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Serene Timoteo is an Auckland-based artist who translates the negative perception of “Plastic Samoan” into beautiful art. Talanoa Intern Iunisi Vaiaku explores identity, culture and what Serene wants to achieve with her modern-Pacific take on art, and the positive impact it can have on today’s generation of young Pacific people. 

See a video on her art here 

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Find it kind of strange how people will foam at the mouth if you use 'McClain' as Lance's last name cause it's not 'Cuban enough' but I've never seen a single peep about people using Garrett for Hunk's last name even though he's Samoan.

👀☕ really suspect, my guy

Meeting Roman Reigns.

I went to the World of Wheels auto show in Rosemont today and met “The Big Dog” Roman Reigns. To be honest with you straight up, I was never a huge Reigns fan. I preferred Ambrose in The Shield and always felt Roman receieved too bulletproof a push to the proverbial moon when the crowd reaction just wasn’t there. Fans in my own personal demographic (male, mid-late 20s, smarky) hate his booking and how inorganic his rise to the top has been. A stubborn, insistent Mr. McMahon loves “The Guy,” so he’s pushed as Superman babyface while the crowd boos. Would it be easier to satisfy fans and just turn him heel already, so the boos match his actions in the ring? Nope. And I learned why tonight.

For starters, Reigns is over like a motherfucker. There were, I would estimate, in the neighborhood of 650 people gathered trying to get a piece of the Roman Empire. I arrived to the convention center two and a half hours early, around 1:30 p.m., for a scheduled 4 p.m. signing. I didn’t get to shake his hand (forgot to shaka or fist pound, damn it) until about 6:15. And when I got out of the line, finally, there were about 300 people still waiting in line for a chance at meeting him. It’s funny: there were more men in line to meet him than just about any other demographic. Weird, right? When I met him, I actually jokingly apologized on behalf of my fellow adult male fans, and he also noted that there were more grown men there than anybody else. There were definitely tons of ladies, though. And kids. Reigns draws them all out, but yeah, especially surprised by all of “my people.” Including two guys, a man in his 30s and his elderly father, who would serve as my line buddies for the afternoon. It’s always nice meeting fellow marks, and these two were cutely mark-y. Hating the heels like they’re supposed to and such. It was wonderful.

I wanted to document a bit of the scene of a WWE autograph signing for those who couldn’t be there, or were on their way and wanted to see what they were getting into, so I took some short clips and posted them to my Twitter. Before I knew it, I was being retweeted by 20, 30, 40, 50 people and fan sites. Little 10-second videos I considered inconsequential to anything or anybody, were “liked” dozens of times. Fans – almost all female and younger than 21 – replied to my tweets with affirmation. It really opened my eyes to the fact that Roman Reigns is the most polarizing WWE Superstar since John Cena, and those who love him absolutely cherish him, while those who don’t like him will pay $20 on top of $15 parking just to boo him. (That particular contingent was uproariously minuscule, and I can probably count them on my two hands, and I’m sure they were half-joking because seriously, “hating” Roman Reigns is “cool” now, and the “in” thing to do. I’ll admit, I boo him because it’s fun. And, accordingly, I will cheer for him when he turns heel. Because of course.)

A word about those under-21s: I teach middle school girls on occasion, so I understand them. Plus, I have a sister; I grew up with a teenage girl. But, man, what a contingent of folks. The bombardment of notifications on my iPhone throughout the afternoon, after using just one hashtag (#worldofwheels, take a spin, if you will) was incredible. These girls run in packs, and like most women, they are something us men do not comprehend: They are “there for one another.” When one Roman fan speaks out, so do others. And it’s all positive stuff. The meat and potatoes of Roman’s fan base, at least socially speaking, are, I guess, a bunch of “stans.” And I mean that in the best possible way. Having been a part of my own group of wrestling fans my own age and gender, it has always been difficult to see outside that bubble of fandom. Today changed that. Although I didn’t meet one of these stans, I have to say, I dig the positivity. I dig the good vibes they send this particular wrestler. These aren’t people to bitch about booking or backstage nonsense, or what rumors they heard. They’re just loyal fans who get excited over the giant Samoan guy similar to the way girls got excited by those fab four British lads way back when.

