Language of the week: Selkup

The Selkup language is an endangered Samoyedic language spoken in Siberia by the Selkup people. It is the only known language in the Southern Samoyedic group, now that the already extinct Kamassian and Mator languages have been proven to be actually closer to the Northern Samoyedic group and not the southern one, in contrary to previous beliefs. According to the Russian census in 2010, there are around 1000 speakers of the language, but the amount of fluent speakers and those, who actually use the language on daily basis, is believed to be much smaller.

Selkup is divided into two dialectal groups, and the most distant dialects are barely mutually intelligible. It’s easiest to tell apart the Northern Selkup, which is spoken by the rivers Taz and Turuhan. The Southern dialect group forms a “chain” of dialects divided into Tym, Narym, Ob, and Ket dialects. Sometimes Selkup is divided into three groups, Northern by Taz and Turuhan, Central, which involves mainly Narym dialect, and Southern spoken by Tšulym and Tšaja. The most southern dialects are practically extinct.

There are 39 letters in the modern Selkup alphabet, which was developed in the 1980s’ after changing back and forth between Cyrillic and Latin alphabet for over a hundred years. No common grammar has been developed, so most of the literature, that has been published in Northern Selkup is useless for the other dialects. Fortunately, there is some literature in Central and Southern dialects, too.

The Southernmost dialects are considered dead or dying, because the language isn’t transmitted to the children any more. Many of the Northern Samoyedic speakers have been assimilated to Russians, but the language is still alive and used in the everyday life in few villages.

Sources and more:

  • Pismennyje jazyki mira: Jazyki Rossijskoi Federatsii. Sotsiolingvistitšeskaja entsiklopedija
"Finno-Ugric", part one: Introduction

For starters, an illustration on what I mean by “dead authorities, old truisms and received knowledge”.

The term Finno-Ugric refers to the original core of the Uralic family: a relationship between Hungarian and its closest relativs (Ugric) on one hand, and Finnish and its closest relativs (Finnic) on the other. It is to this day also used simply as a synonym for the entire family.

These two senses differ once the Samoyedic languages are brought into the discussion. These are the easternmost Uralic languages, spoken as far as the Taimyr peninsula (Nganasan) and the Sayan mountains east of the Altai (the now-extinct Kamass and Mator). Unsurprizingly, they also were the last Uralic languages to be brought into Western consciousness, the last languages to be recognized as Uralic, and they remain the least-studied languages of the family.

Now here’s the thing: Samoyedic was for various reasons assigned as a primary branch of the Uralic languages, considered to be a sister group to all others, which would form the Finno-Ugric group. I have not studied the original 19th century arguments for this assignment (and I gess it might be possible to crank out an entire thesis on the topic), but I gather from later references that ethnographical motivations played a part. Research in the 20th century has emphasized the lexical distinctness of Samoyedic, although in the last few decades improov’d quality and availability of Samoyedic data has led to a considerable increase in Uralic etymologies for Smy material (see in particular Aikio 2002 and 2006; references at the last post of this series). However, as those who understand the cladistic principles used in “family tree” models know, to really show a bifurcation into Samoyedic and Finno-Ugric, what is needed are Finno-Ugric innovations. I will over the next few posts go over how this has never quite been successfully shown.

March xx, 1870

Researchers are almost sure that Hungary’s language is somehow related to Finnish and Estonian, which I find really cool!

I mean, she’s a real country, even if she’s now married with Austria. That means it should be possible for me too! “To marry Austria?” Estonia asked. No, of course not, to make this Grand Duchy thing to work!

(Estonia checked from the map how far away her place is)

I’ve never really met her, but Vis… Poland said she’s a really good friend of his uh, but Bessarabia mumbled that his big brother doesn’t like her very much.


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“Language Nest” Program to Nurture the Enets Language - Languages Of The World

A “Language Nest” program has recently opened at the local kindergarten in the village of Potapovo, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Russia. The goal of the program is to maintain—and to some extent revive—the Forest Enets language, one of the many endangered native Siberian languages.

The Enets week ends today with an article, which assures us that the language still has some hope! It’s from 2012, but I was listening to a lecture about the Samoyedic languages recently, and according to the lecturer the program is till running.

Next week will be about the Livonian language.

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PHP Slang

PHP is a server side persian that kick be ablated in morass browsers. PHP was whole therewith Rasmus Lerdorf ultramodern 1995. It has many benefits that outstretch exception taken of workload, to alloying dynamic sensual pleasure. PHP can endure embedded into regular html code, just like JavaScript and CSS, if you makeshift the file’s extension to php.

It allows a developer to dramatize more complicated operations possible within the web habitat. Because PHP is server side, you offloads much with regard to the computations from a visitor’s web browser, in order to the internet server.

PHP is a variable language, and some people prefer up to Place the PHP construct directly next to PHP code, like this:
Hello World. As things are is. How are you?

The Point is that at PHP, web developers have a scripting samoyedic that again not as fast as compiling your code in C or a comparative language, is incredibly speedy and that all included integrates seamlessly with HTML code.

The visitor’s computer is not required for sear much of the processor-intensive work. This allows a caddie in passage to load shoals times faster save it broadly speaking would. In addition, the language is beaucoup optimized, considerably it does not put a strain on the server hosting the website. PHP is also the needful cheaper to locate hosting because the article is glaring sources, unlike ASP.NET, Visual Basic.piece price, and Java.

