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As someone with ADHD and SPD, when I first read your theory about Sammy not being able to remember things, I thought that Sammy might have ADD/ADHD/SPD/something like that. One of the symptoms of having those disorders is being easily distracted by background noise and having difficulty refocusing on what you were doing before becoming distracted. What you said about how Sammy will randomly run into his sanctuary during band time also reminded me of how if someone has disorders that cause them to process sensory differently, he might have ran into his sanctuary so he could listen to Bendy better /and/ avoid going into sensory overload.

Another symptom of SPD is having difficulty adjusting to any kind of change if said change wasn’t mentioned a day or two before then. So when the machine was first placed and made a lot of noise, it may have been a double-whammy for Sammy and make him (more) prone to slipping. If Bendy noticed what Sammy was going through, he may have given him the sanctuary to not only win Sammy’s loyalty but also to show that Bendy is kind and will help Sammy with any problems he’s dealing with, thus making Sammy want to be closer to Bendy.

All of the memory problems that you pointed out can also be linked to ADD/ADHD and SPD, but since it’s severe, it could also be because of past trauma of some kind and/or a mix of all that. What you said about how Wally seems fine despite working with the machine also caused me to think that Sammy might have some sensory disorder(s). I apologize that this got so long but I just felt like it’s something to consider.

Top 5 Things To Celebrate About Sam

there is so much more i want to add to the list but here ya go :)

1. his smile literally lights up the room and you can’t help but smile when he does and he has dimples omg and he is just such a cutie

2. his caring heart and kindness towards not only his friends, but to complete strangers as well he is so sweet and gentle

3. his wit and sass that comes out at the best times 

4. his selflessness and bravery (ex. swan song)

5. “people can change. there is reason for hope” (◡‿◡✿)

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A Letter to Sam

Dearest Sam,

You are loved. You are important. You are beautiful. From the beginning, I have watched you get beaten, betrayed, manipulated, and watched how much pain you endured. From the second I saw your big, puppy-dog eyes I knew you were a gift to this earth. You have been through so much, my Sam. You never gave up. Even now, when you are ready to die, I will walk with you through those times. I also have wanted to end my life. I have felt worthless, hopeless, and too tired to go on. I grieve with you and I feel your pain. You inspired me to keep on fighting. You inspired me to see that you can fight your demons. When you jumped into the pit with Lucifer, I could not believe that someone could be that brave. You were “cursed” from when you were a baby, but you are a person that is one of the most pure-hearted people I know. I love when you smile and it lights up the room. The world needs you, Sam. You may have been destined for Hell, but you belong to Heaven. And not as an angel, just as you. Because it’s not just your goodness that makes you beautiful. You are beautiful when you admit your wrongs, and try so hard to be better. You have had to give up everything, but have always done your job and done what’s right. You were the kind, gentle soul that the world needed. You saved the world, Sammy. And there is no guilt in that. You are free to be who you are. You are my hero in every way. I love your laugh, I love your smile. I love how you love books and dogs and salads. I love your pink lips and your dimples. You brought me joy and hope when I had none. And I can’t ever repay you that. So my dearest love, you are not the boy with the demon blood. You are the world’s hero. You have the purest soul of anybody. I like to picture you as my guardian angel. A big, beautiful man walking behind me bringing me peace. I could not ask for a more magnificent hero and you will be in my heart always. Thank you, Samuel Matthew Winchester. For everything. 



Things have been really wonderful this week with us. I’m thankful that I have you, that we work through things, and that I get to see you so soon.

Next week is our 16 months. Then a week until I see you.

You’re sleeping on the phone with me right now, and I hope you truly know how much I love you.

I can’t wait to fly from London to Boston and see your happy, shiny face in person.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to do silly, and normal things with you like grocery shopping or staying up until 4am and driving to McDonalds. Also making you let me spoon you, alllll the time :3

You’re everything. Please always know it, even when things get tough because of 3000+ miles and stupid arguments.

I’m always here. I love you.

the-family-of-freaks-and-orphan  asked:

((here ya go :) )) Sam pounded on JTs door, glancing around as his shoulder throbbed and side started to bleed heavily. "JT!" Sam called, as he continued to pound on the door nervously.

JT was half asleep in her room as she heard the pounding at the door.

“Alright! Jesus chill the eff out I’m coming!”

She was extremely tired from getting home late at work. Sighing she threw on her button downed dress shirt and a pair of sweat pants and headed down. She quickly opened up the door and raised a brow as her eyes widened.

“Sammy Whammy?”