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“What! This is unacceptable! The sample garment doesn’t match at all! All you had to do was follow a pattern, imbecile. What am I supposed to do? The show is in three days!”

-Gabriel Agreste || Episode 24, Volpina || On the phone while looking though the Miraculous book.

Miraculous Fashion? Who knows?

I uploaded photos of these when I first drew them, but my scanner finally returned from war so i thought I would scan them and repost ‘em. (But for some reason they turned out really blurry and my photos of them from my crap phone look nicer???)

Autumn Classic Full Recap - Sept. 21, 2017

It’s been more than a week since Autumn Classic wrapped up and I figure I ought to do a full recap of each day. I didn’t catch all events (a girl has to eat at some point!), and this will be very Yuzu-centric, but read on if you’re interested in my little anecdotes.

Or, if you want a glimpse of what I saw you can just go through my 2017 Autumn Classic International fancam playlist.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that two people could be wearing the same stylish outfit, but if one person has a "model" body and the other does not, the "model" will get more recognition and praise for the outfit because although they are the same, people have been conditioned to believe fashion is for thin people?

hmm I don’t think it’s really that, at least not for me. it’s all about personal preference. most clothes on the runway are specifically made to be shown on tall thin models so they’re obviously going to look better on those models, at least in most people’s eyes. some things look better on girls with curves! that’s just how it is :) people get really upset about designers not showing on a variety of body types but they don’t realize how expensive it is to develop sample patterns and sample garments to more than one body type. and in addition to that, bigger bodies= more (very expensive) fabric= more $$$. and you have to pay a variety of different fit models when developing and altering the clothes, instead of just one person to try on everything. this isn’t to shame girls that don’t look like models!! it’s just that there’s a lot more to it than a designer “hating fat people” haha. that’s usually a really ignorant statement.

The Lucky One

Advent Prompt #15: A Notting Hill type story…one is uber famous and meets the other… and massive media. Klaine. 1.6K [AO3Read Previous Advent fics on: AO3 | Tumblr

Blaine Anderson misses shopping.

Technically, he’s still allowed to shop, though doing so usually invites a media frenzy of no fewer than three bodyguards, a chauffeured car, a stylist, and hordes of screaming paparazzi and autograph seeking fans. The days of casually browsing the stores at the mall with a couple of friends are long in his past. Besides, as his publicist is so fond of saying, why bother doing the work of going out to pick out his own clothing when he has top designers falling all over themselves to give him the finest couture to wear?

Still, he misses it, so one day he decides to see if he can get away with a little incognito shopping. First, he has to ditch his most beloved and easily identifiable fashion accessory: the bowtie. Instead, he dresses down for a change in jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is made of deep green cashmere and probably costs more than most people’s monthly mortgage but still, he’s trying. It’s far off from the preppy cardigans and impeccably tailored suits he usually favors. To finish off the disguise, he wears mirrored sunglasses and leaves his glossy curls natural instead of slicking them back with gel. Blaine barely recognizes himself in the mirror so hopefully the denizens of the Lower East Side will similarly overlook him.

Blaine’s been popping in and out of stores at random for about thirty minutes when a sign across the street catches his eye: Hummel Brag – For the Discerning Gentleman. The shop in question is rather small and unremarkable but the clothing in the window display is eye-catching and looks well-crafted. Intrigued, Blaine decides to step inside.

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anonymous asked:

Caryl :)

Finds ideas for Halloween costumes: carol! she gets super creative when it comes to costumes and she loves to do as much as she can herself. she keeps a scrapbook that documents the whole process and puts in pictures and garment samples too.
Proposes to take a relaxing bath together: also carol. their friday evening ritual is a relaxing bubble bath with lots of backrubs and cuddles where it’s just them for an hour.
Spoils the kids a little bit too much: daryl. he wants the kids to have everything he never even dared to ask for as a child. he tries to not go overboard too much, but sometimes he just can’t help it.
Wakes his/her other half on the week-end for some grown-ups quality time: daryl. he usually wakes up very early and that tends to be boring on a saturday morning when everyone can sleep in. 
Likes watching outside when there is a storm: daryl. he loves to sit outside on their porch and just listen. it’s relaxing to him. sometimes carol comes outside as well and brings a big, comfy blanket and two mugs of coffee to keep him company.

