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Light tank SK-105 “Cuirassier”

Tank SK-105 In the Austrian army is classified as a tank destroyer. Tank “Steyr” SK-105 is also known as “Cuirassiers” were developed to provide the Austrian army’s own anti-tank weapons capable of operating in rugged terrain. Work on the tank in 1965, the company began “Zaurer-Werke”& in 1970, included in the Union “Steyr-Daimler-Pooh”. The basis chassis design was adopted BTR “Zaurer”. The first sample of the tank was collected in 1967, five pre-production samples in 1971. By early 1993 there were about 600 vehicles for the Austrian army and for export.
The tank has a conventional layout, the office is placed in front of combat in the middle of the engine compartment at the rear.
Gun loading is done automatically from 2 stores drum for 6 rounds each. A shell casing is ejected from the tank through a special hatch in the rear of the turret the guns Rate of fire is 12 rounds per minute. The reloading of the stores is done manually outside of the tank. Full ammunition gun shot 41.

Performance characteristics light tank SK-105 “Cuirassier”

Combat weight, t 17,70
Crew 3
Overall dimensions, mm:
length with gun forward 7735
width 2500
height 2529
clearance 440
Armor, mm
the forehead of the body 20
forehead tower 20
105-mm gun M57; two 7.62-mm machine gun MG 74
43 shots. 2000 rounds
Engine “Steyr” 7FA, 6-cylinder, diesel, turbo-supercharged, air-cooled power 320 HP at 2300 rpm
Specific ground pressure, kg/cm 0,68
Speed on highway, km/h 70
Cruising on the highway, km 520
Overcoming obstacles:
wall height, m 0,80
the width of the ditch, m 2,41
fording depth, m 1,0