sammy jo carrington


Breaking news in several parts of Carringtoncolbyville….

Claudia was seen today fleeing Wal-Mart with a little girl’s doll, yelling out “She’s mine!  She’s my Lindsay!  She’s MY Lindsay!” as she ran quickly down the street.

And then there’s Kirby, who was arrested this morning at the supermarket, dressed as a lesbian, for stealing tampons YET AGAIN!  Dahling they may do that a lot in Paris, but not here…

Adam was seen out bar hopping last night and was confronted by the press….but he didn’t have much to say…

And Sammy Jo is busy trolling the streets for tricks (what else is new) and she is still hanging around Rita (still in her Krystle wannabe wig), who still believes there’s a fortune to be had….dahling give it up…after all these years you’ve become Sammy Jo’s bitch.