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At Last

This fic is a gift for Marinn @the-girl-wednesday.

Happy holidays, Marinn! I hope you enjoy this gift.

You seem to love fluffy established Olicity so I tried my best. You’re an amazing writer, by the way – I read your fics on Ao3. I hope you get to write some more Olicity goodness.

Enjoy the holidays! @outoftheclosetshipper


At Last

“… All right, folks, we’ve come to what I know you’ve all been waiting for on this show: updates, speculation, theories, wishes for Star City’s own royal wedding between Mayor Queen and his lovely fiancée and CEO of Palmer Technologies, Felicity Smoak,” Lola Lane, the heavily made-up and aqua-coloured haired host of Star City’s top celebrity gossip show, calls out excitedly from the TV screen, “Today, we have the country’s top stylist, Polz Prinz – in keeping with the royal theme, of course – to talk about what the Future Mrs. Queen might look like on her wedding day. In the end, he will pick his top looks and the viewers can vote –”

“Finally!” Felicity exclaims, holding up the TV remote in victory after struggling to fish the device out from in between the couch cushions. She had barely tolerated the media speculation on her and Oliver’s wedding plans. They had started when photos of her walking – after weeks of being in wheelchair and physical therapy – surfaced on Lola Lane’s gossip show and the internet. The headlines generally read, “She’s walking again! Is she walking down the aisle next?” – and the whole Star City Royal Wedding bruhaha began.

“Wait! I’m listening!” Thea grabs Felicity’s wrist as the older woman points the remote to the TV to shut it off.

“Are you serious?” Felicity looks in surprise at the younger woman.

“Despite the pretentious name, Pol Prinz really is an excellent stylist,” Thea shrugs casually, “You might get ideas about what to wear on your wedding day.”

At Felicity’s disbelieving look, Thea continues, “Also, as the Mayor’s communications lead, I do have to keep an eye whenever he is mentioned in the media – for anything.”

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