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Do you have any headcanons involving Hunk and his culture?

There are SO. MANY.

  • Hunk is the the third of five kids; he has an older brother and sister, and a younger brother and sister.
  • Both his parents are Samoan–his father hails from the village of Lalomanu on Upolu in the Independent Nation of Samoa and his mother is a Samoan-American who was born in Oakland, California.
    • Hunk’s mother is the daughter of a church pastor who runs a Samoan Assembly of God
    • Hunk and his siblings would be raised in this church until they moved to the east coast
    • As a kid, Hunk actually loved celebrating White Sunday because saw that when he sang, it would make his grandmother happy; Hunk is super close to his grandma
    • Hunk’s favorite song ever is an old Samoan song that he sang all the time with his grandma
  • Hunk’s father made his way to the US by enlisting in the US Navy, which landed him in the Bay Area
    • A few cousins of his brought him to the church, where he met Hunk’s mother
    • They were married 2 years after they met
    • Hunk’s father was naturalized as a US citizen when Hunk was 6 months old
  • Hunk’s family moved from California to Norfolk, Virginia when he was 10 because his father’s fleet transferred to Naval Station Norfolk (his interest in Space came about when he found out that he was quite close to the Langley Research Center in Hampton)
  • Hunk’s interest in space travel grew during his early teens, when he expressed a desire to learn more about his heritage
  • Hunk was inspired by ancient Islanders exploring the Pacific 
  • Hunk is, like, half-fluent in Samoan (he understands more than he can speak), but he’s still learning (his favorite words are malosi, which means strength, and agalelei, which means kindness)
    • When he was 15, his sister was born and he’d always sing Send Me the Pillow to her when she was upset; it always calmed her down
    • Hunk plays old school Samoan songs when he is homesick and when he cleans, since his Saturdays at home always started with the sound of Samoan music and his mother barreling into his and his older brother’s room, demanding that they start cleaning
    • One time, Hunk made the mistake of playing Pretty Lil Teine to Lance and Lance loved it so much that he learned all the words
  • Whenever there’s a celebratory event, Hunk is always the one who helps his older sister make the ulas: graduations, weddings, birthdays–Hunk always helps make the ulas (click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)
    • When Hunk was accepted to Galaxy Garrison, his folks threw a huuuuge shindig and buried him in ulas.
    • Hunk gets L O U D when one of his sisters are the taupou and doing her taualuga and he has to escort her onto the floor
  • Contrary to popular belief, Hunk actually sucks at football and rugby.
  • Hunk doesn’t have any traditional tattoos because he feels like you have to earn it and he’s hella traditional about it and wants to go to his dad’s village to do it with permission of the elders
  • Hunk’s favorite Samoan dish is pani popo, which is a coconut roll (his mother always made hers look and taste like a cinnamon roll with coconut sauce)
Injured Affection

REQUEST by LUCCEROMMA4403: I was wondering if you could write this for me. The reader and Roman are married and they’re both in WWE as wrestler. During a match the reader gets hurt and now she’s in bed rest to recover from a serious injury. When Roman came back, you get heated being around Roman and so the reader wants to make love and he’s very hesitant. But eventually he agrees and so the make love but he’s super gentle. And maybe they get a little rough?😏 I would appreciate if you could😋

Warnings: Smut, language
(A/N): The thirst was real while I wrote this so it’s longer than expected, I mean , look at our Samoan God. Enjoy loves!


‘’Mom, I’m fine,’’ I chuckled as I shifted my weight on the bed, careful not to hurt my right leg. I had to stay in bed the upcoming weeks, thanks to the match I had almost a month ago. Charlotte was talking crap about my husband, so you could figure I wasn’t going to let her get away with it just like that. Even though everyone backstage tried to stop me, I pushed all of them away and surprised Charlotte in the ring. I grabbed her hair and pulled it backwards, dragging her to the ground. She, of course, fought back by literally kicking my ass and whatever she had in store. At one point, I was laying on the ground and she jumped on my leg too hard, causing it to bruise badly. I cried it out at the top of my lungs but she kept going and going. Eventually, my husband and some referees came out, removing Charlotte away from my reach. I was really hurt and my only concern was to beat the hell out of her. My husband, at the other hand, carried me to the nursery backstage. I was secretly happy he did, because I couldn’t handle any more source of pain or pressure. The doctor said that I needed at least two months of rest, which annoyed the shit out of me, since I wanted to wrestle and do things. I mostly wanted to have some alone time with my husband, if you know what I mean, but that wasn’t really possible since my leg still hurts and him being overprotective.

