sammy kerr

And with that the Matildas have now beaten Brazil 3 times

goals scored by one sammy kerr, caitlin foord and sammy again bc that kid just doesnt know when to quit

Brazil’s goals came off Fabiana and Marta 

forreal tho this game had it allllllll goals in the opening minute, ribbons, backflips, god-tier goalkeeping, yellows for everyone, flopping, the unceremonious dumping of foord to the floor multiple times and even an almost brawl!!!!

ToN experience

1. Christen Press is an angel. And i mean A N G E L in person holy mother fucker.
2. Marta is god
3. Andressa is the cutest human to ever grace this earth
4. Lydia williams scream A LOT and ngl it’s fucking hot.
5. I was 110% here for Carlos not starting.
6. Kriegy boo didn’t get her 99th cap
7. Sam kerr is fast
8. Katrina Gorry is shorter than short but had lit hair
9. Whenever marta gets mad I envision her saying “i am marta i can do whatever the fuck i want” but in portugese
10. Carlos falls a lot
11. My mom and I were 2 of maybe 5 people cheering for aus and I screamed when they scored
12. The parents of the girl behind me are fucking idiots
13. I wish tobin was here
14. Lydia calls Allanna “Lani” and it’s cute even when she’s screaming
15. Sam mewis had tissue shoved up her nose and looked like a wounded puppy
16. Sam Mewis is tall
17. Taylor smith played fantastic in her first cap
18. Barely anyone stayed out to sign and I didn’t meet anyone but that’s ok because it was some fantastic soccer(but yes fangirl me is crying because i wanted to meet my aussies:()
19.there was some lit soccer played today
20. Allie long gave me multiple heart attack’s but i still love my harry
21.i love christen press
22. The auswnt deserve everything
23. I didn’t see cassius but the baby sitting beside me was in a full kit and had an afro and made up for it 100%
24. Sam and kelley almost fought and it was hot
25. Julie didn’t play & a part of me died
26. Christen tamed her wild hair at the half and i was a little triggered because i love natural hair cp
27.steph catley is hot
28. Elise Kk is hot
29. Marta is H O T
30. Camilla is hot
31. Captain Broon is hot
32. Lisa devana has still got it
33. Austraillia is gonna win it all
34. I bought tickets to portland v washington spirit in september and i hope tobin is alive by then
35.there is like 1748292 more points but ima end here for now