Would love a Sam/Brody 1x1!
Sam/?? 1x1!

Looking to start a couple of 1x1s.

OOC Information:

Name/Alias: Jake
Age: 19
Timezone: CST
Activity Level/Level You’re Looking For: 6 or 7. I work 9a-8p daily, though I can get online at work occasionally.

RP Information:

Character(s) you want to play: Sam Evans
Previous Experience as Character?: Multiple rps and 1x1s
Ship(s) preferred: Pretty much anything Sam/Male.
RP Genre(s) preferred: (Future) AU, Season redo, mpreg, polygamy,superheros, crossovers, i’m up for anything really.
Things you do NOT want to do: JUST smut, master/slave, Sam/Female

Do you have a specific plot in mind?: Not really :). Superheroes but I’m open to all.

WARNING: I work almost every day long hours. I do apologize in advance if my replies come late at night or early in the morning. I try to reply when I get home from work and I may be able to reply while at work. I understand this may be a turn off. And again my apologies.

If you have any questions or need some of my para samples, I will more than willingly link you in an un-anon ask :)