‘’Was it really necessary to ran out there?’’ My mom asked concerned, sitting at the end of the bed, partly blocking my view from the TV that hung in the room.

‘’No one is talking about my husband that way.’’ I answered fiercely. ‘’I warned her before mom, but she loves to provoke things like this. Charlotte knows how much I hate it when someone talks bad about the people I love and she knows damn well that I will strike back ten times harder.’’ I felt myself getting frustrated again. ‘’She did this on purpose.’’

‘’It’s lovely to hear that you care so much about him, but next time, think before you act darling, look where this got you now.’’

‘’I know,’’ I sighed, ‘’I’m sorry for scaring you.’’

‘’Oh honey, don’t apologize for that. I just hope you get well soon so you can do what you love to do again.’’ My mom smiled and stood up. ‘’I have to go now hun, dad wants to take me out to dinner tonight so I have to get ready.’’

‘’Aw you guys make my heart warm,’’ I cupped my chest, ‘’have fun and greet dad for me.’’

‘’I will and thank you my little one.’’ She kissed my head and she left. Once I heard the door close, I wanted to change channel, but the remote control was at the end of the bed where my mom sat. She insisted on watching The Bold and The Beautiful since ‘things got heated’ between Steffy and Liam or whoever they were. I groaned loudly, throwing my head back on the pillows and closing my eyes. As I was about to think of a way to grab the remote, the bedroom door flew open. My eyes opened right away, seeing my husband standing in the doorway with his suitcases, hair being in a messy bun, wearing a black t-shirt and black sweatpants.

‘’Someone in this room missed me?’’ He smiled as bright as I did. I honestly didn’t care about my leg at that moment so I stood up, making Roman to drop all the bags he had in his hand to catch me. ‘’Jesus baby, what are you doing?’’ He asked concerned as he pulled me close to him. ‘’You shouldn’t be walking, you should be resting.’’ He chuckled. I nodded against his broad chest, wrapping my arms around his neck. I missed every single thing about him; his smell, his laugh, his body, his kisses, literally everything.

‘’I missed you so much.’’

‘’I missed you too babygirl, a lot.’’ He said warmly. ‘’Now let’s get you back in bed.’’ Roman lifted me up bridal style, making me giggle. Slowly laying me down again. Luckily for me, I could move my leg better, but it still hurts with certain movements I made. ‘’How is my wife doing?’’ He asked as he crawled in bed next to me.

‘’You’re wife is sick of being in bed all day long.’’ I sighed.

‘’I can imagine that, but you heard what the doctor said, y/n.’’ He pulled his shirt over his head, throwing it aside on the chair. ‘’You gotta rest for at least two months before you can do things again.’’

‘’I don’t care. I’m into other things than bedrest and watching TV all day long.’’  His right arm was wrapped around my waist, our skin touching after so long, making me crave him even more than before. I ran my fingers over his hand and slowly guided it downwards to my center.

‘’Y/n, what are you doing?’’ He looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

‘’Providing us both with a source of pleasure,’’ I bit my lip, ‘’It’s been so long.’’

‘’I know, but I don’t want the risk of you getting hurt again, by me this time.’’ He said bothered.

‘’Roman please,’’ I moaned in his ear as I slid his hand down further, ‘’I need you so bad, I haven’t seen you, felt you for so long.’’

‘’I don’t wanna hurt you..’’ He trailed off as I slid his hand inside of my panties. ‘’Holy shit, baby’’ Looking at me, I felt his hand take back his own will, index finger circling my clit slowly. I moaned, throwing head back against his shoulder in immense pleasure. ‘’You sure you want this, once we continue this, there’s no stopping me.’’ He whispered in my ear. Nodding was the only thing I could do since my words failed me.

