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i work at a place that serves hella soup. we let people sample them before they order (like 1 oz of soup) to make sure they like it. fuck every customer that has come back with “this soup is awful can i have x soup instead?” fuck you pay for it. fuck every customer who stands there and samples all 12 soups for ten minutes and buys the smallest fucking size. fuck every customer that is annoyed when we dont have the 1 soup they really want out of the 150+ we serve, and refuses to try one of the 12 we are serving that day. fuck the company for making such a stupid ordering design that i literally have to walk people through the ordering process from. (sounds like soup but with a z) fuck customers that ask for a sample and are annoyed when they have to wait two minutes max for the soup to be poured and put in the front counter area. fuck my boss who literally never even worked in a resturant before he owned one and SUCKS at everything involving it. fuck

お世話したいされたい | Osewa Shitai Saretai

Wahh, I’m finally here with my first doujin summary. Cleaning and making scans took longer than I expected though. Mostly because I was unwilling to rip my books apart and took photos as “scans” instead. As a result, it took forever to edit on photoshop orz (I’ve actually still got pages to clean T^T). If anyone knows an easier method without damaging the books please do tell me. I’m sorry if the quality’s not quite up to par.

But alas, here’s one of Inumog’s MikaTsuru doujins! Her art is so gorgeous I definitely recommend everyone go buy her works! It’s totally worth it. Please check out her sample link below!

【12/30 C89】新刊サンプル①【みかつる】 by もg on pixiv

(Here’s my copy)

~Start of Summary~

So there’s a short story in the first part where Tsurumaru’s managed to get himself stuck in a hole in the wall. 

Mikazuki jiji stumbles upon him (to Tsuru’s relief) and tries to help, but it turns out Tsuru’s stuck tighter than he thought he was, so he just tells jiji to just pull as hard as he can… Whelp, jiji takes him up on his offer, but pulls his pants off instead. (✧≖‿ゝ≖)

Tsuru comments on how his lower half seems to have become “breeze-y” but jiji brushes him off saying it’s just his imagination. Regardless, it seems there’s no other choice but to have the master (saniwa) change Tsuru back to his sword form temporarily to get out the hole. However, the master won’t be coming back for a while so jiji adds that he’s willing to stay company with Tsuru in the mean time (despite looking like he’s just talking to a butt). For now, the best Mikazuki can do is put Tsuru’s pants back on, but as “clumsy” as he is, he “accidentally” removes Tsuru’s underwear as well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The second part starts with Tsuru helping Mikazuki get dressed in his usual fancy garbs and Mikazuki apologizes for always having to trouble him, but Tsuru responds that if he really means that then he should at least learn to put his own clothes on. Mikazuki chuckles at this and expresses that he likes being taken care of much to Tsuru’s dismay. It’s at this moment, jiji thinks of another one of his good for nothing ideas: he’ll take care of Tsuru for the day for him to understand how great it feels to be taken care of! Tsuru’s gut is telling him that nothing good will come out of this but being the clown he is, he lets his curiosity take over and takes up jiji’s offer.

Mikazuki starts by helping Tsuru change, but honestly he only knows how to strip him down (since Tsuru’s usual clothes are apparently too difficult for him to understand). This leaves Tsuru with no other choice but to wear jiji’s internal affairs outfit as they leave for breakfast (which Kashuu and Yasusada can’t help but notice). Mikazuki then tries to feed Tsuru, but Tsuru comments that even Mikazuki usually doesn’t have others do that for him, so jiji tells him that next time Tsuru should feed him. X’DDD

The two have fieldwork together afterwards and after working up some sweat, jiji tries to wipe Tsuru’s sweat off, only to discover his towel was actually covered in dirt, so his face only becomes dirtier. Well, looks like it didn’t get dirty enough and this ero-jiji starts licking away at Tsuru’s sweat instead and even pushes him down. 

Tsuru thinks for sure that Mikazuki has gotten into that mood, but then jiji just stops then and there (放置play?), leaving a confused Tsuru.

They proceed to the baths, then to dinner I believe (who knows what happened to lunch). This time Tsuru naturally accepts Mikazuki’s feeding, shocking Mitsutada and Ookurikara so much Ookurikara chokes on his food. Tsuru tells everyone to pay no heed to everything he and Mikazuki are doing for the day.

The day eventually comes to an end (after they brush their teeth and Tsuru receives a tickle torture massage). Tsuru tells Mikazuki that he had fun (despite all the disasters that occurred). Mikazuki also reveals that while he enjoys being taken care of, taking care of others has also proven to be fun… because he gets to touch Tsuru a lot _(:3」∠)_  Upon hearing this, Tsuru wonders whether “him taking care of Jiji” is really the right way to describe what he’s doing, but he just can’t grasp the term he’s looking for. Mikazuki continues to express, while it’s great being able to touch Tsuru and all while taking care of him, he’s got to be careful not to get too worked up. Tsuru confusingly responds “eh?” to which Mikazuki reveals that Tsuru’s desiring expression (from being pushed down during their fieldwork) was just so precious, it looks like he had trouble controlling himself (this kuso-ero-jiji knew the whole time).

Tsuru tells Mikazuki that he doesn’t need to take care of him in the future much to jiji’s disappointment, but jiji asks that Tsuru continue to do the same for him in the future.

The next morning, Tsuru runs into Kashuu in the halls and Kashuu asks why Tsuru’s not wearing Mikazuki’s clothing anymore (Kashuu: “what happened to the boyfriend shirt?”). Tsuru emphasizes again that he shouldn’t mind what happened yesterday too much but Kashuu tells Tsuru that it’s fine, since they’re always ichaichaing anyways. The story ends with Tsuru bursting out that “ichaicha” was the word that he couldn’t recall the night before. XD

~End of Summary~

In regards to asking for scans, I’ve still got a bit to do, so please be patient!


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In my job working with animal populations, 12 is the “magic number.” It’s the minimum number of samples you need to submit to a lab for population surveys that result in “pass/fail” of a program. Have a herd of cows and want to know if they have an okay nutrition plan? 12 blood samples minimum. Want to know if your orphaned lambs are getting enough colostrum via your colostrum replacer program? 12 animals and 12 blood samples please.

That’s why I’m listing 12 blogs. These are some of my favorite 12 blogs about animals, vet, or medicine related that I enjoy and reblog a lot from. No particular order. Just some good blogs with nice content. Y’all should follow these guys!

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These are some images of hand embellishment on a piece i have been doing for the exhibition. It is on gold Dupion Silk, embellished with bronze threads and 3mm sequins and 2mm metal beads. it is intricate work you need a lot of patience to do it but it is so satisfying and the effect is amazing afterwards.