sammy is my puppy


Words can not describe how much I love him, how much I need him - how important he is for me.
He is my anchor, my little light in the night.
He dries my tears, helps me to smile and go on.
Some people say he is a dog but for me he is much more.
He knows me more better than the most people around me.

We were at an funfair today in our small town with kind friends, 20 minutes and you have seen the whole fair.
I tooked Sammy with me and he did really well, he was so brave (100% braver then I was).
I am so proud of the little fluffy boy 💕.
We were there before all people would be there too after work or school so there was less people.
He is now sleeping beside me.
Have a good evening ❤.


today i said goodbye to my sweet puppy sammi. she’s been with us for 12 years and it’s always hard to lose a family member but i have nothing but good memories.
sammi, you’re the sweetest girl in the whole world and i will always love you


“I don’t understand…but it worries me. I’m going to help you okay? Whether you want it or not.”

Another Padalecki Chapter 31

Part 31: Punched

Pairing: Jensen x Kate (OC)

Warning: PTSD, recovery, fighting

Word Count: 1117

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I groaned and rolled over, reaching for Jensen. My hands finding just covers, I opened my eyes. Jensen was gone but in his place was Sammy. I scooped up the puppy in my arms, cuddling her close. “Hey, girlie. Where’s J?” She barked in response and I chuckled before setting her down and making my way out of bed. I followed her into the hallway and down the stairs towards the kitchen where I heard Jensen and Jared talking. “I don’t know. Maybe we should call and take the day off. I’m worried about—Hey, Katie. What are you doing up? It’s 8 in the morning.”
I shrugged. “You were gone.” Jensen sighed. “What are you two doing up?”
“Couldn’t sleep,” they answered in sync. I nodded and pulled out a chair. Sitting down, I rested my head on one of my hands, tiredly.
“So we’ve got two hours until we are needed on set. What’s the plan?” The boys gave each other a knowing look before Jared proceeded.
“We were thinking of calling in actually.”
I shot him an incredulous look. “You’ve got to be kidding. That would set filming back a whole day! We can’t do that this early in the season.”
“Katie, the police didn’t even leave until 5 this morning. You got the most sleep out of all of us and even that was only three hours.”
“We’ve worked on less!”
“Yeah, but Katie…we’re just…we’re worried about you. No one would expect you to work after this. Why don’t you go back to bed?”
My mouth set in a hard line, I was silent for a few moments. “I can’t just sit here and think about it all day. I need to work.”
The boys sighed and looked at each other. “Fine,” Jensen replied.

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