The highlight of the night for me, beyond shaking The Guy’s hand, was meeting a mother, father, and 13-year-old son, who happened to have special needs and was thus on the opposite side of the stage, where those with special needs wait for Roman to come down to meet them individually. Long sentence there, but we’re really cooking now. What astounded me about this happening was just how loving these parents were to their son. The mother said something to the effect of, “[Meeting Roman Reigns] is going to make his day. It’s going to make my whole world.” And the boy stood there, so patiently, so excited. But so patiently. Surrounded by fellow marks for five hours, some of whom counted the minutes with the tap of a finger on the face of their watch, some of whom panicked over what kind of photo they were going to get with The Big Dog. But this boy was quiet and so respectful. Talking to him, giving him a high-five, telling him that he’s about to meet one of the coolest wrestlers I’d ever met (and get a totally terrific one-on-one photo with him, as well)… great stuff. It felt wonderful, witnessing this family do its thing, taking such pride in their little boy, whose birthday is tomorrow, whose day was about to be made by meeting his favorite Superstar. To him, Roman was a hero. To experience the sheer joy of that boy, again, top stuff.

Stepping outside my comfort zone, meeting a wrestler I honestly was on the fence about, proved quite fruitful today. I got to meet a new group of fans that thought entirely different than me, and with more positivity than comes with being a fan my age, and that’s just one takeaway. I also walked away with a greater appreciation for the guy behind The Guy – how charitable he was with his time, how happy he looked to be there, I could go on. I’ve invested a lot of time over the years meeting my share of wrestlers, and Roman Reigns is up there with the coolest of them all. So respect to him, and his fans, for today, today was pretty all right.

Werewolf Hysteria (Roman Reigns x Reader) Part 1of 2

AN: Wanted to surprise you guys with this funny, smutty Roman Reigns one shot. No longer a one shot, tho 😅. I’ve been reading werewolf books too much 😂 hope y'all enjoy 🐺


“Girl, why you always eyeing Roman down?” My friend Sasha asked me, exasperated by my lack of participation in tonights activies.

“I do not!” I defensively yelled over the blaring music in the night club we were at. I don’t even know what possessed me to come here. Clubs aren’t my kinda thing. Socializing isn’t even my kind of thing.

“Mmhmm OK” Sasha replied rolling her eyes at my statement.

She really wasn’t lying about her earlier said statement. I was always watching Roman, but it’s not for the reason most people think. I mean, yeah, he is incredible sexy and a good guy. He can be a little cocky sometimes, but he isn’t nearly as bad as some of the other guys on the roster. Great now I do sound like I’m interested in him, but I swear I’m not! If I told people the real reason I’m always watching him they’d think I’m crazy or a freak. I honestly don’t want to be know as either of those things, most people think I’m weird enough as it is.

I’ve been working in the WWE for almost 10 months now as a makeup artist and the only friends I have are Sasha and Naomi. Sasha and I became friends due to our fascination with anime. I got to know Naomi through Sasha, and we instantly got along because Naomi was just such a down-to-earth person.

It was always hard for me to make friends. I was always really quiet, never really went out much, and was always lost in my own head. I was interested in stuff most people wouldn’t be, such as mythical creatures and lore. From the ages of 7 to 11, I was convinced I was a vampire until my sister split her eyebrow open with a blow to the head with a golf club and I passed out at the sight.

I might not believe I’m a vampire anymore but I do believe that mythical creatures exist. And this is why I stare at Roman all the time because I do believe that he is a werewolf.

“(Y/n), if you like Roman you should go talk to him! I think he’s interested in you because I see him watching you all the time!” Naomi stated excitedly. “He’s doing it right now!”

I bristled at her words. I turned to my left and looked a couple of tables over and there he was, staring directly at me. I slightly jumped and looked away quickly. ‘Dammit’ I thought to myself. I was supposed to be sneaky in my study of the Samoan, but I was obviously failing at that.

“You know she won’t go talk to Mr. tall, dark, and handsome over there. Especially since he ‘growled’ at her last week” Sasha laughed. I playfully shoved her.

“He really did! I was totally scared!” I insisted, and Sasha laughed harder.

“Girl, I thought dogs growled? Last time I checked Roman’s a man. ALL man.” Naomi said.

“Don’t you guys have husbands?” I bring up, trying to get the focus off of me.

“Yes we do, and that’s why we can comment on what’s happening between you and Ro. Besides, I’m married to his cousin, so I can tell you from experience….” Naomi leaned in closer to me, “He is ALL man.”

“Yeah, exactly.” Sasha finished, always putting in her two cents. “And don’t they say Samoan guys have big di-”

“OKAY!” I quickly interrupted. “I’m going to get something to drink. Want anything?” I asked looking between both of them.

“Yeah, for you to snag a hot Samoan tonight!” Sasha yelled, rather loudly I might add.

“Right on!” Seth yelled from the table behind us.

I quickly walked away from the table, face blazing. 'I’m soooo going to get her back for that’ I tell myself as I weave my way through the dancing people, getting closer to the bar.

