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What a brother moment. “Be proud of your hobbies.” Love the smirks and amusement from Sam. And Jodie’s face is the best.

S12 E06, “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”
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“What did you just say?” Sam asked, surprise and confusion written all over his face.

You raised your eyebrows and continued to chew on the large bite of pizza. “Hmm?”

Dean exchanged a look with Sam before glancing back at you. “You said… flamethrower?”

You swallowed your bite and shrugged. “Uhh… yeah. That’s the only way to put them down, isn’t it? BBQ ‘em?”

Sam’s mouth dropped open and he struggled to find the words he wanted. “What did–How–why do you know that?”


“Yeah, why the hell do you know that?” Dean repeated.

You shrugged, “Uhhhh. Well–I may not have been completely honest with you about what my family did when I was little…”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Dean said. 

Sam’s shock faded and his face suddenly cracked into a disbelieving smile. “Unbelievable.”


That damn gate. S12 E04, “American Nightmare”
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I feel like this was a perfect showcase of the differences in personality between Sam and Dean. You know if Sam had done what Dean did with the gate there is no way Dean would have been able to let it go by without laughing and making some sort of comment about it.

But Sam just gives him those couple of looks and moves on. I love it.

Also, can we talk about Dean’s dad sweater? I can just see him trying to figure out what to wear to look like someone from CPS…

Dean: “What about this flannel?”
Sam: “It’s fine.”
Dean: “Well… you’re wearing a sweater… Should I wear a sweater?”
Sam: “It doesn’t matter. Just pick something!”
Dean: *staring at cardigan* “Alright, I’ll wear the sweater.”
Sam: *pinching bridge of nose* “Oh my God…”


Happy 32nd birthday Sammy!! (Seasons 1-10)