test of time. Because of this, whomever gets this set will fall in love with something in it. As with the women’s fragrance box, you’ll want to gift this box in full so the recipient can use the voucher.
The toiletry bag is awesome.

External image

GIVE ME MORE LIP: a 17-piece set—that includes some full sizes—of glosses, sticks, tints, and creams.
This is the queen of product assortments. It has it all: balms, high pigments, and glosses; classic products and new formulas; and a range of reds, pinks, berries, and nudes.

Lip enthusiasts will undoubtedly love this box. In addition to the wide range of options, there is also lots of room to play. You can layer these products to create whole new looks.

This also makes an ace gift for girls with a more basic beauty routine. With all the options, she will certainly find something in here she likes. For the everyday lip, there are low maintenance options from Fresh, Tarte, Benefit, and bareMinerals. But even women who wear the barest of makeup tend to break out a bold lip for New Year’s Eve, so she’ll be checking out the rest of the box.

Of course, this set is also great to divvy up between everyone on your list. Classic brands like Laura Mercier and Hourglass will please the more conservative women, while brands like Bite, Kat Von D, and Too Faced will satisfy the younger crowd.
We don’t suggest you give everyone lumps of coal and keep the entire thing to yourself, but since this huge set was basically built to break apart, no one will be counting if a couple products wind up in your purse.


“Fragrance allows you to transform who you are and how you feel,” says Jared Kassof, Sephora Fragrance Education. “It’s great to have certain scents for the special moments in your life: date night, a work event, Sunday brunch.” We love this idea, and wanted to take it one step further: how could it be applied to entire seasons? Kassof indulges us with seven tips to accord your scent with the calendar—and how to wear it, whether in flannel by the fire or stepping out in spaghetti straps. MELISSA LANE

“Head into your local Sephora, partner with one of our cast members, and use our exclusive Scentsa fragrance finder to explore your options based on scents you already know you like,” says Kassof.

“What do you love about the seasons? If it’s all the delicious fruits and berries that come into season in summer, find fragrances that celebrate those ingredients. If winter makes you think of romantic fires at your cabin in the woods, find fragrances with warm and woody notes. Winter is also a time of wonderful spiced food and drinks, and this can be great inspiration for a fragrance, too.”

“You’ll never know if it’s the real you if you keep it on a paper strip. Many brands create coffret or sampler sets for the holidays. If there’s a brand you like, buy one and keep it for yourself. That way, you get to live with multiple scents long enough to know what you like and when you like to wear it.”

“Gucci Guilty, both the version for women and men, are great spicy and sexy options. Dior J’Adore Voile and Hermès Jour d’Hermès create a beautiful, warm fragrance aura. Tocca Beauty has a new ‘girl’ named Margaux. With warm woods and sweet vanilla, it really feels right for winter. A new discovery of mine is Nest’s holiday candle. It’s all the traditional scents of the season blended in beautiful harmony. Lucky for me, there were a lot of great men’s launches just in time for winter: Yves Saint Laurent L’homme Intense is a richer, deeper version of a fragrance that I was already loving and they made it even better.”

“Go explore some of the smaller, niche brands if you can’t find anything you like from the big fashion houses. It’s okay if you’ve never heard of the brand before or can’t even really pronounce it—they may have a hidden gem that’s just right for you!”

“Fragrance tends to fade faster in cold climates since our bodies are producing fewer natural oils for it to grab onto. Applying body oils and lotions before spraying on your favorite scents is a great way to extend the life of your fragrance. I pair the new Tom Ford Black Orchid body lotion with several different fragrances. Josie Maran Argan Oil is a good option if you want to apply something unscented before you spritz.”


External image

Nest / Fragrances Gift Set

External image

YSL / L'homme Intense

External image

Tom Ford / Black Orchid Hydrating Emulsion

External image

Josie Maran / 100 percent Pure Argan Oil

External image

Gucci / Guilty

External image

Gucci / Guilty Pour Homme

External image

Dior / J'adore Voile de Parfum

External image

Hermes / Jour d'Hermès

External image

Tocca Beauty / Margaux
10 Piece Soy Wax Sampler Set - Choose any scent, plus free mini samples and a coupon book

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m an (almost!) divorced tart maker, living in a new city, with a new job, a lot of bills, therapy and a ridiculous divorce fee that I’m covering myself.

But I’m also a fan, and my passion (second job, and frequent monetary butt saver) is making tarts and perfume oils based on my (and your) favorite fandoms. That being said, I’s really like to ask your help with a fundrasier for myself. I’ve created 2 special choose your own sampler packs - (10 piece and 4 piece) You get the tarts (including a chance to get some exclusive, not-yet-released- fandom scents), free samples and a 12 month coupon book, plus a discount on shipping!

