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I’m not her Series (numbers are the parts)

  1. I’m not her
  2. I’m not her
  3. I’m not her
  4. I’m not her
  5. I’m not her
  6. I’m not her
  7. I’m not her
  8. I’m not her

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Your Loss **Nate Maloley Imagine**

2 years. That’s how long you and Nate have been together. Lately, you feel like it was all a waste. Like it means nothing to him.

You guys have been arguing a lot more than usual. Being that you’re both stubborn as hell, neither of you have made an effort to at least talk to the other. You felt he was in the wrong because he never made an effort for you guys to move on with your lives. And he felt you were wrong for even pressuring him in the first place.

Tonight Skate was performing at some underground club. No matter what you two are going through, you were going to support him. You decided to get glammed up, just so he remembers that you do care and you want it all to work out.

After hours of getting ready, you, Sam, Stassie, John, Emily, and the Jacks drive over to the club.

“Damn y/n you look good. I guess Skate’s about to get some tonight?” Sammy says, before Stassie smacks his chest.

“Uh no. Your best friend is on nookie lockdown until he can get his shit together. All of this is just to tease him a little bit.”

You guys joke around a bit, until you get to the venue. Walking into the club, the vibe was different. Of course there was still weed and liquor, but everyone was just super chill.

Everyone went to the booth, while you walked around looking for Skate. You guys always had a pre-show ritual, where you would hype him up and make sure he was ready.

You keep walking until you see a long hallway leading to a bunch of rooms. You walk down the hallway and see a door cracked open. You look inside and see Skate, which made you smile a little. But, opening the door a little more, you could see that he had some female company. She was pretty, but not pretty enough to have her hands all over your man. She was leaned over whispering in his ear all flirty. At this point, you weren’t even mad. Since you are the queen of petty, you decide to get even.

When you walk out, you automatically see a cute guy at the bar. You make sure your cleveage is just right, before you head over to him.

“Hi is this spot taken?” ,you say with a little flirtatiousness.

“For a sexy woman like yourself, hell no.”

You talk to the guy and find out his name is Jayden. You flirt with him more and more. Then, drinks start flowing. You didn’t know what this feeling was of talking to him, but you liked it.

You continue to talk to Jayden, until you spot Skate. You decide to get even more petty, by leaning over and whispering in Jayden’s ear.

Next thing you know, Skate rushes over to you and grabs you by your arm and drags you out of the club.

“Head ass what the fuck are you doing?!” Skate yells at you.

“I’m just doing what you’re doing baby. Since you wanna act like you’re single, then I am too.”

“Yo you hoesntly need to stop being so fucking petty. Like grow the fuck up!”

“And maybe you shouldn’t treat somebody, who’s been there for you through everything ,like trash.”

You didn’t notice it, but tears of anger and pain being to run down your face.

You turn to walk away from Skate, but he pulls you into his chest.

“Ma why are you crying?” He asked holding you close.

“Because I want us to work, and it feels like we won’t.”, you finally admit.

This was something that had been bothering you for a while, but you never wanted to admit it to yourself or Skate.

He lifts your head up and kisses you deeply. This was the first time is 3 weeks that you actually enjoyed his touch and his presence.

“We will baby. I promise. I’ll do anything I can to keep you in my life. You’re my baby girl and you’ll always be mine. I love you wifey.”, he says rubbing his nose in your neck.

“Yeah yeah. I love you too ugly.” , you say kissing his cheek.

“And let me say damn baby, you look good as fuck. Have my kids?”

“You’re funny. Go get ready for your damn show, and you better kill.”

“I will just for you babygirl.”, he says kissing you lightly.

At that moment, you knew that everything with you and Skate would be fine. Couples have their ups and downs, but it’s all about how they come back from it.

Will you two just get together already?- Kian Lawley imagine

Word Count:1054

Pairing: Kian Lawley/ Reader

Author’s Note: This is something I’m really excited to write about. I found it really cute and I hope you like it; I also wanted to place this in summer cause I miss it ,x.

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It was an average morning. The sun shining through the window it’s what woke me up.  I was really hungry. Without thinking of my roommates being around I walked into the kitchen. I was wearing a huge Metallica shirt with panties . Once I was in the kitchen, I saw Kian ,one of my housemates. 

