sammydress review


Here’s all the stuff I ordered! It’s all from though. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about the site, some people saying they had an excellent experience and that their clothing was actually fairly good quality for what they paid (everything is dirt cheap) and that the customer service was helpful and the shipping was a breeze. But I also read an equal amount of bad reviews, so it’s quite a hit and a miss. Someone said they waited six months for their items, and not everything they ordered even arrived. Some people didn’t like the quality of the material (some complaints were legitimate while others were nuances) and a decent amount of people complained about the packaging. (Not very good quality and lazily put together.) I heard good things about sweaters, shoes, and jewelry. They really have such a crazy list of things you get to choose from. I spent probably 3 whole days perfecting my cart for which items I was going to purchase. And everything is crazyyy cheap! I didn’t pay over $10 for most of my items, and I think only one was over $20! (It was a pair of shoes for $21. Big deal right?) But what really kills you is shipping. For my 26 items shipping was $120, plus about $6 for shipping insurance (which I don’t even know if it really counts for anything should you encounter problems with the company. Anyway, the items were so cheap that I justified shipping. I figured if I divided the cost of shipping by 26 items, that’s like each item being about $5 more. Meaning my most expensive item would have been a whopping $26. (The horror!) Also I would recommend looking online for coupon codes, some work. First off, the give you 10% on your first order for signing up. Which is a big deal if you’re spending as much as I did. (It saved me about $26.) There are also codes that save you a certain amount depending on how much you’re spending before shipping. There was a code for $25 off when you spend $220+ and a $22 off when you spend $150+. Also, some small items (mostly jewelry) have free shipping! So overall I say a shopaholic can rationalize purchasing from this site. However! I don’t know when (or if) I will receive all or some of my items, so after that I can truly judge and tell you guys about item quality as well as customer service and shipping. Also, YouTuber reviews can be quite helpful as you can see the items. But some people doing the reviews were sponsored by, so don’t necessarily trust those. There are also people who claim they were not sponsored, but you never really know so just do your research! Well that’s it. Wish me luck! 🍀