Y/n is a model and she travels a lot, shows her outfits and has a YouTube blog. And the guys (Jack and Jack, Sammy, Nate, Stassie and Madison) hate her cause they think she’s a snobby rich kid who has a big head
But then they realize that they are wrong

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TBH I DON’T kNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS CHAPTER I mean it was really cute and offers more insight on the trio’s relationship and Louis De Sade as a whole which I appreciate.

It’s just puzzling that we’re getting this flashback now, immediately after the Laurent fight + a Vani backstory tease, and it taking place back in chapter 12 (I think).

Ultimately I think mochijun just ran outta time hence the bonus chapter. Thats the most reasonable explanation but the storyteller in me is like WHAT SIGNIFICANCE DOES THIS FLASHBACK HAVE THAT IT MUST BE TOLD NOW RATTER THAN IN THE PAST, WHY ARE WE SEEING MORE OF NOE’S PAST INSTEAD OF VANI’S LIKE WHERE IT LEFT OFF, I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS

edit: i wasnt aware mochijun got sick, thanks for telling me~

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Devil With Detail, Pt. 2

Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 614

Warning: Fluff and Angst, Medical fluff (if you wanna call it a warning lol)

The rain started back up again by the time Sam and Dean, Sam carrying your limp rain-soaked body, back to the Impala. Sam wasn’t sure where the best place to take you was. Between the ER and back to their motel room, they decided the motel was their best bet. Taking you to the ER would mean answering a lot of suspicious questions with obvious lies. Which might mean getting the police involved, and Sam knew you and Dean felt the same way about “the fuzzies.”

Dean opened the back door for Sam and you and he slipped in with you still in his arms. 

“Where to, little brother?” Dean asked once he got into the driver seat.

“Just back to the motel. This isn’t the first demonic possession we’ve encounter so we know all about aftercare.”

“Yeah, but usually they’re dead when we exorcise them, so it’s a matter of calling the coroner and making up a story about how they died.. Y/N is the first to survive.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” Sam pondered on that for a moment, and realized Dean was right. Meg was their first casualty with possession. And Bobby cleaned up that mess for them. Everyone else they’ve exorcised they did the same thing. Call the cops, explained that they came up to them asking for help and died before they could officially call an ambulance, then let the coroner take over. “I guess I’m gonna have to play doctor with this one.”

“Well don’t get too excited, Sammy. You might pull something and we’ll need a real doctor, heh.” Dean joked. Sam just rolled his eyes. 

“You know damn well what I mean.” Sam scoffed. “I’ll just make sure she survives the night and go from there. Shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Well have fun with that. I’m gonna go back and worship the sleep Gods.” Dean brought Baby to life, the engine roaring and purring beneath Sam’s seat. Then he pealed off back onto the main road. 

Sam cradled you in his arms. You still hadn’t woken up since the demon expelled itself from your body. He looked down upon you and almost visibly cringed. You were pale, skin still wet from all the rain. You were starting to shiver. He found an old blanket hiding underneath the passenger seat and wrapped you up in it. Once within the safety of warmth, you stopped shivering, and continued just being unconscious.

“It’s okay baby. I’m gonna take good care of you” Sam whispered so that Dean wouldn’t make fun of him again. He wished that Dean would cool it with that crap. Just because he wasn’t into the whole caring sharing aspect didn’t mean he had to taunt him when he was. 

They made it back to the motel and Dean once again opened the door for Sam and you and the three of you made it inside. Dean locked the door behind him. Sam set you gently on the bed the two of you had been sharing. You still had the blanket wrapped around you.

When he knew you were comfortable, he asked Dean for the keys to the Impala so he could dig out their father’s old combat medical bag he had from his time in the Marines. He came back inside and started rummaging through it, seeing what tools were at his disposal. A stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, some bandaging and splinting supplies, and a penlight. It was bare but useable. Sam figured he’d only need supplies to watch your vital signs overnight. He took the stethoscope out and swung it around his neck.

This is gonna be a long sleepless night, he thought.

Part Three coming soon!

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