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Sammy Wilk Imagine(: - Let Me Kiss Away the Pain Part One


“And that is why I can’t go shopping with anyone of you.” You said in annoyance pushing the grocery cart full of newly bought food to your car, passing by the boys waiting outside. You just went to the neighborhood Wal-Mart to get some groceries your parents sent you out to get. Sammy, Jack G, and Jack J had decided to tag along claiming they would die of boredom without you. You had a feeling it wasn’t a good idea, you knew just how much trouble these three idiots could get into. Although you being you, couldn’t say no, also you’re crush on Sammy being a huge factor as well.

You lived next to Jack J for going on 10 years now and your parents become with Mrs. and Mr. Johnson, making you and Jack become pretty closer as well. Eventually Jack introduced you to Gilinsky and Sammy. When you first met Johnsons best friends you had a crush on both Gilinsky and Sammy, then your attraction to Sammy only grew while the one to Gilinsky just seemed to fade. You thought it would go away once you were older, but you were way wrong. There’s not one flaw you could find on his face and every time an opportunity came to see him, you would never refuse.

Normally, you would just join in on their crazy antics, but something’s been dragging you down lately and not letting you be your normal “joyful” self. Maybe it was the fact your parents make you do everything, verbally and physically punish you when you don’t do what you’re told. They never really grounded you because they were always hanging out with the Johnsons and where they were Jack G and Sammy were as well, so there really was no taking you away from your friends. They were also afraid they would get suspicious because everyone knew how much of a good child you were. It also could have been that whenever Sammy sees an attractive girl, he makes doesn’t mask it from you and tells you everything he would tell the guys. You always compared yourself to the girls Sammy liked, they were all so perfect and something you’ll never be.

“Oh c’mon you know you wanted to be a part of it. I could see it in your eyes.” Jack J observed, he wasn’t totally wrong. Jack G and Sammy instantly agreed with him, “Serious, why didn’t you mess around with us though? You normally do…” Sammy trailed off. Your heart fluttered at the thought that he actually noticed you weren’t acting yourself. You shrugged, “I didn’t want my parents to get mad at me for not getting the groceries. Something told me you guys were going to get yourselfs kicked out. You’re lucky I was heading to the checkout when they kicked you out, or they would’ve kicked me out and neither myself nor my parents would have been very happy with that.” You stated opening your car.

You began putting the bags inside the car and the guys helped out too. You kind of figured you made the atmosphere tense and awkward, so nobody said anything. You knew the guys strongly disliked when you were angry with them. After all the groceries were loaded you closed the back of your car and looked at Johnson. “Could you please put this in the cart thing?” you asked kindly. “Sure.” He happily said, taking the cart and walking over to the cart holder. (whatever the fuck their called) You unlocked your car, got in and turned it on. Soft music coming out the speakers. You changed the song to Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy, because it was quite a feel good song, plus Patrick Stumps voice is angelic.

Sammy and Gilinsky both climbed in the backseat and you guys sat with no words spoken waiting for Johnson to return. Once Jack had returned you quickly pulled out of Wal-Mart and drove home.

The ride home was way awkward. No one really spoke to each other and the boys were all browsing on their phones. They were most likely texting each other talking about how much you overreacted. You kept thinking of horrible things they could possibly be talking about, which only dragged you down even more.

Once you got home and all the groceries were inside, you were a little relieved that you were one step closer to getting to relax. “Thanks for helping me guys.” You gave them a fake smile. It wasn’t that you weren’t grateful for their help but just you couldn’t find a reason to give them a real smile. “Yeah no problem.” Gilinsky said brushing past you and beginning to put the items away, knowing where they all go.

There was one bag left and you got to it before any of the guys finished the bag they were working on. “We’ll be in the living room.” Johnson announced walking out of the kitchen with Gilinsky following. You mumbled a quiet okay. You looked over noticed Sammy still putting the contents from his bad away. You could feel your heart begin to pound faster. You tried to quickly finish up putting your items away so you wouldn’t be stuck with Sammy for too long. Whenever you’re with Sammy to long, you noticed that you would say incredibly dumb and random things. You shivered at the thought of a past event like that.

You shook it off and realized you only had a single item left to put away. You silently thanked god, but stopped you remembered this certain item had to go on the highest shelf, which you can’t reach. You tried your best to reach up and get it to stay but you failed immensely. “Need some help there?” you heard Sammy chuckle from behind you, you didn’t have to answer for him to know the answer. He came up behind you and grabbed the item from your hands and set it securely on the shelf. Your hand was tingly from where Sam briefly brushed it taking the can from you.

Your breath hitched when you felt arms snake around you. “What’s wrong? You seem off today.” Sammy asked in a concerned tone. Certainly Sammy could feel your whole body quivering. Trying your best to keep your cool, you attempted to step back and out of his embrace but his strong grip was too much. “I’m not letting you go until you tell me what’s wrong.” He stated bringing you closer to his warm body. You didn’t want to tell him what’s wrong nor did you want him to let go.

Little did he know how happy you felt being in his arms. If only he knew how much you liked him. If only he knew how much seeing his eyes lit up when he smiles makes you want to explode with happiness. If only he knew how much him not being around slowly kills you. If only he knew how much you hated yourself because you know you’ll never be good enough for him. If only he knew how brutally you compare yourself to any other girl, whether he finds he attractive or not. If only he knew that your only companion was a beautiful silver utensil that drew red. If only he knew.

“Nothing is wrong, Sammy. I’m fine.” You said with a half genuine smile. He turned you around, set his large hands on your shoulders and looked into your eyes. He looked for not even a minute before saying, “You’re lying.” “No, I’m not. Really Sammy, I’m fine.” You lied yet again. He shook his head and without a single word gave you a hug. You weren’t expecting it at all, but it was something you really needed.

“Hey uhh…,” Jack J came in and paused seeing you and Sammy, “I’m just going to head home. It’s late, I’m tired and Gilinskys falling asleep.” You nodded. “Okay. Goodnight Jack, thanks again for your help tonight.” You thanked and walked over to him, giving him a small hug. “No problem Y/N. Are you coming Sammy?” Johnson asked, looking at the tall brunette awkwardly standing in the corner.

“No. I’m staying here tonight.” Sammy responded looking directly at you.

A/N: Sammy makes me weak af. It’ll get happier and fluffier i promise. Hope it doesn’t suck to much..): BFB part 3 will probably be out tomorrow. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME REQUESTS.