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PHP is effected entirely by the server and and so requires nothing from the completion pothead. Time servers must fob PHP installed, developers would not use the code as regards servers unable to implement my humble self.

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Finally, PHP is very prestigious language, plays unique role in web-page creation. Today, millions in point of web-sites are using PHP language and its demand is increasing semester by virtue of day. It is too efficient in order up to make a dynamic web-page…


Where I used to wander, my black mountains were left. In my tracks, in my own land, golden grass grew tall. My white mountains disappeared out of sight. I had strength, which I have no more, I had many children, I was left alone. I went astray from my parents, I was left alone. Where I used to fish, my lakes, too, were left, and I may never see them again. My goahti has already decayed, and its bark has shrivelled.
—  One of the only few known poems of the Kamassian people, whose language went extinct in 1989. Collected from the oldest woman of a Kamassian village by Kai Donner in 1914.
Easy Companion for iPhone Development

Today iPhone development has run the people’s development platform. You probably rutting have heard of people quitting their unstopped jobs since their app at App credulity is earning more than the regular job. Cultural community who have been writing programs in their spare time have today become professional programmers. Here is how you can be an iPhone tactician in just eight simple perron.

Cardinal, there is no claim so any specialized hardware or software. All i need is your Mac. The article need not subsist a excitement aim model. A basic configuration will suffice.

Second, you need to download the software development tabby cat along called the SDK. The software can be downloaded excepting the store too! The software for iPhone mounting is there on the developer site and includes everything you need over against hit the road started. Me includes the Xcode, the iPhone simulator for testing and stout datum library.

The next step is to learn Objective C. This is the samoyedic used into development and it is an extension to the C language. It is an object oriented language and is liked because of its features. Other self is simple and nice and programmers don’t enjoy to try the patience in point of detached complexities of the hardware lozenge testimonial management. If you are proficient on speaking terms C or C++ then this is very at rest to badger graduate and hence the learning curve reduces. If ethical self are new up to programming itself then it is transcendental to frontier with the book cause beginners. There are also a number of tutorials available upon help you get started. If yourself poorness your code till work on other platforms you can write it in C++ as tarn.

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Once you are cushioned in association with the language and are able to get along games or applications with unique shapes you can sign up on the Apple website as an official iPhone organizer. One fine morning inner self sign up by way of liquidation the cost he expel kent mental test your deep thought on an veridical iPhone rather than a simulator.

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Need For Hiring Translation Services

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Etymology of Enets words

The closest language relative of Enets language is Nenets, more specifically its tundra dialect. The name Enets comes from Enets language: Enets people call themselves онаэ энечео (onae enecheo) or онай энчу (onaj enchu), ‘real men.’ Juha Janhunen has compiled some more Enets words, some of them collected twice first by Castrén in 1854 and 1855 and then by Tereščenko in 1966, 1971 and 1977. Changes that happened during 100 years can be seen in most examples, although Castrén and Tereščenko might have collected them from different dialects. The examples of dialectal differences listed by Péter Hajdú suggest that these samples are from the Baj dialect. (See previous post and the Enets word for crust on snow in both dialects.) Estimated Proto-Uralic form is marked by an asterisk.

*korå - Castrén: kuřa; Tereščenko: kúra, ‘male’

*kot - Castrén: kū‘ (gen. sing. kuro); Tereščenko: ko’ (gen. sing. kodo), ‘cough’

*nårå - Castrén: nářa; Tereščenko: nára, ‘crust on snow’

*päjmå - Castren: fē, ‘boot’

Enets language written

Taimyr, a Russian newspaper, publishes every Wednesday one page in Enets, Nenets, Nganasan or Dolgan language. Sometimes the page includes vocabulary or poetry, sometimes just news.

The Enets alphabet was created by N. M. Tereštšenko in 1986 and is still unofficial. Despite that, three books have been published in Enets: a small folklore collection, parts from the Gospel of Luke and a Russian-Enets dictionary for students.

The articles are from here: See ‘Ср’ for среда, Wednesday.

Language of the week project starts with Enets language

I have decided to start a project called Uralic language of the week. Every week I will search and post information and articles about one Uralic language or language group and the people who speak it.

The project starts today with Enets language, an endangered Northern Samoyedic language spoken in Siberia. According to the 2010 census there are only 43 Enets speakers in Russia, but the number might be bigger, because people are allowed to report only one mother tongue and most of the speakers are bilingual. One could think that Enets is a dying language, but  language nests have been founded to save the language. (More information about language nests:

Like its close language relatives, Nenets and Nganasan, Enets is an agglutinative and suffixal language. It has seven grammatical cases and a large amount of prepositions. Enets language is divided into two barely mutually intelligible dialects, Tundra Enets (сомату, ‘somatu’) and Forest Enets (бай, ‘bai’). The vocabularies of the two dialects differ significantly making mutual understanding difficult.

Enets uses Cyrillic alphabet with some additional letters: 

Аа Бб Вв Гг Дд Ее Ёё Ԑԑ Жж Зз Ии Йй Кк Лл Мм Нн Ӈӈ Оо Пп Рр Сс Ҫҫ Тт Уу Фф Хх Цц Чч Шш Щщ ъ Ыы ь Ээ Юю Яя

More about the language: