sammy is better than you

this may or may not become a very unpopular opinion but i just needed to take a moment and acknowledge all the boys who are now wanna one. this is merely my personal opinion.

but like every other salty fan out there, i was and still am enraged at mnet for their terrible, unjust editing and i also want to throw old tomatoes and scream endlessly at voters for what happened with sammy and jonghyun cause they went and done dIRTY with how they overlooked this talent

nevertheless it really pains me to see posts blatantly hating on wanna one, talking about revenge, how mnet is evil for splitting nuest up, etc. because regardless of how the show ended, each and every single one of these trainees went in with the goal of debuting as the top 11. their entry into the show meant making certain sacrifices regarding both their past and the future, and they knew these things. it’s not our place to speak on behalf of their choices.

yes, sammy and jonghyun deserved so much better than this, but if you want to argue it so did the other 7 who also participated in the final aka youngmin dongho seonho minki sewoon hyeongsub hakneyon (AND the 81 trainees who were eliminated but worked just as hard, sacrificed their blood sweat time and tears for this show)

how would the boys who are now part of wanna one feel about debuting after seeing posts and hearing talk about how others should have made it into the group instead of them? posts about nuest being broken up by mnet and minhyun becoming a member of wanna one.. i have to admit, that i’m also a lil angry about this, a lot disappointed, and hella sad, but where’s the encouragement and praise that minhyun deserves and really NEEDS at this time?? for those who want to continue debating, is no one also going to talk about what’s gonna happen with hotshot now with sungwoon promoting in wanna one? (and don’t you dare be upset about his placement in the top 11) 

the moral of the story in short is

let us cease this chaos and try our best to stop being salty whether we are happy or disappointed with the results 

because in the end

it’s really up to us to support these boys and their dreams no matter what. THAT’S what they all deserve.


Sam Winchester-The hands of a loved one

Title: The hands of a loved one

Pairings: Sam Winchester x reader

Word count:1562

Summary: The reader knows she’s going to die soon since she’s a hunter but she didn’t expect it to be today and by the hands of her boyfriend. 

Today was a new day. A fresh start again. You knew you were going to die one day. You was prepared for it, being a hunter it kinda came along with the job description. 

As much as you prepare for death, you can never understand or expect it. Even if you tell yourself every night that you’re going to die doing this job and you accept it a thousand times in your head, you’ll never be able to grasp it when it actually comes. 

No matter how much you thought about it, you didn’t think that today would be the day you die, and you did not think it would be by the person you love most in the world. Sam Winchester. 

You got out of bed, making the sheets neatly as you padded off into the main room to greet your best friend and boyfriend, waking up and thinking it would be a normal day. 

Sam did the same. Getting out of bed, making his bed, greeting the two of you. If he knew that today would be the day he killed you, he would have never gotten out of bed. 

The brothers popped out to get some food for the bunker. The two of them laughing loudly as you shook your head at their booming voices. You kicked your feet up on the table, reading silently before you heard a bang. 

Again, if you would have known then you would have bolted it. Instead, being a hunter. You walked towards the noise or the end of your life you could say. 

Before you knew it, everything was black. 


Groaning, you winced at the sore pain in your head, only to realise there was no bump there. You frowned, something feeling tingly and off as you fluttered open your tired eyes. 

Your arms tugged to feel for a lump, hands being restricted backwards with a rustling noise. You froze, heart hammering. The first thought was that you had been kidnapped by whoever broke in, ready to be tortured by the supernatural creature. However, you noticed that you were in the Bunkers dungeon. 

A pair of boots thudding against the floor, the pattern seemingly familiar as the door creaked open. Your boyfriends face came into your line of vision.

‘’Oh, Sammy! Thank God!’’You laughed in relief, throwing your head back when he walked towards you. ‘’Someone was in the bu-’’

A sharp slap echoed through out the bunker, your cheek bright red as you went numb. 

‘’Sammy?’’You whimpered, shocked and frightened as to why your boyfriend had just slapped you. His fist collided with your ribs, your stomach sucking in as he winded you. You gasped for air, tears streaking down your face as he assaulted you. 

‘’Don’t call me that’’He hissed, gripping your hair and tilting your head back.

Normally you’d be able to take it, but since this was the person you love hurting you, it was hard not to sob right there. 

‘’Awh, crying already. Wow. You’re even more pathetic than before’’He sneered, his fingers that once ran softly through your locks were now grasping them with a deathly grip, tightening and sending prickles of pain dotting around your skull as he jammed a knife into your thigh. 

A high pitched scream fell through your lips, your body jumping in shock and adrenalin. 

‘’Why are you doing this?’’You sobbed, not caring any more as you watched him pace around you, a look of hatred in his eyes that burnt more than his actions. 

‘’You know why!’’He growled. ‘’I’ll give it to you though, you’re much more better at acting than normal’’He chuckled bitterly. 

‘’Sammy I don-’’You froze, stopping half way as you caught sight of your reflection. 

That wasn’t you. 

You gasped, your eyes taking in form of the demon that had tortured Dean and you to almost near death. This demon had a thing for Sam the minute she laid eyes on him, not in a romantic way of course, she hated him because he was a Winchester and held some other grudge against him so she hurt those he loved. 

Sam swore to get his revenge and took a lot of calming down by you and Dean she was smarter. What better than to get Sam to hurt you himself, it would crush him to know he was the cause of your pain. 

‘’What, giving up already?’’Sam smirked, shaking his head as his beautiful locks cascading around his face. 

‘’No! Sammy, listen to me! It’s me! (Y/n) I-’’

‘’STOP!’’Sam growled, his fist landing a harsh blow on your jawline. ‘’Don’t even go there! Don’t you dare get her involved, she’s more than you’ll ever be!’’Sam spat, his fist plunging into your ribs again. 


Hours of torture passed by. You had given up, your body sunken forwards as he cut and kicked at you, his harsh words planting into your head as blood trickles from your mouth. 

You knew you were going to die, your ribs were broken, your breathing getting harder and harder to do as your vision blurred. 

‘’Sammy’’You whispered weakly, glancing up. You grunted when he cracked another rib, a large amount of blood spewing from your mouth and onto your lap. 

‘’I said stop calling me that’’He growled, the back of his hand contacting your face in a less than nice way. 

‘’It’s me, Sammy’’You tried for the hundredth time. Sam rolled his eyes, his face burning red as he ignored your words yet again.

Sam’s hands slithered up to your shackles, your heart hammering as you grew hope he would listen to your pleas. They popped open, his hands now slithering under your arms as he lifted you but from that you knew he thought you were still the demon since the other Sam had been nothing but gentle towards you and right now he was dragging you from your chair. 

He threw you onto the floor, your body cracking horribly as you laid still. Sam kneeled beside you, raising the knife above his head as he watched you. 

‘’I want you to see me end you’’He whispered, his hand grabbing a ball of your hair in a tight grip. 

‘’I love you’’You whispered, your eyelids fluttering closed. 


Dean walked through the bunker, head phones on as he avoided hearing the noise of the demon screaming. He carried on walking, whistling to himself before he felt a crunch under his foot. 

He froze, moving his foot as he pondered in confusement. Your necklace that Sam gave you for your birthday. Dean panicked, his heart stopping. You never took that off, it meant too much to you. 

He gently picked it up, thinking slowly as he tried to grasp the information that was too blurred for him to process. 

The demon…

The hex they found…

The shapeshifting curse….


Dean belted for it, running as fast as his feet could take him. So that’s why you weren’t around, Dean had pinned it down to you being somewhere around this damn bunker. 

‘’SAMMY! OPEN! SAMMY STOP!’’Dean screamed, hammering his fists on the door until they were black and blue. 

‘’What Dean!’’Sam huffed, panting as he opened the door, covered in blood. 

‘’Did yo-’’Dean stopped halfway, watching as you laid on the floor, seconds away from dying. 

‘’I was about too’’Sam glared, walking back over. 

‘’NO SAMMY DON-’’Dean yelled, hand darting out but it was too late. Sam had jammed the knife into your chest. Your body jerkin upwards, as blood spewed down from your mouth and onto your clothes. Your eye widened in shock before you slumped backwards, still and silent. 

The brother stood there, Dean too shocked to say anything and Sam too relieved. 

Slowly, the demon’s face started to glisten. Dean began to silently cry, Sam frowning in confusement. The demons black eyes changed into your beautiful eyes that Sam adored, her estranged face morphing into yours. 

You but covered in blood and bruises. 

Sam’s face went pale, his mouth stuttering open and shut as he looked back and fourth to Dean. Everything suddenly clicked. Your words, the hex they found, everything. 

‘’No, no, no, no (y/n). Baby’’Sam sobbed, sinking down to his knee’s as he pulled you into his lap. ‘’(Y/n). C’mon, baby. Look at me’’he cried, patting your cheek. He glanced at the knife, yanking it out and throwing it away. 

‘’I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I should’ve listened to you’’He whimpered, pushing your lifeless body close to his as your arm hung low, eyes staring at nothing. ‘’I’m sorry! I love you so much, I’m so sorry’’He repeated, rocking you as he sobbed. 

‘’Sammy’’Dean whispered, crying himself as he braced a hand on Sam’s shoulder. 

‘’NOO!’’Sam screamed, jerkin away from Dean and shuffling into the corner with you tightly in his arms. ‘’She’s not dead Dean. W-We can bring her back, can’t we, p-please Dean, we have to do something’’Sam begged, voice shaking. 

‘’Sammy’’Dean repeated with a sympathetic voice as he mourned his best friend. Sam just shook his head, whimpering as he clutched onto you like a child who refused to part from their broken teddy bear. 

‘’She’s gone, Sam’’Dean whispered, looking down. 

‘’She c-can’t be. I killed her! I did this too her, Dean. I loved her’’

Double Trouble - Request

Requested by @alexandriajanae4:  a deanxreader where they have been together since john went missing, with kids (TWIN TEENAGE BOYS) and live in the bunker and it’s little moments they have as an actual family and he asks her to marry her? (he still hunts and y/n was a hunter but he made her get out now she’s a doctor)

Summary: Everything from above.(?

Pairing: Dean x reader.

Word count: 1,522

Warnings: Un-edited.

A/N: Two Dean posts in a day! Must be your lucky day! 


Originally posted by frozen-delight

The family life was never easy for hunters, and Dean knew that from the perspective of the son until he got to be a father and experience what his father experienced, which gave him a bigger understanding of his actions – yet, he couldn’t forgive most of the things he did.

Having two teenage twin boys wasn’t an easy job. Dean and (Y/N) thought the hard part was when they were babies and cried at the same time, but they never expected to have a pair of naughty, destruction master minds at home.

“It’s like living with Fred and George Weasley!” Charlie had said, and Dean and (Y/N) couldn’t agree more.

They were excellent hunters, and they strategies were always successful – mostly because two head think better than one – so every hunt they went in resulted in victory.

Obviously, with Dean as a father, the boys didn’t have the same traumas he and Sam shared. On the contrary, hunting was their life and they couldn’t picture themselves doing anything else.

Dean, Sam and the boys would hunt while (Y/N) worked as a doctor at the nearest hospital. She had to leave the hunting life when she got pregnant, and even when she missed the adrenaline she always felt like it was the right choice. Especially because she would get some real money rather than needing to hustle or use fake credit cards.

Dean never felt intimidated by the success his girlfriend had.

Yes, girlfriend. She and Dean started dating a day before John disappeared and they had stuck together ever since. Dean couldn’t ask her to marry him due to her getting pregnant – children are too expensive – but it was something he kept in mind every day.

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Boys’ Club: Real

Request by miller1967winchester: You should do a series Dean x reader going off of the plot of Mulan where the reader pretends to be a male hunter because female hunters get looked down upon but then she gets revealed as a women Dean leaves her cause he doesn’t trust her but then during the fight with Micheal and the whole ass butt scene it’s the reader who really ends up Saving them

Summary: You took Sam’s place in the Cage so that Dean could get his brother back… We all know what happens when someone brings a Winchester back to life…

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3297

Boys’ Club    Backup    Just Dean     Fallout    Aftershock

“Sammy?” Dean repeated, sure that he was hallucinating.

Sam grinned a little and shrugged a shoulder. “Hey Dean.”

“What are—what happened?” Dean stared at his little brother, torn between relief and anxiety. Coming back from the dead was hard enough. Coming back from the Cage meant something big had to have happened.

Unless what came back wasn’t Sam.

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I told Sammy she was “better than fam, you’re my girlfriend! You’re… bae!” while we were joking around and she got real quiet and then she goes “i bet you like meaningful relationships and shit dont you queer”

Shit went from jokingly Parents Try To Be Hip to seriously Gay Bro-neck so fast

Ridin’ Shotgun

Originally posted by dxrkncss

Request: I was thinking something smutty where dean and sam (your boyfriend) are sitting in the front of the impala with you in the back, dean and sam start bragging about sex and stuff, then sam calls you to the front and fucks you in front of Dean?