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AU: you & Johnson are “Just Friends”


Shawn Mendes // A Little Too Much

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Dog Sitter|| Skate Maloley Imagine

**I’m not sure of Skate’s dogs name right now so he will be called Ace**

For what seem liked forever I have been watching or ‘nannying’ skate maloleys dog. Skate had gotten the dog about a year ago and called the pet place looking for a nanny for his dog. just to help out when he is not home and doing things. he apparently went through about 6 dog sitters before I came along. I guess the dog isn’t such a people person. I remember when I arrived the dog came up to me and looked at me. I watched it every step making sure I didn’t have to run out of the house for my life but then the dog came up to me and licked my hand that I had outstretched for him.

“wow, hes never taken a liking to anyone that fast before” skate says. I look at skate and smile. and after that I became the nanny for ace.


I was currently outside with ace throwing the tennis ball for him drinking my iced coffee I picked up on the way here when I heard the fence close. I look over and see skate. ace runs up to skate and gives him kisses.

‘hey bubs, did you miss daddy” skate says. my body quivers for a second. ‘daddy’ that word always made me…just ugh. I mean he could be my daddy…but that’s not the point.

“what did you say?” skate asks me. I look at him with a questioning look. did he possibly hear me? I feel my cheeks begin to heat. I pray to god that he did not hear me talking, I could’ve swore that was in my head.

“what?” I drag out slowly, praying that was all in my head. skate looks at me and smirks. I take a deep breathe and swallow hard. skate made his way over to me and got extremely close to me. i could feel my anxiety rising with every second. within a split second skate had me pushed up against the fence and was right at my lips with his, barley touching them.

“say it again, and ill be yours” skate says against my lips. fuck he must have heard me.

“you can be my daddy” i say in a shaky breath. in that instant skates lips were on mine. his lips dragged along mine and down my jawline to my neck and slowly he started to make his mark on my neck. i gripped at his arms and at his neck. within a second skate whisked me into his arms, I rapped my legs around his waist and he carried me into the house. ace followed us into the house but as soon as we got to skates room he stopped ace.

“no buddy this is daddy time” he says in a gruff voice. I bite down on his shoulder. skate closes the door and pushes me against it. our bodies closer then ever. skate bit down on my lip and pulled on it.

“I…need…you” I breathed out shakily. skate moved quickly over to his bed and laid me down. skate hovered over me. skate ran his hand up my body under my shirt.

“do you want me to make you feel good?” he says against my skin. I nod. skate lifts up my shirt and starts kissing my stomach. making his way up slowly to my chest. he pulls my shirt over my head. he licked a straight line down my body to the hem of my pants. he slowly started to take them off but I was so impatient I started to help him.

“eager are we” he smirks.

“please” I whine. he smirks. he takes off my ants and panties in one move and I grab at his pants and unbuckle them and he moves out of them quickly. skate moved and hovered over me.

“are you sure you are ready for this?” he asks panting. his hands were moving up and down my sides. I tilt my head down a little and get a glimpse at his length, that was poking at me. I take a deep shallow breath and nod. with that skates lips attached to mine and started hungrily kissing me. without warning skate slid his length into me and thrusted fast. he didn’t give me much time to adjust as he continued to increase his speed. although I have to admit it was a delectable pain, something you want to feel. skate slid to fingers into my mouth and I began to suck on them and that’s when skate basically lost it. he quickly flipped over so I was on top of him. my hands roamed up and down his chest while I grinded our hips as close as they would get. skate grabbed my hands and held onto my as I started to bounce. every few seconds I would hear grunts coming form skates mouth. skate sat up a little and he pulled me closer to him. he began to suck on my neck leaving more bruises on them.

“m…mine” he breathed out into my neck.

“w…what is” I let out a small moan.

“y…you baby” he grunted. I could feel him starting to twitch inside me. he grinded our bodies closer together and sucked harder.

“yours?” I question in a shallow breath.

“mine baby”


“mhm d…dating” at that second skate lost complete control and reached his high which sent me into the euphoria of mine. we both continued to ride out our highs and then he layed back and pulled me into his chest.

“goddamn that was amazing” skate says.

“agreed” I say, my breathing slowly getting back to normal. I guess it was a blessing that I was his dog sitter.


Cameron Dallas AU: your relationship with him.