Is the most addicted to coffee: carol. her whole day is ruined when she can’t start her day with it and one day daryl took the super long detour by her workplace because she forgot her thermos at home.
Has a lot of family photos in her/his phone: they both do, but daryl beats carol by a mile. he has their most recent family picture as a screensaver and background on his phone and computer, has more pictures of his family in his wallet than actual money and even put up pictures in the garage to look at when he works on his bike.
Eats the last part of pie/cake: daryl. he loves everything carol bakes and sweet things never last long once they are out of the oven.
Checks on the kids before going to bed: they both do. they are so incredibly thankful that they got the chance to start over with each other and seeing their kids relaxed faces when they sleep always overwhelms them.
Comes to the other after a fight to reconcile: both. they rarely fight, but when they do they always talk about it before they go to bed. 

Greetings tumblr! If you’ve been paying attention to my many social media sites you might have picked up on the fact I’d been working on a big ol’ project I couldn’t talk about much. WELL, I’ve been given the go ahead, so guess what I get to tell you about:

I wrote a book!

It’s a book about cosplay - what it is and how to draft/make your own pieces to create unique costumes for yourself and others! Firstly, I’m supposed to let you know that it’s currently up for preorder on Amazon at this lovely link:

Secondly, I wanted to totally gush about the book itself! I designed the book to be helpful for those people who aren’t as well-versed in sewing, and a helpful tool for more veteran cosplayers. Beginners will find a lot of good information and techniques to help build their skills, and veterans will find ways to quickly make pieces on the fly (because we’ve never been sewing costumes the night before, right? *big exaggerated slow wink*).

I not only made the sample garments and pieces shown in the book, but I also did all the illustrations inside (traditional and vector pictures)! I also wrote the entire thing - and I packed it full of information for you all (so much the editors had a rough time fitting it all in! SORRY NOT SORRY) I’m so very proud of it, as the whole thing has been in process for about a year and a half!

I hope that this book not only aids the veteran cosplayers, but helps out the beginners, the hesitant, and the confused of what they’re really getting into. I wanted to show that making costumes isn’t as scary as it sounds!

Topics Include:

  • What is Cosplay?
  • Breaking Down a Costume (how to make it into manageable parts)
  • Cosplay Supplies
  • Sewing Techniques/Toolbox (how to do stuff like add ruffles, turn corners, etc)
  • Many tutorials on various types of costume pieces (ranging from simple bowties to armor pieces & props)
  • Wig Tips & Care
  • Surviving a Convention in Cosplay (what can you do at conventions? What are they?)

All the tutorials are designed with the hope that the reader will take these base shapes and make their own unique characters and designs - I want everybody to GET CREATIVE! Become a Hero (or a Villain) TODAY!




For those of you who didn’t know, I also do production samples, and sewing for other people’s clothing lines!
This cutte reversible toddler’s jacket I made for Totesaborbz’s Fall line. Three where created in three sizes. I was able to tweak the patterns provided and prepare them for delivery to the factory tomorrow. She asked me to make these two days ago, and that they be done by 9pm, tonight.
I’m 5:30 and I’m done and sitting pretty waiting for delivery.

I am proficient in pattern making for production, sample construction, and pattern testing.
these are just a few of the skills I have to offer you from Shinshay Originals!

*hundreds upon hundreds of models are technically or even dangerously underweight but are presented in ways which suggest they have the optimum body type, even if that body type is impossible for the majority of people to attain without engaging in unhealthy behaviours*
“yeah but they have to be that size to fit the garment samples it’s just the way the industry works sorry bout it hun”

fat person: *exists*
“oh my GOD stop PROMOTING OBESITY!!!! how dare you love yourself when you are UNHEALTHY!!!! delete this. you’re not beautiful you are OBESE!!!!stop saying it’s beautiful it’s PROMOTING an UNHEALthy lifestyle (even though I know nothing about your health as an individual but you are PRomOTING OBESITY!)look away children!!!!”