‘’I trust you.’’ I said, my hand sliding in front of his sweats to rub his shaft through the fabric. He was slowly getting harder by my touch, groaning lightly. ‘’That feels so…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he slid two fingers inside of me. ‘’Oh fuck Roman.’’

‘’You missed that baby?’’ He deeply said, making me shiver, ‘’You missed me touching you like this?’’ His fingers curled inside of me, waiting for a response since I didn’t answer him.

‘’Oh my god, yes Roman.’’ My grip on his arm tightened since I felt myself getting closer to reaching my peak.

‘’Let me taste you.’’ Pulling his fingers out of me, the emptiness making me whine. Once he slowly took off my panties, he carefully took my painful leg and placed it on his broad shoulder. I gave him a nod, letting him know I was okay. Placing soft kisses on my inner thigh, his lips felt like fire against my heated skin. I closed my eyes, waiting for what was coming. He licked all the way up from my center to my sensitive bundle of nerves. Instinctively I grabbed his hair, arching my back.

‘’Fuckkk.’’ I moaned loudly. His fingers finding their way back inside of me while he gently sucked my clit, circling it with his talented tongue. ‘’Jesus baby…Oh m-my g-goddd.’’ I shuddered beneath him. He hummed against me on purpose, sending vibrations over my pussy, feeling the effects throughout my whole body.

‘’You taste so fucking good y/n,’’ he murmured against me, ‘’you gonna cum for me?’’ Roman asked, never stopping pumping in and out of me with this fingers. The metal of his ring made contact with my center everytime he pushed back inside, the mixture of heat and cold sending me over the edge. ‘’Good girl.’’ He took one last lick of my pussy as he took a hold of my leg and slowly parted it with his hand as he kissed my stomach. I was given a moment to catch my breath and to get rid of his shirt I was wearing as Roman took off all his clothes. Once he was fully naked, towering over me, I took a moment to look at him. My husband is seriously a god. ‘’I’ll be gentle baby, don’t worry,’’ he smiled. I nodded, giving him a smile back. ‘’Just relax..’’ He whispered as he took a hold of his dick, wiping the pre cum away with his thumb. I grabbed his hand and sucked it off his digit, making him groan.

‘’Oh shit..’’ I cried out as he slowly pushed inside of me. The feeling of being stretched out again after so long is an indescribably pleasurable feeling. While giving me a moment to adjust to his thick and long dick, he kissed my neck. ‘’Roman…’’ I whimpered. He started to move slowly, gentle and careful thrusts.

‘’Does that feel good babe?’’ Roman grunted, careful not to hurt my leg. Somehow, the slight  pain of my leg and the pleasure, caused an amazing feeling.

‘’Harder,’’ I begged. I could feel he was holding himself back, ‘’I need you to go harder.’’

‘’Are you sure?’’ Caressing my cheek, he looked at me somewhat concerned. As I nodded, he wasted no time with picking up speed. ‘’You gotta tell me if I hurt you.’’ Roman breathed. His hand moved my sore leg further apart, gripping my hips as he thrusted rapidly in and out of me. ‘’I missed you so fucking much babygirl.’’

‘’I missed you too Roman, fuck!’’ I cried out of pleasure as he started to rub my clit. ‘’Oh yes, just like that, I’m gonna cum baby,’’ I felt him hitting my g-spot over and over again.

‘’Cum for me baby, haven’t felt you cum around my dick for so long, come on darling.’’

‘’Oh my fucking god, yes!’’ I screamed as my juices started to drip down his dick.

‘’Yeah babygirl, that’s it.’’ He chuckled. His thrusts became harsher, but sloppy, almost reaching his peak. Pieces of his hair started to fall out his bun, tickling my face.  I started to move my hips to push him deeper inside of me, helping him. ‘’Jesus, y/n,’’ he struggled to say, ‘’Oh baby, fuck.’’ Roman moaned, his left hand pinching my sensitive nipples. I felt the familiar heat in my abdomen, signing me that I was close to another orgasm. After a few thrusts, I felt his dick jerk inside of me. He kissed me sweetly as he pulled out. Just as I thought he was done, he pushed his fingers inside of me again, rubbing my clit with his thumb, making me cum for the second time. We were both breathless as we lied back down under the covers.

