sammyboldt replied to your post: Why do all of these really good poetry events have…

Not sure where you live, but in Portland they have an all ages poetry slam at Backspace every Sunday!

I’ve actually at that slam every single Sunday for the past 9-10 months, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I absolutely love that community.

It’s just there are SO many more events in the city during the week and bars and lounges that I can’t get into :/

sammyboldt replied to your post: What sucks about Capitalism is that when someone offers you a job or an opportunity, chances are it’s too good to be true.

I’ve definitely gotten that scam a few more. They really are always too damn good to be true, although it still really sucks when you find out they were a scam.

I think it’s always worth keeping an open mind and looking into it, because there’s always that off chance that it’s a completely sincere offer. You never know until you look into it.

sammyboldt replied to your photo: Most recent photo. Hair’s gettin long!

gahhh mines at an awkward length so I’m pretty ready to give up on growing it back out and charp it all off #*@&% ALSO YOU’RE SO PRETTY GRACE

thank you sammy :3 I KNOW, mine is sooo awkward, especially because of the mullet/mohawk i tried for a bit. now i just have really awkward hair, and it’s quite difficult to push through because i do want to grow it out. gah! it’s so hard not to shave it all off again