sammy whammy

Author: @deanie-weenie-sammy-whammy

Artist: @kuwlshadow 

Pairing: Sam/Castiel

Word Count: 5,155

Rating: Teen

Summary: Takes place between seasons 7 and 8. Sam feels lost without Dean. For the first time in his life he is completely alone. Sam struggles with the guilt of not being able to help his brother. Hunting isn’t keeping him distracted enough, so he fixes up the Impala and drives. Not to find Dean, but to find himself. Castiel shows up to help him on his journey and helps him discover feelings he never got to experience before. Sam goes to history museums, nightclubs, kisses a boy for the first time, and studies the colors of the Colorado sky. This is Sam’s adventure and Sam’s only.

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Things have been really wonderful this week with us. I’m thankful that I have you, that we work through things, and that I get to see you so soon.

Next week is our 16 months. Then a week until I see you.

You’re sleeping on the phone with me right now, and I hope you truly know how much I love you.

I can’t wait to fly from London to Boston and see your happy, shiny face in person.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to do silly, and normal things with you like grocery shopping or staying up until 4am and driving to McDonalds. Also making you let me spoon you, alllll the time :3

You’re everything. Please always know it, even when things get tough because of 3000+ miles and stupid arguments.

I’m always here. I love you.