‘’Thank you,’’ I said, taking his hand in mine, ‘’I really needed this.’’

‘’I gotta ask Charlotte to talk more shit about me if this is what your injury leads to.’’ Roman chuckled.

‘’You better watch out with what you say Reigns,’’ my finger traced his cheek, looking in his eyes. ‘’I love you.’’

‘’I love you more babygirl,’’ He sweetly said, kissing me.

A Gift From God (Dean Ambrose x reader x Roman Reigns smut!)

Don’t you just love it when you express your opinion on someone and the very next day you got thrown into a match with the Diva’s champion, Charlotte? Well thanks to the Authority, you were put into a No DQ match and Charlotte thought that she was going to win, so put her champion belt on the line. Luckily for your coach (favorite diva/wrestler) has taught you a new submission move that was extreme to say the least. When she wasn’t expecting it, you executed the move and she tapped out!
Walking out in pain but with the champion belt, what could possibly be better than what had just happened?

Later on that evening, you discovered that Roman Reigns was a massause and you asked him if he could give you a treatment later on- and after 5 minutes of begging, gave in and offered you a special 2 hour…yes, you read that right…massage and facial ( wink wink).

Making your way (down town, walking fas- sorry) to the spa just past where the next episode of Smackdown will be held, you noticed the Lunatic Fringe.

“(Y/n)? Wearing grey trackies and a black crop top? I never knew you had it in ya’.”

“Oh haha, very amusing Dean. So where you heading?”

“I…have got a part time job somewhere. I doubt i’ll be any good at it though.”

I raised my eyebrow and giggled. Then i remembered that the spa treatment was due in less than 10 minutes.

“Shit! I gotta run! Good luck at your new job!”

(At the spa)

“It’s about time. I was about to get the next and last client in.” Said Roman who looked a little irritated.

I settled my bag and tie my hair up in a messy bun.

“Sorry Ro. I bumped into Dean.”

He smirked slightly.

“Oh really?”

“…why are you looking at me like that?”

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it. Let’s get you prepped up for…my hands…”

Wearing nothing but a single white towel draped across your ass, Roman began to rub his knuckles skillfully in your lower back. Saying that he was good with his hands would be an understatement. This guy was literally a Samoan God.

Biting back a moan, you shifted slightly.

“Are you OK? Am I doing it too hard?”

“N-no. It’s just that…Er. …-”

The door opened and you couldn’t see who it was but you could hear who it was.

“The last time I saw you, (y/n), was when you were wearing clothes and now you practically naked. ”

You gasped and you could feel yourself blushing


“Oh didn’t I tell you? This is the special part of the treatment. I asked Dean to be here so that we- I mean, you could have double the fun. ” Roman smirked and looked at Dean.

He tossed Dean the oil and both massaged you. Dean worked on your shoulders and Roman worked on your lower back.


These guys were doing their job well. Perhaps too well.


Feeling that you were going to explode at any moment, you gave in.

“What’s wrong, darlin’?”

“I’m getting relaxed…”

Both men laughed.

“Haha! Of course, (y/n). That’s the whole idea of getting a massage!”

“No….I mean as in-”

You sat up and turned around, exposing your breasts. Ro licked his lips slightly and Dean stifled a gasp. Leaving you fully on display, you threw the towel on the floor and opened your legs, showing the wetness oozing down onto the table.

“Holy shit….” Dean stepped closer.

“Mmm….” Ro got behind you and rubbed your arms gently.

“I don’t care how hard or rough you are, just fuck me!”

With that you were pushed on your back. Both men were now stripped of their uniforms and their bodies….Lord, forgive me for my sinful thoughts….

