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You probably thinking why? Uh, because she gets to hangout with Nash, Sammy, Wes, Jake, Matt, Jack, and Jack. Like I wish that was me! And hangout at a bonfire with them will be a dream come true!😁🙏🏻 I don’t even hangout with hot guys where I live because all these guys here are freaking ugly! I’m totally jealous of her life❤️

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OK I felt the need to respond to the requests I’m getting in some way, so you guys know I’m working on them and not gonna ignore you :). SOOO here’s a Masterlist with all the AU Memes I made so far and the ones requested that I’m going to make.

AU Memes (everything with gifs)

Cameron Dallas
You’re dating him

Aaron Carpenter
You’re dating him (requested, COMING SOON)

Nash Grier
You’re dating him (requested, COMING SOON)

Hayes Grier
You’re dating him (requested, COMING SOON)

Matt Espinosa
You’re dating him (requested, COMING SOON)

Shawn Mendes
He goes to your cheer competition (requested, COMING SOON)

Carter Reynolds
You’re dating him

Jack Gilinsky
You’re dating him
You have a son (requested, COMING SOON)

Jack Johnson
You’re dating him
You’re a celebrity (requested, COMING SOON)

Nate Maloley
You’re dating him Part 1/Part 2
He’s in a Meeting and you text him
Hungover Mornings
He’s being interviewed
He’s turned on by you while in public (requested, COMING SOON)
You’re fighting (requested, COMING SOON)

Sam Wilkinson
You’re dating him (requested, COMING SOON)
Your relationship becomes public
Going for a walk
Boys walk in on you (requested, COMING SOON)



Jack and Jack /  Radio Disney Music Awards / Interview / Edits (by liiloxprincess

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Imagine while your boyfriend Matt and his friend Aaron are filming videos for youtube you decide to be nice for once and make the boys lemonade for all their hard work and while coming outside to where they are filming you trip over Matt’s pennyboard and spill everything over you and this is how Matt reacts instead of helping you.

Cheated on by Gilinsky(Part3)

The sun filters through my blinds and hits my face, I hear light pattering feet walking to my room.

“Mummy, mummy wake up we’re going over to your friends house today!!” Lenox shouts while jumping on my bed.

I chuckle to my self and grab her making her fall on me and hug her tight. A little squeal escapes her lips and I start tickling her sides, she starts laughing uncontrollably making me laugh.

“So what do you want for breakfast baby?” I say while I stop tickling her.


“Pancakes it is then” I say picking her up and walking to the kitchen.

After breakfast Lenox has a shower and I dress her in a pair of light wash denim skinny jeans, a gray top and her leather jacket. After I had my shower I got dressed into a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, white loose fitted tee and my leather jacket. You could say I wanted to match.

When we were about to leave I slipped on my white low cut converse and her gray low cut converse.

“Are you excited?” I ask her

“Yes!!” She screams in excitement.


I drove up the drive way they gave directions to and has hesitant to get out. A sat in the car for a bit a and rested my head on the wheel.

“Mummy what’s wrong?” I hear Lenox sweet voice say from the back.

“Nothing sweetie, come on” I scoop her out of the back seat and carry her up to the door, before I knock I take a deep breath.

Knock, knock

I hear rustling then Johnson opening the door.

“Y/N! So glad you could come!”

“Well I missed you guys” I hug him and put Lenox on the ground and she runs inside.

“Well Jacks at the studio today so you don’t have to worry about seeing him” johnson says. I smile and nod at him and walk in side.

I hear laughing and look to the side to see Nate playing with Lenox a sad smile appears on my face.

“What wrong Y/N?” Sammy asks

“Lenox will never have this you know? A male figure in her life” I say sadly

“Where’s the dad?” Sammy asked confused.

“He’s not in the picture” I say and walk into the lounge do we wouldn’t have to talk about it any more.

It still hurts that Jack cheated on me after three years it still hurts.


