sample ballot

finally a candidate we can all agree on!

(oh, and at the risk of ruining the fun of this post…

  • this was made using an extra sample ballot as a “joke”
  • don’t write in candidates, you’re literally throwing away your vote
  • this blog won’t tell you who to vote for
  • this blog WILL tell you that, if you’re a lovely in america and able to vote, do so!! read about the candidates at all levels of government, stay informed, and exercise your right to vote!

take care, lovelies, and have a great election day…just 24 hours until you don’t have to be forced to watch this circus any longer!)

It’s not an accident that we’re sending kids out of school with no concept of how to vote, or even how to register in the first place. Keeping youth ignorant is a very purposeful thought out process that results in generations that feel disenfranchised and powerless and who in turn grow up to not feel like their involvement with politics matters anyway. 

It’s not your fault they didn’t teach you. But you can learn on your own, by your specific state, from How To Vote In Every State. Each video goes over the different requirements for voting in each state and includes helpful links like sample ballots you can fill out at home to use as reference when you go to vote. 

You cannot vote online, anything you’re seeing that says you can is either intended as a parody or is an outright lie to prevent people from going to the polls to skew the election. 

Some states have banned campaign clothing from voting locations entirely. This could include anything from hats to buttons to water-bottles. If you’re not sure what the laws in your state are, it’s better to not wear anything campaign related to vote. You may be asked to turn shirts inside-out, or wear a jacket to cover slogans, put hats away or remove buttons from your bag/clothing/whatever. It’s honestly probably just easier not to wear anything campaign related and save yourself a potential hassle. 

Voting isn’t like a test in school

timothymcmackin said:

You asked what we wanted to share about voting rights: It took me a couple elections before I learned that voting was not like a test in school. You can plan ahead, look up a sample ballot, and bring selections on paper. You don’t have to memorize your choices. But some places in the USA don’t allow electronic devices in the polling place, so use paper for the notes.

I made a bunch of videos discussing how to register, vote absentee, get a sample ballot, find your polling place, and vote in each of the 50 states. Each of them is around 2 minutes long and they have all the information that you (and everyone else) needs to get make their voice heard on November 8th. Please spread so those who are voting for the first time can have an easy resource to figure out exactly how to do it!

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