Dean was positioned behind your head so you could, if you wanted to, suck his cock. Ro on the other hand-


His hands were one thing but bitch, his tongue?
He traced your clit, which was throbbing, teasingly making you wiggle slightly under his touch. This amused him and so, he inserted his fingers.

“Oh fuck-Ro…..”

“Don’t leave me hanging, (y/n)….”

You looked up and saw Dean’s cock. Using your hands, you took in all of his length and fondled his balls.

“God- if I had known how good your mouth was, I would have come to you sooner….shit….”

Moans were heard throughout the room. Good job no-one was here, so you can be as vocal as you want.

You felt a build - up of pressure in your stomach and moaned loudly, sending vibrations through Dean’s cock.

“Oh! You’re gonna make me cum if you keep doing that!”

Dean pulled out his dick out of your mouth and Ro removed his tongue and began to finger fuck you like crazy.

“Yeah? You gonna cum for us, baby girl? That’s right, cum all over my fingers~”

Releasing your orgasm felt like you had built up for decades.

That had left you completely breathless.

“I want a piece of that pussy, Ro- so let me at it!”

Dean turned you over so you were on your hands and knees.

“Ro~ I want to suck your cock…”

“What’s that baby girl?”

“I said I want to suck your big…hard….cock..”

Smirking, he stepped forwards and put his cock in front of your face. You felt naughty so you teased Ro by licking the head slowly.
He growled.

“(Y/n)….don’t tease….”

For a brief second, you giggled but the next thing you knew, Dean had entered you completely. Your pussy stretched around his dick and your mouth was a perfect ‘O’ shape.
That gave Ro the perfect opportunity to thrust his dick in your mouth.

Dean was fucking into you so hard, he would have start to be called “The Lunatic Thruster” as well as “The Lunatic Fringe”.
Ro licked his lips as you sent vibrations down his length, which was becoming more sore as he wanted to release soon.
Both men were moaning and breathing heavily. As for you, you were gagging, moaning and breathing heavily.

That same pressure was building up inside you again. Dean could sense you weren’t going to last long…cause neither was he.

“Can’t hold it much longer-!”

“Neither can I, Uce!”

Grunts eventually became sexy guttural moans as their thick hot loads were released in you.

3 minutes later….

Ro was playing with your hair which cascaded down his chest. Dean was sitting down at your knees, planting gentle kisses on your knee caps.

You could feel yourself dozing off….

“(Y/n)? (Y/n)!”

You were woken up by two strong hands on your arms.

“I-i’m awake!”

Ro sighed a sigh of relief and hugged you.

“God, you scared me. I thought you passed out from your match earlier on.”

“Oh no, I’m fine. What happened?”

“I was about to call you in for the treatment but you had fallen asleep.”

“Oh…sorry, Ro.”

“Don’t apologise! Do you still want that-?”

“What’s going on here, then? ”

In walked Dean.

“There you are. Bro, you were supposed to be 15 minutes ago. Luckily for you, (y/n)’s ready for her treatment now….I mean, if you would to?”

“Er…sure, it is for free.” You smiled and stood up.

“I hope I’m good at this…” Dean hung his head slightly.

You smirked and stroked his arm with your finger.

“Oh don’t worry, Dean….something tells me you’re going to be just fine…~”

A/n- so if you could understand, you fell asleep in the waiting room at the spa and you dreamed that you were being fucked by Ro and Dean….so, Ro woke you up and the three of you went into the room and then you would have done exactly what your dream had shown you. ….

I would like to apologise for my shitty Smut writing skills…. 😣

This was requested by @xxuso-ambreigns-chick-4lifexx

Hope you like it! Sorry for the delay…Mother Nature has been a bitch towards me…..


Pocahontas as a live action film: for sopettyandtiny

Julia Jones as Pocahontas

Chris Hemsworth as John Smith

Q'orianka Kilcher as Nakoma

Mark Addy as Governor Ratcliffe

Dwayne Johnson as Powhatan

Eddie Redmayne as Thomas

Michael Hudson as Kocoum

Honestly between the voice talent+Lin-Manuel freakin’ Miranda, Moana has maybe the best Disney movie soundtrack I can think of

aside from, like, a few abandoned jokes and loose threads (I get the feeling Pua was supposed to be much more prevalent to sell toys but they changed their minds halfway in), Moana is basically perfect. I love it.