Me and the boys have been talking and laughing for a couple of hours while Lenox plays with some toys.

All of a sudden I hear a car door slam and jingling keys opening the door.

“Guys I’m home and starv-” Jack stops talking when he walks into the lounge.

“Y/N” he says

“Hi Jack” I say my voice kinda cracking a bit, damn voice I think.

“Why are you here?” He asks confused?

“Well I say the boys in town and I wanted to have a catch up with the-” I couldn’t finish my sentence because Lenox comes running at me and jumps on lap.

“Mummy who’s that?” She ask pointing at Jack.

“Um well baby this is Jack” you say.

I look around the room to see the boys look uncomfortable.

“Hi” Lenox says.

“Your a mother” Jack says surprised, but I can see hurt flash across his face.

“Yeah well things happen” you say looking him straight in the eye.

Jack scoffs and says.

“Huh, couldn’t keep your legs closed for one second could you?!”


Part 3 guys!!!❤️❤️ I’m not trying to make Jack G is a bad person because he’s not its just a fiction story!!

Anyway did you guys like it?! Drama is starting to happen!😊😊😊

Part 4?👍👎

Flashing Lights- Jack Johnson Imagine

A/N: Hope you guys like this Johnson imagine. I just thought of it on the spot so keep that in mind, haha! Thanks! Find all my imagines/fan-fictions here (x)

“So who are you most excited to see here?” The interviewer asked you. You were walking the red carpet at the RDMAs for the very first time. You were most known for your fashion and makeup channel on YouTube but had recently started uploading Vines as well. You weren’t exactly the most famous person on the planet but you had enough fans to grab the attention of a number of different magazines.

“I’m really excited to see Nick Jonas. I mean, firstly he’s gorgeous and second, his music is really catchy and he’s got an amazing voice.” You said with a smile. You were super nervous about attending the show since it was completely new to you.

“If you had to choose between doing Vine or YouTube, what would you choose?” The ultimate question. You were always asked this question whenever you did interviews and you always picked the same answer.

“I would definitely do YouTube. I think, you can connect more with your viewers because you have so much more time. It makes my fans feel as if they truly know me and my personality. So YouTube, definitely.”

Interview after interview, it was finally time to walk the carpet. You were beyond nervous but your manager insisted that you were going to be alright. You headed onto the carpet before stopping so that the photographers could take your picture. You figured it was just like doing a photo-shoot in your room so you soon became more comfortable in front of the cameras and started changing up your poses.

You followed the line of celebs who were walking down the carpet, before stopping again for the photographers. As you walked towards the end of the carpet, you lost your footing and knew it wouldn’t end well. Before you actually hit the ground, an arm was wrapped around your waste, holding you up.

“Are you ok?” The guy asked. You looked up at him and saw the cutest guy in the world. “These lights can get pretty bad.” He said, laughing. Even though you had spent the whole time talking in interviews, at the moment in time, you couldn’t find words. “I’m Jack.” He said, taking his hand off your waist and extending it towards you.

“(y/n).” You said, shyly as you shook his hand.

“I know, I watch your vines.” He said, blushing.

“Like…twice a day.” Another guy said, putting himself into the conversation. “I’m Jack.” You looked over at him, confused but put two and two together. You were currently talking to Jack and Jack.

“Oh my God. I know you guys.” When you realized you probably sounded like a complete fangirl, you dialed it back a bit. “I mean, it’s nice to meet you.”

“(y/n), we should get inside.” Your manager said to you. You nodded your head in his direction before looking back at Johnson. You always found him attractive and knew this could be your one and only chance.

“I’ll see you around.” You said, in a question tone of voice. You wanted him to know you were interested.

“You can count on it.” He said, with a smile.

Shawn Mendes Imagine

Requested by angelicalaidlaw Sorry it took me so long. I’ve been busy 🙈 hope you enjoy it. Sorry it’s so short.