I’ve listed the fandom section below, please signal boost this if you can and stay shiny!

Alpha Beta Oh-EM-GEE - (teen Wolf) Wild and untamed wilderness inside and out. Deep forest woods, old growth, green oakmoss, magical resins and a memory of smoke.

As You Wish - (The Princess Bride) Soft florals, apricots and vanilla blend with sandalwood, musk and dark chocolate. A perfect pairing of Princess and Pirate.

Can’t Take the Sky – (Firefly) Resins and Spices, an earthy blend of sandalwood and oakmoss, a hint of mandarin citrus and star dusted metal

Elementary, My Dear - (Sherlock) An unlikely pairing of mouthwatering Blood Orange and spicy, herbal Caraway. Underscored with swirls of vanilla, dark antiqued woods and a bit of mystery.

Friendly Ponies (My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic) Sweet and Playful. Candy and fruity, sugary cereal with undertones of warm vanilla

Into the Labyrinth - (Labyrinth) Cool dark stone, moss and damp earth, with a bite of sweet, juicy peach. Magical and Dreamlike with a hint of goblin madness.

It all changes in the 21st Century - (Torchwood) Alien artifacts in an underground lair. Dark and mysterious woods, dust and vanilla notes, accented with strong black coffee and a hint of damp.

Mad Man with a Box - (Doctor Who) A strange and wonderful adventure. Undercurrents of aged oak barrel, with dry sage, amber, vanilla and delicate cherry blossoms

Out of the Deep - (Fin-Kin) The ocean’s depths hide many secrets. Mysterious and alluring blend of orris, musk and dark fern with top notes of sea salt, tidal spray and delicate white flowers.

Red Shirt – (Star Trek) Cool Citrus and Basil, exotic musks and a sense of adventure…with just a hint of phaser blasted ozone

Scary Sexy - (Supernatural) A supernatural blend of rock salt, demon blood and magical roots, resins and herbs. Melded with hotel soap, well worn leather and a hint of gasoline.

Underhill - (Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit) Rolling hills and deep forests. The scent of fresh grass, blooming flowers and green woods, offset with a subtle hint of sandalwood and citrus.

Wizard’s World- (Harry Potter) A fun magical scent with plum and peach potions, dragon’s blood and enchanted resins, with just a hint of spice and bewitched candies

Hey There! Do You like Doctor Whooves Adventures? Do you like awesome Tea, in awesome collectible tins? And if you Don’t, do you like Awesome Doctor Who Swag?

In that case:


Yes that’s right, Ponyinabox is having a fanart contest. Can you hold a pencil? A crayon? If not, do you have a pixie stick and some ingenuity?

In that case you could enter and win! The Winner gets their choice between an awesome sampler set of Doctor Who themed teas from Adagio Teas:

External image

Or, if you’re not a tea fan, you can trade that in for a 25$ Think Geek Gift Certificate, to get lots of cool swag of your choice! 

External image

The runner up gets this awesome Gallifreyan Necklace from Etsy.

External image


Wanna Enter? Well Here are the Rules!:

  • Art must be related to Doctor Whooves Adventures and the characters that appear in that series. We will be accepting art of Wrong Way Backwards, but Clockwork and or Twilight must be present if so. (If it’s art from any other episode, you are not just limited to them, you can draw side characters, or Goodnight or anyone really.)
  • Art must stay PG. If you like to draw more….suggestive things, that’s fine, but this contest is for innocent art only.
  • Art must be totally yours. It must be 100% original, no plagiarism of any kind. 
  • Adagio Tea prize is only available to residents of the US and the UK. If you live outside those regions your prize will default to the Think Geek gift certificate.  

The Contest starts Today and ends on July 9th (Squeak’s birthday!). To enter, send your art with the subject ‘Ponyinabox Fanart Contest Entry’ to any time between those dates. 

Winners will be announced on the 12th, and prizes awarded immediately afterwards. 

Onwards and Upwards!  Good luck and spread the word!

Nakki’s Wander Over Yonder Watching Guide

So you may have seen my recent hype over Season 2 of the Disney XD show Wander Over Yonder, and you may be wondering - what is this show and how do I get in on the action?!

No worries, my friends. I will be your guide.

Wander Over Yonder (theme song here - careful, it’s loud!) is a show made by Craig McCracken - yes, the guy who made Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends - about Wander and Sylvia: two alien travelers that explore their galaxy and do good deeds along the way. The two also frequently clash with Lord Hater, the resident “big bad” of the galaxy, and his right hand man Commander Peepers… though since Wander is “the friendliest face in outer space,” most of these clashes involve Wander hugging Hater/throwing a birthday party/having a picnic/some other form of positivity, much to Hater’s frustration.
so those four are the main characters - but enough about that! You guys wanted recommendations for watching the show, so look under the cut!

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