Also, while Tangled was okay as a CGI movie, Moana owns the CGI to the point that I’m glad they didn’t make it 2D. I think it legitimately looks better as CGI (and they made use of the 3D possibilities in a truly excellent way), and that is a hard admission to wring out of me

Also the great representation of Samoan culture+no romantic plot+Moana having a lot of autonomy to the point that, honestly, she could theoretically have done everything without Maui or the ocean’s help (it would have been super difficult and taken more time, but it could have been done) just made it hugely refreshing and enjoyable in a lot of ways

So here is my idea-

I’m going to be making gifs of me (yes, me) telling you about Zodiacs: For example, let’s say that a Zodiac has a flirty personality, i would make a gif of me winking ;) I might even do it with me and WWE gifs! For instance, my favorite gif of the Samoan God- It would have a gif of me underneath fainting or something! I will be doing them asap!

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1.) Samoan is a nationality. It is also an ethnicity. I can be ethnically Samoan, but not nationality-wise, which I am. Learn the difference between ethnicity and nationality. 

2.) I know my history, thanks. My family is from Hong Kong and came to Samoa in the mid-1800′s. I look the way I do because I have German + Chinese roots that got mixed in with the Samoan. So yes, I am mixed with Eurasian and Polynesian. 

3.) If my culture is from African history, then why are we so similar to Asian culture? Like, I can literally blend in naturally without noticing much of a difference. That being said, Pacific Islanders were seafarers who originated from Taiwan, China, and other locations in East Asia over 3,000 years ago. Which explains the similarity in not only our features but also our cultures.

Don’t try to fucking play me.

| a (modern) song of ice and fire | daenerys and drogo |

No soft blanket of grass welcomed them here, only the hard dusty ground, bare and strewn with stones. No trees stirred in the wind, and there was no stream to soothe her fears with the gentle music of water. Dany told herself that the stars would be enough. “Remember, Drogo,” she whispered. “Remember our first ride together, the day we wed. Remember the night we made Rhaego, with the khalasar all around us and your eyes on my face. Remember how cool and clean the water was in the Womb of the World. Remember, my sun-and-stars. Remember, and come back to me.”

for samoan-sex-god-reigns

Dangerous Woman

I’ve rehearsed this over and over, and over again in the mirror until it was flawless. After two glasses of wine, the liquid courage I needed, I think I’m ready. The funny thing is, I’m starting to think I didn’t need the push. Leati is what encourages me. He is what drives me. He is what makes me brave. So in turn I want to try something different. Something I wouldn’t normally do.
I’ve thought about this every which way and the result is always the same. I’ll blow his mind. In the best way. I’ve caught glimpses of the sparkle of his eyes when I do even the slightest thing out of character. This is no different. This is a level up.

“Baby girl?” His deep voice calls to me from the living room.

I take one last glance at myself in the bathroom mirror, deciding that this is as good as it is going to get. My hair is pinned up in a bun. My makeup is light and natural, but my lipstick could give anyone a run for their money. Fire engine red. His favorite color. And then there’s my robe. Black and silky, parted slightly so that he’ll see only a sliver of my red lace lingerie underneath. To match my lipstick, of course. I adjust my garter, making sure the clips to my thigh high stockings are secure. I spin on my heel and follow my man’s voice. He’s on the phone, but I can’t hear exactly what he’s saying over the thumping of my heart in my ears. I do focus on his tone though, the deep timbre like a guiding force. My guiding force.

Propping myself along the threshold of the living room, I hear Leati speak into the phone “My lady and I are just gonna go out to dinner and a movie.”
Gosh. We sound like such a bore. That’s exactly why I need to do this. He looks so fucking scrumptious too. He had a meeting today, so he’s dressed to perfection. He’s always perfect, but in a crisp white button down, black suit and red tie, he’s the best present to unwrap. And we match. Obviously he hasn’t spotted me. I step forward, my heels clicking along the floor now loud enough to get his attention. The boredom on his face immediately shifts to shock, then to lust. I swear I hear him inhale sharply, but I’m not certain. That’s when his eyes sparkle, telling me that this was the perfect idea.

