sammy the corgi


Scout got to celebrate her birthday a few days early this past weekend with her brother and her uncles. As you can see, everyone just absolutely loved wearing the party hats….

In true #SCOUTLIFE fashion, she swatted her birthday tiara* off her head shortly after we served the cake. You know, because it was getting in her way. “AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT. I NEED FULL CAKE VISIBILITY,” she (probably) said. 

They all got to lick the cake for about 30 seconds before we took it away to cut it up and gave each one their own slice. They all have no issues sharing food, but for the sake of ease, we always just slice up the cake and give one to each dog to enjoy, just so it’s fair since Gatsby and Scout Fatsby and Stout eat cake at 100 mph and Miggy is a slow eater and Sammy is just super awkward all the time and has no idea how to eat cake. 

*Birthday tiara made by machetecorgez’s mahm


So while Megan and I were waiting at the Vet’s office for them to bring Sam back out, we started talking about a book, and basically wrote this whole children’s book in like a few hours. We both think it’s pretty cute, so we polished it up a little bit and now I’m going to be working on illustrations for it. Drawing Corgi’s is like super hard though! You cannot possibly capture that much D'awww in a drawing.

So I woke up with enough motivation to take my dog for a walk. The weather was nice, we had a nice walk, and just as we were getting home the vet called to tell me that the infection she’s been battling for months is finally gone. 

Me to the dog: You hear that, Sammy? You’re infection is gone! Today’s going to be a good day!

Dog: *trips over her own feet, smashes face into pavement*


While we’re on a weekend getaway, Pepper is spending the weekend at my parents’. This is her first time meeting little Scooter, and apparently alllll she wants to do is play with him for hours on end. My mom put Scooter in the pen so he could have a little break and Pepper just sat there staring at him. Personal space is not one of her strong points…