samoan god

| a (modern) song of ice and fire | daenerys and drogo |

No soft blanket of grass welcomed them here, only the hard dusty ground, bare and strewn with stones. No trees stirred in the wind, and there was no stream to soothe her fears with the gentle music of water. Dany told herself that the stars would be enough. “Remember, Drogo,” she whispered. “Remember our first ride together, the day we wed. Remember the night we made Rhaego, with the khalasar all around us and your eyes on my face. Remember how cool and clean the water was in the Womb of the World. Remember, my sun-and-stars. Remember, and come back to me.”

for samoan-sex-god-reigns


1.) Samoan is a nationality. It is also an ethnicity. I can be ethnically Samoan, but not nationality-wise, which I am. Learn the difference between ethnicity and nationality. 

2.) I know my history, thanks. My family is from Hong Kong and came to Samoa in the mid-1800′s. I look the way I do because I have German + Chinese roots that got mixed in with the Samoan. So yes, I am mixed with Eurasian and Polynesian. 

3.) If my culture is from African history, then why are we so similar to Asian culture? Like, I can literally blend in naturally without noticing much of a difference. That being said, Pacific Islanders were seafarers who originated from Taiwan, China, and other locations in East Asia over 3,000 years ago. Which explains the similarity in not only our features but also our cultures.

Don’t try to fucking play me.

Legit. Probably.
  • Michael Cole: *tries to call match*
  • Dean Ambrose: Roman. Also, Roman. WyattHarperblahblahblah but hey, Roman.
  • Byron Saxton: *tries to call match* *has chair taken away*
  • Dean Ambrose: Roman! Fights and booze and girls and ROMAN IS MY 250 POUND SAMOAN GOD. Wyatt turd Harper creepy cousin Byron why you standing man MY BOY ROMAN.
  • JBL: *does not try to call the match* *calls Ambrose a lunatic, a thief, a hoodlum*
  • Dean Ambrose: ROMAN FREAKING REIGNS PEOPLE. My bro. My boo. My bae. Look at his hair. LOOK AT IT. Roooomaaaannnnn. God damn Wyatt. God damn Harper. God damn lunatic. GOD DAMN ROMAN MY BOY ROMAN.

Where are the lies? 

I love Sethie’s cry :P