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We Meet Again Pt. 2

Over You

(Continuation of: )

A/N: Wrote this awhile ago but never posted it. Enjoy the drama that is about to unfold my loves :) Requests are now open. xx 

Something about today just made me feel different. Or maybe I’ve felt this way for a while now. Whatever it was, I liked it. I felt in control. I felt like I was me again. Nothing could change that. Not even Jack Gilinsky.

It’s been over a year since we broke up and since I caught him cheating on me with Madison. I cringe at the image of them together in our bed. But this whole experience made me realize that he was holding me back. I spent so much time worrying about what Jack wants or what Jack needs. When I should have been worried about what I wanted and what I needed. And what I needed back then was to get as far away from him as possible. And what I want right now is for that to stay that way for a long time.

We haven’t spoken since that day. Well, that’s not true. The last time I spoke to him was when I went over to our apartment with Sammy to get all of my things. It wasn’t the kind of conversation he wanted I know that for sure. It was more of “here’s what I’m taking and here’s what you can keep.” Then handing him a list and emphasizing that he should be happy to be keeping our California King sized bed. I still remember Sammy trying his best not to laugh at Jack’s dumbfounded expression. Sammy’s laugh reassured me that I was going to be okay. And I was. He was a big part of helping me get over Jack.  

Well after some awkward exchanges and Jack begging me to stay, I managed to get all of my stuff back. And that was the last time I ever saw him. Sammy sees him all the time, but that’s because they’re childhood friends. I did ask Sammy to not share any information about my whereabouts with him. After all, he didn’t deserve to know at least that.

I started living with Sammy at his request because he felt like I would distance myself from him because of the fact that him and Jack were still friends. To be honest, I’m glad he convinced me to stay with him because I would have left everyone behind in search of a new beginning. But Sammy still made that possible. It did not take long for me to forget about Jack.

The only way I could let go of what happened was if I forgave him. And I did. I realized that I was more hurt over the fact that he chose someone else over me. I figured it was a girl thing. When a guy cheats on you, you start wondering about yourself and what made him come to this point. And what was the reason that made him cheat on you in the first place. Was it your hair? Your eyes? Did I not have big breasts? Was my butt not big enough? Was it my smile?

Then I remembered that I was questioning myself over a guy. I wasn’t created to be that “girl” that he wanted. I was created to be the girl I wanted. The girl I was comfortable with. The girl that made me happy; someone independent and intelligent. I was perfect for me. And just like that I was over him.

Everything exciting happened when I started dating Sammy.

We started going on dates way before we actually started calling them that. Everyone assumed we were together because we lived together. And eventually it just became that way. I found out Sammy liked me from his best friend Anastasia. She spilled everything to me much to Sammy’s dismay. But I fell for him the moment I noticed all the little things. He went out of his way for me. Sort of what I did for Jack, only difference is that I would go out of my way for Sammy. And then everything fell into place.

Living together became a sleepover every day. We would go out to eat or stay in and cook. Movie nights or movie days. He’d even come to work with me on his day offs and my best friend Lindsey and I loved having him with us. He definitely had a sense of fashion once he got over his bleached hair and helped us a lot when it came to putting together blog ideas. But he was just full of joy, he lit up every room he walked in. And I finally felt like I was somewhere good.

“Hey babe, Lindsey called. She said she tried to get a hold of you for ten minutes now. Where’s your phone?” Sammy yelled from outside of our room.

“What? I can barely hear you,” I yelled back from the closet.

He followed the trail of my voice and found me sitting on the floor. “Lindsey’s been calling you, where’s your phone?” He repeated, chuckling at me on the floor doing my makeup. “Why are you on the floor? You do have a chair for a reason.”

Since Sammy and I started dating, we decided to get a house. The apartment will forever be missed but it was time to expand and he was someone I was willing to do it with. The closet I was currently in was a walk in closet, which was why there was always yelling in this house. It had to be my dream home. Black and White everything with some pink here and there in the closet and everything that was mine. Sammy on the other hand chose blue for his things. It was the most agreeable and cutest décor I’ve ever seen.

“I was plucking my eyebrows because there were one or two hairs that grew back and I couldn’t see sitting down on the chair. So I sat here and ended up getting lazy,” I lost my train of thought as I finished my eyeliner and moved on to mascara.

“So you stayed on the floor? What am I going to do with you?” He laughed and reached over to the vanity grabbing the phone.

