sammy lost his shoe

Hey everyone! After the positive responses from my off-semi-hiatus post, I decided to make this blog graphic? (it took me 2 hours ok i have put effort into this XD) I would really like to know what you guys think! Also, do you want me to make one for your blog? *ofc it doesn’t have to be the same format as this :-)* If so, message me or send me an ask, it would make my day haha 

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Sam and Dean have long been retired. Dean and Cas got married years ago, and Sam and Gabriel followed shortly afterwards.

But Sam has felt lost and incomplete for as long as he can remember, as if he has been looking for something that he cannot find.

One day, he is walking quietly along the beach with his dog, his hands in his pockets, the waves just reaching his feet. Suddenly, he feels something nudge up against his foot, deposited on the shore by the waves.

He reaches down to pick up the soft, dark, salty object, and takes some seaweed off of it. As he realizes what it is, he turns it around, staring incredulously. He smiles a little bit.

Sam Winchester’s shoe has returned. He is whole at last.

Love at First Woof

A/N: this is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing aesthetic challenge.  I hope I did the request justice.  

Summary: Jared is looking for a new member of his single family and he goes to the local animal shelter and gets more than he was looking for.

Pairing: Jared x Reader x Rufio

Warnings: NONE just tooth rotting fluff.

Aesthetic made by Kari @thing-you-do-with-that-thing

You had been working at the local animal shelter for the past few years, and each day it was the same; the puppies were the first to go, leaving the older, less adorable canines to be left behind.

There were newlyweds, couples who had lost a pet, little toddlers who got to pick their first Christmas present, that Santa promised.

Then, he walked in. Jared Padalecki, infamous for his role on Supernatural, and more so for his active role in helping the fanbase fight for their happiness. He slowly walked up and down eyeing each dog in the kennels, before you decided to assist him.

Anything specific you’re looking for?“

His hazel eyes met yours and for a moment you were both standing in silence, not awkward, more content. Then that dimpled smile of his emerged and he broke the standoff.

“Which one of these big guys is loving, likes to run, and has a lot of energy?”

Was this guy for real, because it was as if he was asking for a four-legged version of himself…from what you had heard around town, of course.

“There are quite a few, but I think I’ve got the right dog for you,” you quickly ushered him towards the back, opened the door to the backward, and there were about five mixed breeds, chasing one another’s tails, kicking up grass, but one stood out.

He sped towards you, knocking you over, licking your face, causing laughter to erupt. Jared looked on in awe as the mixed canine, sure to be a combination of husky, rottweiler, and labrador, caused the amazing sound that was coming from you.

Looking up from the grass, the dog nuzzling your cheek, you introduced him to Jared, “this is Rufio,” you ran your hands up and down the silky fur, “come on, he won’t bite, but he may just kiss the hell out of you.” Like you’d do, if you could have the chance.

Oh my gosh, hopefully he won’t read your mind? Jared seemed to find it hilarious and squatted his tall frame down to where you and Rufio were sitting.

“Hey there, fella,” Jared’s massive hand fit over the dog’s head perfectly. Rufio instantly took to Jared, and one of your volunteers offered him a ball to play fetch with. Jared gladly took the tennis ball and tossed it into the air and Rufio went charging after it, catching it midair.

Rufio retrieved it, dropped it at Jared’s feet and waited for the next throw. They played for over an hour and a slight sheen was making its way onto Jared’s face from the exertion. He turned to you and inquired,

“What’s the process, fees, and when can I make the two of you to dinner?”

“There’s paperwork, we check references, it’s whatever you’d like to donate to the kennel, and how’s Saturday sound?

Jared liked you immediately and by the way Rufio loved you, he knew he had chosen the right addition to his family, and perhaps, you’d join them down the road.

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Jingle bells, mommy's in hell, burning all the way, oh how fun it is to ride the impala every day! Jingle bell, sammy fell, lost his shoe today, oh how fun it is to kill every son of a bitch okay, HEY!

.. My supernatural Christmas jingle.. I hope you like it..

So just a heads up for all you wonderful people, after 40+ hours of exams and (many) a few weeks of stress, I have finally returned to tumblr and will be a lot more active than before over here on both my blogs @casdean1967 and @notespeach (with new icons for the summer I AM SO PROUD) so feel free to message me or send in asks and I will reply at light speed! (also please tag me in things it makes me so happy you have no idea)

Also, can I just say thank you for all your continuing support??? When I first created my account on tumblr, I had no idea the wave of kind, loving people I would meet in the future. Thank you for being here to read this and have a lovely day. Stay strong and always keep fighting :-) 

I’m gonna tag all my followers now so..

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Guys I have an idea

Earlier i read a post about the hate Jared has been receiving from people on Instagram and probably on a bunch of other social media sites.


I was thinking for the last couple minutes or so about doing a Letters to Jared kind of thing. I know i’ve seen and participated in one of these kind of things for Misha by @honeymish. But i want to do one for Jared.