“Wake up, it’s time to go meet the guys,” Shawn said, shaking me a little bit. I moaned and rolled over. I don’t remember falling asleep, the last thing I remember was Shawn and I cuddling while watching a movie. I grabbed my phone. It said it was nearly six o'clock, when we were supposed to get Jack and Jack to hang out. We were in LA for a few days and had planned to hang out. Shawn pulled out of bed and I finally got up. I decided to stay in my sweats and t-shirt since we weren’t doing anything special, we were going to eat then going back to The Jack’s house. My hair was a pouffy mess and I tried to tame it as best I could. “Are you ready to go?” My boyfriend asked. I finished playing with my hair when I realized it wasn’t going to do what I wanted it to do. “Yeah, let’s go.” I told Shawn as I slipped on a pair of Nike tennis shoes. We walked out of the hotel room and walked to the car. Shawn got into the drivers seat while I climbed into the passengers side. We pulled up in front of the Jack’s house and they got into the car too. As we started driving Thinking Out Loud blasted through the speakers. Shawn and I didn’t have a song, but every time this song came on we jammed out together, and this time was not going to be an exception. Shawn and I started singing together like we normally do and doing our mini dance moves. I could tell they were laughing at us but neither of us really cared. When the song was over, Shawn took one hand from the steering wheel and laced his fingers with mine. Gilinsky made a faux gagging sound. “You guys are just jealous that you don’t have a beautiful girlfriend that likes to sing with you,” Shawn defended. “Yeah so shut up,” I said, trying my hardest to make a mean looking face. The three of them laughed and I smiled. I couldn’t imagine a better night if I tried.
Shawn Mendes- Remarkable

just a little shawn blurb i wrote on vacation


He stares, baffled at the girl that appears to have slipped past security.  She’s standing a few feet away from him, and while he can tell she’s aware of his celebrity status, she makes no move to ask him fro a hug, an autograph, a picture.

“I enjoy your art,” she says, shattering the silence between them.

“I’m a musician,” he tells her, realizing his mistake as soon as the words left his lips.  “Thank you,” he tags on.

She bobbles on her feet, and he is once again stunned by the peculiarity of their encounter.  “You’re remarkable,” she states.  “Don’t you feel remarkable?”

“Not particularly,” he replies honesty.

She lets out a laugh, amplified by the emptiness surrounding them.  She spreads her arms wide.  “Tonight,” she gestures grandly outwards.  “This is all yours.”

He takes in the empty theater, that mere hours ago was filled with screaming bursts of energy.  People, he realizes, that were screaming his name.  He looks to her.  Now she’s spinning arms still open wide.  He joins her, despite the fact that they must look comical.  Spotlights dimmed, catwalks sky high, black velvet curtains, a lone microphone, a building that rivals a palace.  Tonight, it belongs to him.  He smiles at her.  “We are remarkable.”

The ‘we’ does not go unnoticed and she quirks an eyebrow at him.

“You have to sense it,” he urges, high on adrenaline.  “You’re a part of this too.”

“I suppose,” she allows.

His breath hitches at their proximity.  Before he can counter himself, he grabs her hand with his own.  He blushes as she intertwines their fingers.  They are two teenagers on a stag, but tonight, they are remarkable.


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How you cuddle

Nash: very often. Like when you’re watching a movie he holds you tight around him and kisses your neck every now and then

Hayes: after a football match he comes over to your house or you’re at his house and go in the bed to watch a movie or stay on your phone responding to the fans on twitter. He also loves to take a picture of you two when you’re off guard and posts it to instagram or twitter. And he often kisses you on the cheek because he loves making you blush

Matthew da dinasour: he loves to cuddle when you’re doing a you now. He gets behind you making you jump and kisses you on the neck while he places his arms at your waist and his legs around yours. This includes of a lot of screenshots from the fans and going crazy over the two of you

Taylor: before the Two of you go to sleep you cuddle and talk about each other’s day, plans for the future, tour life and all that stuff. He holds you very close to him almost as if you’re going to leave him.