“I didn’t hear it ring,” I looked up at him innocently. But I lied. If I pretended I didn’t hear my phone, then that would buy me extra time.

Lindsey and I were having our typical girls’ night or day because it was around lunchtime. We never planned anything on these little adventures of ours, only to get dressed and then find somewhere random that we’ve never been to and go eat there. Then we’d do whatever we wanted after that. I mean you’re never too young or old to explore and L.A. was the place to do it.

I always thought that’s what made us different from everyone else. We were still the biggest kids at heart. And it was the biggest kids who had the biggest hearts.

“Of course you didn’t,” he said sarcastically. “Hey it’s going to be kind of windy out tonight, there might be a storm. I told Lindsey to make sure you guys don’t get too wild tonight.” He sat behind me and watched me do my makeup in the mirror.

“Thanks babe,” I managed to say with my mouth open as I finished my mascara. I heard Sammy laughing behind me. “I try my best not to make the face okay.” Sammy continued to laugh. He didn’t understand how there was always the mouth gaping expression girls made when doing their mascara. As much as you try to hide it from your boyfriend, you find yourself doing it. I mean this might be the only way your mascara comes out perfectly.

“What are you wearing tonight babe?” Sammy wrapped his arms around my waist behind me and rested his chin on my shoulder, watching as I put on lipstick.

“Probably the new top I bought which would be perfect for this weather.” I pointed at the black long sleeve that covered my chest but exposed a good portion of my back.

“You’re going to look so cute,” his sound was muffled as he dug his face into my shoulder and I let out a small laugh at how he was trying to distract me. “Y/N some of the boys are coming over later. Nate said he’s going to come over in a bit because Lindsey is going to be with you,” he whispered.

“Just please make sure Nate doesn’t get drunk again and start making out with the furniture. He used my favorite lipstick!” I exclaimed. That was a night I’ll never forget. Nate tried to convince me that it was definitely his color, but it wasn’t and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. When you had a few glasses of wine and it’s 2 am, everything just seems funnier even when it’s not. Like Nate wearing my lipstick and getting it all over the pillows. That was the best night ever. He still denies it. And that was just last week.

“I’ll make sure he doesn’t get into your makeup,” Sammy giggled.

“How did he even know where to look?” I laughed with him.

“Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t want to know.”

I got up only to see Sammy still holding onto me like a little kid. I tried shaking him off but it only made him hold on tighter. RING


“Sammy go get the door! I’m not dressed! And if it’s Lindsey say I’m like down the street or something, she’s going to kill me if I’m not done!” I ran to the chair grabbing the black long sleeved.

“No fair. I was waiting for you to get changed! I’m not going until you change,” he winked at me.


“Sammy! GO!” I yelled at him to go.

“Come here,” he pulled me in for a quick kiss. His lips were always warm and welcoming, even if it was just for a second. And he always tasted like strawberries. I grabbed him again as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I held his face pushing myself on him.


He pulled away giving me a quick peck on my forehead as the doorbell interrupted us. I laughed noticing he was smothered in lipstick.

I quickly took off my robe and put on the long sleeved shirt. Then grabbed a pair of light washed ripped skinny jeans and put them on worrying about if Lindsey would come upstairs and throw a fit because I wasn’t done. Or maybe it was Nate. I prayed that it was Nate.

I grabbed a pair of black heels and sat down on the chair of my vanity to hook them up. I folded my jeans satisfied with how cute everything looked. I wiped off the lipstick and reapplied to look a bit more put together and not like I just made out with my boyfriend. I imagined Nate or Linds laughing when they saw him. But he would be too clueless to realize. I opted for a matte red instead of my usual pink. It suited my olive skin tone, but so did the red. I grabbed a diamond choker and quickly hooked the back of it. I put some diamond studs on and took my curlers out, spraying some hairspray. Standing in front of the mirror, my outfit was perfect.

All that was left was to run downstairs and hope that Lindsey did not try to kill me.


           “Y/N! Lindsey keeps texting me for you to hurry up!” Sammy yelled from downstairs.

“Calm down I’m finished,” I made my way down the stairs then quickly opening my purse and throwing my lipstick in. Looking up, my eyes met with a familiar pair of dark brown eyes.

“Y/N,” he said almost breathless, but so was I.

“Jack,” I managed to let his name escape my mouth.