Christmas songs- Sam x reader

Request: heya can i have a sam xmas imagine with 5?

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For the past couple of hours, you had been dancing around the bunker, waiting for Sam and Dean to finish researching so you could go out for lunch. While you attempted this, of course, you simply had to have music. Since it was the beginning of December, your choice of songs were all Christmas themed. You hit play on the next song, then tucked your phone into the back pocket of your jeans. Mariah Carey began playing from the phone and you prepared your best singing voice.

A few minutes later, after getting way too into the music, your boots clicked along the ground satisfyingly as you spun around down the hallway. “All I want for Christmas is youuuuuu!” The last note that came out of your red lips was surprisingly accurate, and you laughed.

“Jesus, will you shut your girlfriend up?” You heard an exasperated Dean groan from the main room.

“Hey. Leave her alone, you try and sing like that.” Sam’s voice came back and you giggled and started singing once again.

Not long after, you were interrupted by two strong hands taking hold of your shoulders and spinning you around. You smiled at him and tucked your wild hair behind your ear delicately. Sam opened his mouth to speak, and you sassily held up a finger, before pulling out your phone to stop the music.

“So,” Sam began, and you threw your arms around his neck. He responded by tenderly placing his hands on your waist.

“Christmas songs already?’ He asked, a cheeky glint in his hazel eyes.

“Course so!” You exclaimed, and Sam smiled charmingly.

“Why don’t you sing with me?” You asked, a sudden vision of the two of you dancing about, annoying Dean.

Sam raised an eyebrow. “Uh I don’t know. Depends what song.” He said hesitantly.

You smiled and unlaced your fingers from around his neck. Once again pulling out your phone, you played a song. The first few beats of Jingle bell rock echoed throughout the empty hallway and you handed Sam your phone. He took it from you and held it in his large hands. You spun around again and began to shimmy your hips around. Sam chuckled, bemused, and watched you for a few seconds before you approached him, cheeks flushed and eyes sparkling. He looked shocked for a second, as you grabbed the phone, and placed it on the ground. You took his hands and swayed them back and forth, moving your body along with his. “

Y/N, I don’t dance.” He said awkwardly.

“Well, I do.” You smirked and began to jump up and down energetically. Sam chuckled again and twirled you around.

When the song ended, Sam gave you another spin, and you fell back into his arms. You giggled and stared up into his eyes. He looked in awe of you, and his bright eyes stared right back into yours until you couldn’t resist his gorgeous facial expression any longer. You leaned up to kiss him, and he enveloped you into his arms. When you broke free finally, you hummed contentedly and rested your head upon his shoulder. Suddenly, another song began playing from the playlist on your phone, still resting on the floor at your feet. You grinned and looked up at Sam. He met your gaze and shook his head, kissing you upon the head. He laughed as you began to click your fingers and sway your hips again, and started walking back to Dean. “God I love you.”


“It’s not hair rock, Dean. It’s hard rock. It’s legitimate hard rock.” - Sam (12x07)


Wk 18 - Wed - Yr 4

Sammie invited Tanner over (they’re old friends, apparently) and was a bit surprised by his opening topic of conversation. Is there a ferocious Yeti roaming around Iadawe? I hope not! :o

Then I was the one who was most surprised when this popped up…

Does Tanner realise how much room you need for a wife and three kids? I don’t think they’d all fit in his two-bedroom cottage lol!