“Yeah. I’ve gotta call you back. I’ve gotta go.” Just like that he cuts the call.
“Dinner and a movie is canceled, babe.” I fiddle with the sash on my robe, drawing his attention to my sternum. I see him spot the lace in an instant. His chest puffs out and his stature widens. 
“Understandably. Fuck dinner and a movie.”
“Hmm.” I gift him with a smirk, coaxing a smile out of him that showcases his dimples. “Fuck being the operative word?”
“Definitely.” He throws his phone on the coffee table without a care, and begins to make his way to his feet.
“Stay seated. I have a surprise for you.”
His big brown eyes widen. There lies hunger. “More? Say less. Get over here.”
“In due time, love. Don’t worry. Sit back.”
He follows suit, rubbing his palms on his thighs. His fingers tap impatiently at the material of his slacks.
“Antsy much?” I ask, taking stride to the coffee table and swiping up the remote to the stereo.
“Very much so.” He watches as I click play and the song starts to engulf around us, his eyebrow rising on its own accord.

I drop the remote, place the platform of my heel at the edge of the coffee table, giving it a swift push so that it glides across the floor, stopping in front of the window. Neither the blinds or the curtains are drawn, nor do I care. I spin and face my man, finding him reaching for me. I take a step back as I untie the sash of my robe. Leati picks up on the hint, finally sitting back to let me do my thing. The look on his face is by no means innocent. I allow the robe to slide down my arms and pool around my heels. Not for a second does he take his eyes off of me. His eyes devour me, just like I know he’s ready to, gliding over every curve, every inch of my skin. Spinning around, I give him a look at the cheeky panty of the set. The straps decorate my ass perfectly. I can hear the approval in the low growl that emerges from his throat. I reach up and take the pin out of my bun so that my hair will fall down in waves along my spine. I shake my head along with the song, tousling my hair so it gets a little messy and wild. This isn’t meant to be a neat night. Using the point of my heel, I kick the robe back so it flies back, landing hopefully where I needed it to be.

When I spin around, Leati is removing the robe from his face with an insanely big smile on those perfect lips. The hairs that frame his face in a bit of a mess now. Total knockout. Stepping forward again, I adjust the straps of my bra, making my breasts look fuller. I tap his ankles with the point of my shoes so that he’ll spread his legs. I glide in between them. My Samoan God and his hands move freely, feeling all of my back, sliding over my hips, down to my ass where he gives me a good, hard squeeze.

“Like what you see, babe?” I whisper, my voice is heavy and shaky, but I go on.
“I love, love what I see, baby girl.”

I reach behind him, unraveling his bun, running my fingers through the now free strands so that it’s as wild as mine. I pull off his blazer and throw it aside. Mischief grows on his gorgeous face, giving me even more encouragement. I roughly pull his tie loose, letting it fly just like the blazer.
Leati takes advantage, pulling the strap at my thigh and one on my panty, releasing them so they slap my skin with a loud snap that cracks through the music. He continues to skirt his fingers over my body. I turn and kick my heels off. Before I can straddle him like I want to, I feel his hands grip tight on waist, pulling me, slamming me down to sit on his lap. I improvise. I spread my legs over his, cover his hands with mine and place them on my neck. He grips the sides softly, with just enough pressure to make me breathe a little harder and then our hands are moving again. Down my chest, stopping at my breasts, his fingers find my nipples poking through the thin fabric. I sink into him, feeling his heated skin through the fabric of his shirt. It isn’t enough. I want to feel his skin on mine already.
Our entwined hands flow down my ribs, my stomach, to the strip of my garter. And I’m aching, aching for him now. He presses his erection up against me, right at my entrance. If this wasn’t a routine I had going, I’d give into him and let him have his way with me.
I push off of Leati and stand, gracing him with a face to face with my ass. Peeking over my shoulder, I watch the admiration in his expression grow. I move my hips to the beat, showcasing everything I have to offer. Just as I expected, he leans forward, placing soft kisses over my heated skin. What takes me by surprise is him biting down on my right cheek. And that’s when I lose the fight. I quickly straddle him, my fingers scrambling to find the stupid buttons on his shirt. He chuckles to himself, taking another opportunity to smack my left cheek, evening out the stings. When an involuntary moan leaves me, he finds my mouth, taking what is unquestionably his. Impatient isn’t even the word to describe me now. I hold tight onto lapels down his sternum, and pull open the fabric, sending buttons flying every which way.
That surprises the both of us enough that we laugh against each other’s lips, catching a mouth full of teeth each. But we don’t care.