He doesn’t deserve the hate people are sending him. He’s one of the nicest guys in the world. He does so much for the fans. I feel we need to return the favor tenfold.

So that’s where you guys come in. I’m going to compile up a binder of letters, fanart, etc. from you guys to give to Jared when i go to meet him in Phoenix at Phoenix Con in June.

So if you want to participate in this, please send any letters, fanart, etc. to my messages or submit them to me and i will print them out and add them to the binder for him.

I’m thinking about letting this continue till May, just so everyone has a chance to submit

(nothing rude, degrading, vulgur, etc. though. If any hate is sent to me intended for Jared, I WILL delete it)

Please please please reblog, we NEED to let Jared know that we love him, that he’s got a world of people standing with him.

I apologize in advance for tagging you if you didn’t want to be. I just want this to spread like wildfire.

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Is That...Snow?

Summary: Part of the Winter Wonders Idea to Spam the dashes with cute drabbles with @thing-you-do-with-that-thing.  Find hers HERE 

I wrote Jared, she wrote Sam.  I wrote Jensen, she wrote Dean.  I wrote Cas, she wrote Misha.

Caught in a blizzard with Jared. Takes place in Austin, TX. For sakes of all those involved, much love to Gen, let’s just pretend she’s happy with someone else. 

Warnings: Fluff, one curse word, sugary sweet fluff

Jared hadn’t been home to see his family in months and when the hiatus rolled around, he packed up, picked you up at your shared apartment, and showed you the round trip tickets to Austin.

“I think it’s time you meet the whole gang,” he pulled you into a heated kiss to stifle your shriek of acceptance.

It was the middle of January, but Jared insisted to pack light, the coldest it ever got in Texas, was nothing compared to Vancouver. After falling asleep on Jared’s shoulder, once the plane took off, he texted his father. 

Just took off. Is everything set? 

Five seconds later the reply came through and he smiled, 

Good to go, Son. Good luck from the 2 of us.

Thanks, Dad.  See you after.

Pulling you closer, Jared himself fell asleep and before you both had known it, the dinging from the overhead intercom alerted you to your final destination.  You were so excited to get off the plane and see Jared’s family that neither of you heard the announcement in regards to the weather. Heading towards the baggage claim, you noticed everyone facing out the windows of the airport, their eyes full of wonder and awe.  You pulled Jared towards the closet one and gasped,

“Is that,” you shook your head, you couldn’t believe it, “snow?”

Someone to your left informed you that the airport was closing due to the unexpected blizzard heading its way towards Austin.  Jared quickly got on his cell to see if he could pull any strings to get a ride out to the house he rented for the two of you, but to no avail.

“Jare?” you looked up at your boyfriend with worry in your eyes, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, it’s just…,” he ran a hand through his shaggy hair, “this isn’t how this was supposed to go.”

“Freak blizzard?” you questioned, “You couldn’t have known,” you watched as he checked his cell phone and huffed in annoyance.

“Maybe if I checked the latest text from my dad I would have,” he grumbled an incoherent “fuck”.

“Come on, lets grab some coffee, and find a place to get comfy,” you pecked him on the cheek. Jared, however had other plans. He bought you a steaming cup of hot cocoa and tugged you towards the exit.

“YN, I had the whole trip planned, but mother nature must have gotten wind of it, because here we are,” he shrugged gesturing towards the snowy ground, big flakes sticking to your hair. 

Jared dropped to one knee, much to your shock and awe, pulled your hands into his, rubbing them for warmth, and to calm his nerves. 

“Uh, Jared, what are you doing?" 

You knew very well what he was doing, but here? Now? Then again, you looked up as the snow swirled around the both of you. Yes, you thought to yourself, yes, right here. 

"YFN/YLN, would you be my best friend, my wife, my girl, for the rest of our lives?" 

"God, yes!” you jumped into his arms, plastering a chilly kiss to his quivering lips, knocking him onto the snowy bank. You laughed at the awesomeness of it all, the freak snowstorm, being stuck in the airport, but as you looked at the dazzling ring, you could care less.  You’d be stuck there as the future Mrs. Padalecki.  

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Imagine Sam Calling You

A/N: this is the sequel to my angsty imagine, titled Imagine Calling Sam. I don’t promise anything but where the story goes. Hope you love it.

Originally posted by kisslol

It was a simple chain, that you wore since you clasped it onto your neck all those years back, but it was yours. You wore it day in, day out, you wore it in the shower, Sam teased you about it relentlessly. That’s why he knew, in that moment, when he fell by your body, that he was going to be selfish.

He promised not to bring you back, but he never swore to let you go.

Sam knew he was pulling you away from your personal heaven, disturbing your final resting place, but he also knew he couldn’t let you go. Not just yet.

