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lara/sam library

After Drugs, Sam finds her favorite bartender nose deep in her studies.


 Libraries are…I don’t know. Libraries kind of creep me out. It’s not that I’m stupid or ignorant, or something like that; I just…they’re big and lonely and they have that old, musky smell that reminds me of a coffin, and you can walk the halls of the ones in central London for what seems like hours and not once cross paths with another person. 

That’s just how I feel about them. But now I’m in one, wandering aimlessly and too lost to ask for help, searching. Not for a book, but for a person. A girl, the same girl that saved me from some serious shit the first time I’d talked to her. That cute bartender who gave me the free Sangrias, even though she knew I was trying to get one over on her. 

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