I’m reaching for a random strap when Leati’s hand lands over mine, stopping me. “Leave it all on.”
I pout if I’m not mistaken. “Skin to skin,” I grumble.
“Since we’re setting a precedent…” His hands move to the mid section of my bra, and he pulls, snapping the poor thing at the center. Then it goes flying. As the giggles cease, and I can finally look him right in the eye, I realize that what I thought was lust in his eyes earlier wasn’t lust. It was love. This is how he looks at me when he tells me he loves me. With his hair wild, traces of my red lipstick all over his pink pouty lips, shirtless, and about to ravage me until I can’t see, talk, or walk straight, I can appreciate that he is the only man that will ever get all of my body, my heart. Me entirely. And I couldn’t ask for anything more.


I can’t believe it took me so long to share this video here on Tumblr. There are so many things I’d like to say but it probably wouldn’t measure the joy in my little cold heart. I’m so thrilled I got to be divinemissmolly‘s manager for the last month and we got to make this AMAZING video together. Seriously, it’s pretty amazing (if you haven’t seen it, guuuurl)! She’s the most talented and craziest person I’ve ever “worked” with and I’m so happy I got to help her make this masterpiece. Hoe, I love you! You’re my favorite Leo (and probably the only one because I’m still trying to figure out how I cope with you lol). jinkxmonsoon, today’s been exactly a month we decided to go on with this project and make sure your craziest and weirdest fans were on this together to “support your childlike obsessions”. I mean, bitch, this is all for you. The happiness in every face, the smiles, the laughters, it’s because of you. I truly hope we made you at least a little bit happy because it’s impossible for us to make you feel the same amount of happiness you make us feel everyday. Molly, everyone who’s participated and I put a lot of effort into this because you’re worth it. You make a difference in real life and I don’t see why you wouldn’t make a difference in Steven Universe as well ;)

Thank you tumblr people for participating and being so nice to me all the time! You guys ROCK! monsoonsseason lovjinkxmonsoon itsalwaystazer thejournalofriversong  cookiemoji hattersandplanetexplorers streetcarnameddestiny sociallyinepthobbit trixya-monsoon hammydraws jinkxalicious biancadelmonsoon arielsgirlfriend katelyn-del-monsoon stunalaska klairehumanoid thejinkx sneedlespgh katyasvioletpearl trixiemonsoon marinanom hieeeejinkx jericks-hat samoan-sex-god-reigns cry-electr4 jinkxevents trixya-zamattel trixxya like-a-stone-in-the-sea

Legit. Probably.
  • Michael Cole: *tries to call match*
  • Dean Ambrose: Roman. Also, Roman. WyattHarperblahblahblah but hey, Roman.
  • Byron Saxton: *tries to call match* *has chair taken away*
  • Dean Ambrose: Roman! Fights and booze and girls and ROMAN IS MY 250 POUND SAMOAN GOD. Wyatt turd Harper creepy cousin Byron why you standing man MY BOY ROMAN.
  • JBL: *does not try to call the match* *calls Ambrose a lunatic, a thief, a hoodlum*
  • Dean Ambrose: ROMAN FREAKING REIGNS PEOPLE. My bro. My boo. My bae. Look at his hair. LOOK AT IT. Roooomaaaannnnn. God damn Wyatt. God damn Harper. God damn lunatic. GOD DAMN ROMAN MY BOY ROMAN.