Shawn: you two spoon him of course being the big spoon and you the little spoon. He tells you how beautiful you are and all about the songs he wrote and the famous people he’s going to collaborate with and met and you don’t say one word because you love hearing him talk about his job and he loves it so much.

Cameron: you two cuddle all the time. He loves to whisper little things into your ear and all the tweets the fans sent him.

Sammy: you are often on laid on him. He interwone his own fingers together at your back and you kiss his neck and tease him all the time. He talks about the fans he met and all the crazy adventures he had while on tour.

Nate: you lay your head on his chest and your ear on his heart listening to his heart beat and his hands stroking your hair or on your back sometimes he humming into your ear and grabbing your butt sometimes.

Nates sister (part 2)

“So listen man.. I don’t want you to be dating my sister, but I can’t stop you, so I’m gonna lay down some laws”
“Do whatever you want. I can’t confirm that I’ll follow some but I can try.”
“Shut the fuck up till I’m done. Rule number one, don’t fuck my little sister! Rule number two, don’t touch her body in any way. Rule number three, don’t get her to smoke okay! Rule number four, don’t take her to any parties. And rule number five, don’t do that cute shit in front of me. That’s it now don’t say shit to me and get out and let me lay down.”
“Shit okay man damn”
Sammy got up and and walked to my room and knocked on my door. I smiled and ran to the bed tripping on my carpet onto my bed.
“Oh my! Ouch Sammy!”
He came in and then started to laugh knowing what just happened.
“This isn’t funny! Help me!!!! Babbyyyyy!”
“I’m sorry babe I j-just oh my god I can’t even”
“Sammy! Help meeeee!”
“Okay okay”
He was still laughing when he picked me up and then pulled me into a hug.“
"Y/n baby girl, I don’t know if I can keep up with your brothers rules… Cause I want to take you to Johnson’s party tonight wanna go?”
“I don’t know… I mean, wouldn’t Nate be there?”
He put one hand on cheek and kind of stroked it
“Baby I doubt it.. But if you don’t want to go we don’t have to…”
“No no, but if I don’t like it can we come back and cuddle and watch some Netflix?”
“Of course baby.”
“Thank you”
I smiled and leaned up and pecked his lips. He grabbed my waist and kissed me hard. When we finally stopped I decided I was gonna hop in the shower and get ready for tonight
“Baby what should I wear?”
“Sammy! Oh my, for real!”
“Okay fine.. How about… This dress that seems short but not too short?”
“I mean I guess…”
“What’s up?”
“I just don’t think I’m able to ‘rock’ that’s dress”
“Babe you can rock every damn thing you wear even if it’s a huge winter coat to nothing at all.”
I began to blush
“Oh shush”
“I’m so dead ass serious.”
“I um, thank you..”
He pushes a strand of my hair behind my ear and smiles
“Now get ready baby girl”
“Oh okay you too, is jack picking us up?”
“Yea he is.”
Later that night
We had been at this party for about an hour, and I haven’t had any fun. I wanted to go home but I couldn’t find Sammy anywhere. I was starting to panic so I went outside. I waited almost an hour outside. I decided I was going to find him and tell him I was walking home. I found him sitting in the back room smoking a hookah with jack and jack. I knocked on the door and heard Sammy say come in.
“Um Sammy you can stay but I’m um, I’m gonna walk home…”
“What? Why? Aren’t you having fun?”
“No not really. I’ve been alone for like two hours now. But it’s not biggie I’m just gonna go… Um but I think I have stuff to do tomorrow so don’t come round…”
“Baby, don’t do this. Come on.”
“Sammy I’m not doing anything.. I just want to go home and sleep”
“Fine fuck off then, have fun walking home in the cold”
“I’ll have more fun then I did here!”
Jack threw me a jacket of him and I pulled it over my head and walked away. Walking home I had a lot of time to think. If it was like this and we just started dating what will it be like later? Maybe he was just drunk or high or maybe he was just being a prick.. I get home and immediately change into pajamas and curl up into my blankets scrolling on my phone. It was about 2am when I got home and about 2:30 is when I hear Sammy sneak into my room and lay down behind me trying to spoon me.
“What do you want Samuel.”
“I’m in that much trouble..”
“You’re not in trouble, I’m just hurt.”
“Baby I didn’t mean it. I was high and just stupid.”
“I don’t want you to ever talk to me like that again Sammy.”
“Baby I won’t I promise I wasn’t thinking! I love you so fucking much”
I turn around and face him looking him in the eyes
“You ever do this shit again I swear on everything I love that I will not hesitate to fuck your shit up. Love you”
“This is what I love about you. I knew there was a bad ass underneath this softie.”
He kissed my head and hugged me tight rolling me on top of him.
“I’m tired Sammy..”
“Me too baby”
“Then let me down off of you.”
“No lay down like this, I like having you in my arms… It scared me when I thought I was gonna lose you.”
“Okay Sammy goodnight sleep tight”
I kissed him and laid my head on his chest as he put his hands on my butt and we fell asleep just like that.