As I’m waiting for the bar tender to make my drink, I find myself looking in Roman’s direction again. He’s on the opposite side of the bar from me, talking to Dean and Renee.

I was intently watching, seeing if he was displaying any werewolf characteristics. He seemed pretty normal tonight, though. Like most werewolves, he was usually standoffish. He could be social if he wanted to be, but you could tell he liked his privacy. There were times when he would get really irritable, and he actively avoided anyone and everyone like the plague.

“He must be stressed out” or “He must be homesick” people would say when he acted like that, but I knew better. During his irritable, antisocial periods, he would somehow look even more attractive than he usually does. His hair and skin would be practically glowing, and his eerie, grey eyes looked like they could penetrate your soul. And I read in my spirits and mythological creatures handbook when it’s close for a werewolf to change its wolf form, they are extremely irritable and try to stay as far away from others as possible. They also possess a glow that rivals one of a pregnant women or a bride on her wedding day when its close to their change, hence my description of his physical appearance during those times.

“Here’s you’re drink, ma'am.” The bartender stated, sliding me my drink. His voice broke me out of my Roman watching daze.

“Thanks” I told the bartender with a smile while reaching for my drink. I take a small sip, turning back towards Roman’s direction. When I looked back over there, he was gone. “Damn,” I muttered.

When I turned around to make my way back to the girls, I almost had a heart attack.

There he was. Looking at me so intently I started squirming. I chanced looking in his eyes and I almost passed at. His grey eyes were burning pits. I quickly averted mine and desperately tried to calm my nerves. Was he angry? Was he going to yell at me and tell me to stop stalk- no, no I mean watching him?

“You got a problem with me, kid?” Roman asked in his deep, hypnotic voice.

“Oh, no, Mr. Reigns, Sir!” I hurriedly answer, still refusing to meet his gaze. 'OMG please don’t eat me!’ I cry to myself.

He looks at me for a couple more seconds, and starts chuckling at my reaction. I feel my face growing warm with embarrassment. 'Damn you, you mutt-face!’ I think to myself. I know, its not one of my best insults, but hey, I was scared shitless.

“Yeah, okay, we need to have a little chat.” Roman concludes, plucking my drink from my hand and placing it back on the counter. He then grabbed my hand and dragged me towards the doors leading out of the club.

“Holy shit! She’s totally get laid tonight!” I hear Sasha tell Naomi, as we pass up their table going to the exit.

I felt like I might die from embarrassment at that point because I can tell Roman heard them as well due to his smirk. 'Oh I’m so dead’ I think to myself as we exit the club and get closer to his rental. “You’re in for a long night, kid.” He whispers in my ear, before yanking the passenger side door open.

'Holy shit’ I think to myself as I sealed my fate by entering the vehicle.

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Some fluffy headcanons to help with the nerves: The space mice like to fiddle with Kolivan's braid and he lets them. He's also fascinated by Earth culture and likes to hear the paladins discuss it.

asldkfn y’all are too sweet heck 

all i can think for the mice thing is them using his braid to play jump rope alskdgn like, man, what a great mental image haha

and yessss i love that, but he’d also?? be so confused?? cause they all have a different take on Earth culture, cause they’re all from different parts of the Earth! sure, they can all agree on the localized culture at the Galaxy Garrison, since they all attended (and this is a culture Kolivan would be somewhat familiar with, since it’s military culture and would likely most closely resemble Kolivan’s own upbringing), but like?? 

We’ve got a Cuban guy, a Japanese guy, a Samoan guy, an Italian American girl (I think? idk she’s white lol), and a… Southern? Texan? Japanese/Chinese? idk, whatever Keith is guy. Not to mention that, even if they all lived/grew up in the US (which would be easy to assume, given the lack of accented English), it’s still very possible that they grew up in different parts of the US, and even then would be different cultures! 

Culture is soooo complex, and there’s so many different things to it! and like! most of it would probably be really foreign to Kolivan because he (presumably) was born and grew up in the midst of Zarkon’s militant expansion… (we still don’t know the typical life span of a Galra, but i’m pretty sure it’s safe to assume that 10,000 years is well beyond the typical life span lol) so, like, Kolivan has likely only experienced a very specific type of culture that there isn’t much deviation from, even within a differing faction (look at the similarities between Zarkon’s “victory or death” and Kolivan’s “knowledge or death”! while these accomplish different goals and come from different world views, they ultimately seem to be influenced by the same cultural stand point)

anyways! alien culture is super neat!!! and I think Kolivan would really enjoy hearing about Earth culture, not just because it’s so foreign to him, but also because it must seem so nice that there’s somewhere in the universe that is more peaceful and safe and is yet untouched by Zarkon… I would think it would give him hope:)