It was about a week after your hunter’s funeral that Sam clasped your chain around his neck, tugging on it gently, talking to you, pleading to your spirit to come forth. He was in his bedroom, sitting crosslegged on his mattress, when he felt it.

The change in temperature, the flicker of his lone lamp, and then you appeared, confusion ever present on your face, as you took in the sight of Sam’s face.

“S-Sam?” You voice barely a whisper, “What? How?”

That’s when you noticed him fingering something shiny around his neck, he pulled it out to show you, and you inhaled sharply.

“I couldn’t…I just needed more time,” his voice cracked, tears streaming down his face. A face which was pale, eyes swollen and rimmed red, hair disheveled, as well as the form fitting gray tshirt, wrinkled beyond the fix of a hot iron.

Your ghost flickered in and out, energy you never knew you could suppress, running out. You edged closer to your Sam, raised your hand to touch his face, but it went through him.

“I’ll be back, Sam,” you refused to waste energy that you’d need when he would call for you again.

“Don’t let me go, you hear me,” your voice wavering in tone, his response inaudible, as you faded back into the ethereal.

Four Days Later

Sam was tossing restlessly in his sleep, his dreams, mostly of you, reliving the phone call, your admission of love, the finality of Billie’s words, that he was too late. You had taken to watching over him staving your energy, for the right moment, when you could feel him once more.

Your name escaped his lips and you sank yourself on his bed, testing it, noticing the spring and dip of the mattress under your weight, a small smile of pride on your lips. Sam stirred ever so slightly and you spooned him, curling your arm around his waist, the other, propped over your head. Small ministrations across his bare chest as you whispered comforting words in his ear, lulled him into a peaceful sleep.

“I love you, Sam,” your words snaked into his ear, as he mumbled in response,

“Don’t go, YNN, I need you.”

“I’ll be here, it’ll be our little secret,” you promised him, knowing eventually, Dean will catch on, urge his brother to burn the necklace, and put you to rest, forever.

Until then, you’ll visit, you’ll hold him, you’ll share stories, imagine the life that could have been.

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Preserving Tradition

Summary: The Reader and Cas attempt to find the perfect tree to decorate the bunker.  You can find the Misha drabble on Karina’s page @thing-you-do-with-that-thing HERE

Warnings: none.  true fluff.

Originally posted by winter-capricorn

It was your first Christmas with your angel boyfriend and while he wasn’t into celebrating how you wanted to, rather, he wanted to explain to you the actual birth of Jesus, you put the kabash on that real quick.

“Cas, if you for one minute think you’re going to ruin this for me,” you waggled a finger in his direction, “think again.”

“I get the whole ‘Put Christ in Christmas’, but I really just want to find the perfect evergreen, decorate it with tons of tinsel like I did when I was normal, and stack presents under the tree, for you and the guys.” you sighed after realizing Cas was staring at you with wide eyes and a look of pure innocence on his face.

“I know where we can find the perfect evergreen,” he pulled you into his chest with an oomph, and before you could protest the transportation that was about to occur, you materialized in the middle of a snowy embankment encompassed by the largest, most fullest, evergreens you had ever laid eyes upon.

You turned in a circle as the snow fell around your face inhaling the peppery and mint like scents from the trees.  A grin spread wide on your lips and you ran into Cas’ arms, peppering him with kisses, thanking him for taking you here.

“Wait, just where are we, Cas?”  you inquired with a raised eyebrow.

“Colorado, Mt. Elbert to be exact,” the angel pressed the tip of his nose to yours.

“Which one should we pick,” you started to walk amongst the trees, running your fingers through the limbs, shaking the snow in your wake.

“Pick?” Cas was inclined to tilt his head when you stated something that did not sit with him correctly.

“Uh huh, chop down, bring back to the bunker, et cetera, et cetera,” you waved a hand around.

“YN, we cannot defile the mountains by removing one of its living, breathing, creatures,” he shook his head at you, “that’s murder.”

The last words came out in nearly a whisper and you started to laugh hysterically.  You schooled Castiel in the traditions of foraging for the right tree, chopping it down, lugging it through the snow, and decorating it back in your home.  

“It’s not murder, Cas,” you sighed, “it’s preservation of tradition.”

“As you wish,” Cas resigned with your favorite line from A Princess Bride and you pointed to the one that was ‘just right’.  Cas used his angel mojo to gracefully remove the tree from its roots, and before you knew it, the three of you were back in the war room of the bunker.  

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UPDATE on the Letters to Jared and Jensen projects

Ok so the deadline for this project is approaching very quickly. Two weeks from today I will be heading to Phoenix. So with that said, for those of you who wish or knows someone who wishes to submit a letter for the binders, you have until June 4th (yes, I extended the deadline to the end of next week). You guys blew my mind with the amount of support for this project. Thank you.

P.S I appear to have been having problems with my tagging system but this time it should work.

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