some Finn doodles. he played as the villain in Sammie’s cartoons but nowadays he’s “retired” from acting in order to spend more time with his wife and daughter. he now works a nice boring job as an accountant and totally loves it and doesn’t miss his acting days and regret retiring no sir would i lie to you

In 6x16 Coda, the scene where Sammy and Spencer play the piano together warms my heart. His teacher has even said that Sammy couldn’t even return his mothers hugs and here he willingly touched Reid’s hand to get him to play.

This entire scene just means a lot to me.

Baby I'm Just Playing (D.L) requested imagine

I love ur Derek Luh Imagine so I decided to request one. Could u please make an imagine where Derek jks around saying that u suck in bed and at first u don’t care and let it go but then he keeps saying it and then he says it infront of the boys and u get embarrassed and he apologies and assures u that u don’t suck can it be really cute and stuff

I hope you enjoy

“Oh fuck Derek I’m about to-”

“Jesus fuck” Derek’s head dropped into my neck. My hands gripped Derek’s shoulders

Derek’s and I moans got louder as we got up to our highs.

Coming down from it Derek rolled off me, and layed down next to me. I pulled up the blanket up to my chest, turning to my side I creeped up to Derek’s side.

“Derek that was-”

“Sucky” Derek said cutting me off

I hit him in the chest “Really Derek?”

He laughed wrapping his arm around me “I’m playing baby. It was great” he kissed my forehead before he got up from the bed

“Where are you going?” I asked getting up, leaning on my elbow

“I have to go to the studio, and then I’m gonna get us food.”

I smiled “You know me so well”

“I know I do” he leaned down towards me “I’ll see you soon” Kissing my lips he got up and left


It was about 2 hours later and I’m sure Derek should be home any minute

I was sitting in the kitchen doing some work on my laptop when I heard the door open

I heard Derek laugh

“Yeah dude she wasn’t that good but I mean it was still something”

I furrowed my eyebrows turning around to see that he was on the phone

Derek saw me and smiled walking over to kiss my forehead “yeah but I got to go I’ll seen you soon dude”

Setting down his phone Derek put our food on the table

“So I know you’ve been craving in n out so I got us some”

I nodded reaching over to get my drink “who was that on the phone?” I asked taking a sip

He shook his head while he swallowed burger “ Oh it was just Skate. Him and Swazz are coming over”

I nodded my head taking my burger and fries out of the bag “So you weren’t talking about me?”

“Baby I was just playing with them”

I kind of ignored him and went back to work and ate

“Y/n I said I was just playing”

“Yeah I know I heard you” I replied not looking up from my laptop

“Baby you know I’m like this”

“I know but it’s kind of getting annoying”

Derek walked behind me wrapping his arms around my waist placing his chin on my shoulder

“Maybe you could tone it down a little bit”

He nodded his head “I will”

Placing kiss in my neck I giggled “that tickles”

I felt Derek smirk then he kept kissing my neck making squirm “Derek stop”

But he didn’t. He did this for a good minute until we heard the door bell ring

He stopped, kissed my cheek and then left to go answer the door

“Hey y/n” I heard skate say them poked my side

“Hey skate, hey Swazz” I waved

“Sup” Swazz waved

“Okay babe were gonna go play some video games” Derek came to the side of me a kissed me

“Okay I’ll be here doing work”

Derek laughed “Have fun”

“Yeah yeah” I looked back down at my laptop and continued to work


It was about an hour later and I just finished my work. Stretching in my seat I closed my laptop picking it up and began walked towards the bedroom

I was walking past the game/theater room when k heard the boys talking

“So Derek tell us about yours and y/n sex life”

That made me stop walking. I quietly walked into the room

“You know she’s not that good”

“Dude really?”

“Yeah like she just doesn’t feel that good anymore like my hand is way better then her”

My mouth flew open, my eyes started to water.

How could he say that

I was so focused on what he said I hadn’t realized that I knocked over a picture frame making a loud noise getting the guys attention

I locked eyes with Derek. His eyes softened when he saw me

“I’m sorry” I said then I ran out of there running to the bedroom

I heard Derek call my name but I didn’t care. I slammed the door going into the bathroom locking the door

I slide down on the door tugging my knees to my chest and let out a cry.

I heard Derek open the door “y/n?”

He foot steps walked all over until he reached the bathroom door “baby I know your in there please open the door”

He tried to open it but it was locked

“Baby please”

“Derek please go away” I said threw my sniffles

“No baby I’m-”

“Derek please”

He sighed in defeat “okay”

I waited about 5 minutes before I opened the door.

I opened the door thinking that he went away but I was welcomed with him sitting on the bed

Derek looked up, he got off the bed and walked towards me

“Y/n baby I’m so sorry I didn’t mean anything I said it was stupid I shouldn’t have said it”

I looked into his eyes “But why did you?”

Derek shook his head “I don’t know I just thought of I said you were bad tells guys wouldn’t try and go after you”

“But you should trust me Derek I would never go off or do anything with your friends”

“I know I do trust you” he grabbed my hands “I’m really really absolutely so sorry. I didn’t mean it, I’m sorry”

I put my hands on his face “I love you Derek”

He smiled going into a kiss but I stopped him “but please don’t say things like that again”

“I won’t I promise”

asexualzoro  asked:



okay so! this au is based off of THE ONE PIECE MINI CHAPTER: THIRD YEAR CLASS SEA TIME because oda gave us a highschool au, and i took it. and ran. i ran FAR. the only thing i’m really using in it is the fact luffy’s a nerd and studies a lot, and everyone else in the crew (actually just sanji, nami, usopp and vivi and chopper bc robin and franky are NOT highschool age.) is bad boys. ok lets go


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