sample garment


“What! This is unacceptable! The sample garment doesn’t match at all! All you had to do was follow a pattern, imbecile. What am I supposed to do? The show is in three days!”

-Gabriel Agreste || Episode 24, Volpina || On the phone while looking though the Miraculous book.

Miraculous Fashion? Who knows?

I uploaded photos of these when I first drew them, but my scanner finally returned from war so i thought I would scan them and repost ‘em. (But for some reason they turned out really blurry and my photos of them from my crap phone look nicer???)


For those of you who didn’t know, I also do production samples, and sewing for other people’s clothing lines!
This cutte reversible toddler’s jacket I made for Totesaborbz’s Fall line. Three where created in three sizes. I was able to tweak the patterns provided and prepare them for delivery to the factory tomorrow. She asked me to make these two days ago, and that they be done by 9pm, tonight.
I’m 5:30 and I’m done and sitting pretty waiting for delivery.

I am proficient in pattern making for production, sample construction, and pattern testing.
these are just a few of the skills I have to offer you from Shinshay Originals!