We’ll get through this part two

sup, heres part one  



“Y/N, Y/n where are you?” i recognise that voice anywhere, “Skate” Nate comes up to me and engages me into a big hug, he lets go of me. For a second I wanted him to keep holding me. “Oh hey sammy” Sam and Nate do there bro hug until I hear another voice this one even more louder. “Y/N!” “Johnson, over here buddy” I yelled, he hugged me and whispered in my ear, “explain” I’m guessing about the cancer. “ is the jew coming?” I said earning a laugh form the boys. “no he said he couldn’t come, Maddison’s sick” Sammy said. “Oh so she’s the one who’s sick, May I remind I’m dying” I stated. I’ve always hated Maddison, Not because jack is dating her or because of the rumours, its because i know the real Maddison.

“oh hey Maddison” I said meeting her in the kitchen of Gilinskys house “oh cut the crap Y/n” she said “what do you mean?” I questioned “I know you still have feelings for my man” “Your man, I’m sorry but do you own him?” “Shut the fuck up Y/n” I stayed silent “Its clear that you like Jack, in fact its clear that you like all the boys in our grade, since you’ve been whoring around all of them” that last bit hurt like hell. In sophomore year she made up this rumour that I gave every guy on the football team head. “listen here you skanky little bitch, All you want from jack is his fame so you can get more famous. So step off before I break your god damn neck” I shouted next thing I know she slapped herself what in the actual fuck. “JACK!” she yelled and started to cry. Jack came running in, “what the fuck Y/n” Jack helped Maddison up. I just ran out of the house and All i can hear is Sammys voice
end of flash back

“Y/n too soon” JJ said, “sorry, come inside I’ll explain everything” With that said we all went inside and up too my room. When Sam sat down, I heard Oscar hiss “Why doesn’t he like me?”He questioned “Maybe if you didn’t burn his tail then maybe he would like you” Nate said I remember that memory.

“Y/N, I uhhh I gave your cat a slight change” I heard Sammy say “Sammy what do you me- Oh my god sammy” Sam was holding up Oscar and there was absolutely no hair on his tail.

“Okay, so I have endocrine cancer, they found it in my pancreas” I said “question” Nate said “yes nate?” I asked him “What the hell is a pancreas?” “its up here” I pointed just above my belly button “Okay continue” I have a meeting with the doctor next week and then we’ll discuss more” I saw Sam, looking like he was about to cry. I check my watch midnight “Guys time to go, we’ve got school tomorrow” and with that said they walked out and gave me hug as they did, time for bed.


hope you like it guys, I could use your feed back and if you have any ideas message me, what should happen next! 💖💖 ps. what do you think will happen next???