paw & lick 🐶

Lupo got attacked today

We were in one of the nearby fenced-in forest areas, where you’re allowed to let your dog run free. We meet several other dogs that Lupo greeted and played with a little bit, without any problems at all. But when we were almost at the exit, some dogs came running towards him. It was all nice and peaceful until a black dog jumped onto Lupo and humped him and tried to force him down on the ground.

Lupo tried to get the dog off him and growled because it was being annoying and tried to make him to do something he didn’t want to do. So the other dog got angry and attacked him. It was a short moment of chaos but we got the dogs apart again. 

But Lupo was bleeding from the ear then. It was difficult to see how serious it was because of the blood, but we got the other dog owner’s phone number, in case we needed to take Lupo to the vet (because then it would her insurance that should cover our vet bills). 

We called our vet, who recommended that we stopped by to get it checked, because the wound was inside the ear. So we did that. 

Unfortunately, it turned out that the injury was more severe than we could see at first. The wound was deep and Lupo needed stitches. So the vet kept him for a few hours and called us when Lupo woke up again and we could pick him up. We got painkillers and antibiotics that we have to give him for the next five days and then we have to go back to the vet on monday for a control visit, so they can make sure the wound is closing up nicely. Then, we also have pay them another visit when it’s time to get the stitches out.

Lupo is very very tired from the anesthetic and has slept since we came home about 45 minutes ago. He whimpers once in a while because of the pain in his ear.

So yeah…this has been a tough day. I was supposed to have worked on my research project for Uni but my mood has been awful since this happened and most of my time has gone towards going back and forth between the dog forest, the vet and home and also taking care of Lupo. 

Not to mention that the other dog owner hasn’t returned our calls or text messages so far. I really hope she isn’t going to try to avoid taking responsibility for this, so we’ll be stuck with the bill (or, the part of it that our own insurance doesn’t cover). When her dog has attacked my dog, I’m not the one who should pay for the vet bills. *Sigh* I just have no energy for this. Seriously. I fear that the other dog owner isn’t going to cooperate, so I’ll have to make a whole ‘struggle’ out of this, just to get her to cover the damage her dog has done.

Ugh…it’s a bad day today.