Pairing: Sam x reader

Word Count: 1,936

Warnings: language, smut (in front of someone)

A/N: Excuse me while I go take a cold shower…

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"He Could Fuck Me Better." (Jack Gilinsky Smut)

AN: I wrote this while I had writers block, so I apologize in advance(: Drop by my ask and request something!(:

“Sammy!” I squealed, he wouldn’t stop tickling me, “Sammy, stop!” I was laughing hysterically.

“Fuck, Sammy!” I groaned trying to push him away, my sides were on fire from laughing.

“What the fuck is going on here.” I heard Jack Gilinsky storm into the room.

Sammy was laying on half of my body, his hands on my sides.

“Nothing G, just hanging out with YN,”

“Get your fucking hands off of her.” Jack growled.

Sammy slowly sat up and put his hands up in surrender. I sat up too and glared at Jack.

“Come on YN, we’re leaving.”

“Fuck If I am Jack, what the hell am I doing wrong?” I crossed my arms in annoyance.

I could tell Jack was getting jealous, he usually never got jealous of his friends, just random guys at party’s. Although I remember one time he got jealous of Nate and I singing and rapping one of Nates songs, and later that night Jack made sure I couldn’t walk again to hang out with Nate the next day, haha.

I was hoping this situation would be like the Nate situation…as bad as that sounds.

“We’ll talk about this later, bye Sammy.” Sammy nodded his head at Jack.

“I’m not leaving.” I huffed, getting closer to Sammy.

“YN YMN YLN, you better start walking before I pick you up and throw you over my shoulder.” He growled through gritted teeth. I loved dominant Jack, it took all of my power to not get up and fuck him right there.

“Fuck you will.” I huffed and turned my head, “I think you should listen to him YN.” Sammy whispered to me. I laughed at them and continued crossing my arms.

“For fucks sake!” Jack stormed over to where I was sitting. His big hands gripped my hips and he tossed me over his shoulder.

“Jack! What the fuck!” I groaned, lightly pounding on his back.

“See ya Sammy!” Jack called still walking.

Jack opened the passenger side of his car and set me down. He jogged over to the drivers side and started it up.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” He groaned, gripping the steering wheel.

“What is wrong with me?! What the fuck is wrong with you?! I can’t hang out with my friends because you think I’ll have sex with them or something?!” I was getting frustrated now.

“Excuse me? All my friends want to fuck you! Did you not see his hands all over you?! You’re mine YN, for fucks sake! You know how hard it is seeing his hands over what’s mine?” Jack wanted to look at me so bad, but his eyes were glued to the road.

“Who cares if they wanna fuck me! I wouldn’t fuck them! I just love you Jack, and I don’t know why you’re so jealous of them!”

“I’m not jealous of them.” He growled.

“You should be, I bet Sammy could fuck me better than you could.” I mumbled as I saw us rounding the corner to our house.

Jack slammed on his brakes as he heard those words.

“What the fuck did you just say?!” He turned off the engine and ripped the keys out of the ignition.

“You heard me Jack, is that why you’re so jealous? Because Sammy could fuck me better?” I squinted my eyes as I spat those fowl words.

Jacks eyes darkened, he jumped out of his car and ran to my side. I unbuckled as he opened my door.

“Let’s go.” He growled.

“I can get out myself.” I pushed him to the side and hopped out. I started walking inside and I could feel Jack hot on my heels.

“Can I have the keys.” I asked with an attitude. He put them in my hand, and I unlocked the door. The second the door was shut he pushed me against it.

“You’re going to go upstairs and be waiting on the bed undressed.” He growled.

“Um no.” I wanted to push him further, I wanted him to carry me up the stairs, throw me on the bed, and fuck my brains out.

I ripped my wrists out of his hands and walked to our kitchen. I felt Jacks hands on my waist again. He spun me around and threw me over his shoulder.

“You’re so naughty.” He growled. I accidentally let out a moan.

He kicked open our bedroom door and threw me down onto the bed. He jumped on the bed in between my legs and popped open the button to my shorts.

“Lift.” He growled, he shimmied them down my legs and threw them across the room.

He thumb started drawing circles over my clothed clit.

“Jack.” I gasped at the feeling, my hands tangled in his hair.

“Uh uh uh,” he grabbed my wrists and held them above my head.

“No touching.”

“But baby please! Sammy would let me touch him.” I whined.

In the blink of an eye Jack was undressed and so was I.

“I don’t know why you think he could fuck you better baby. We all know I’m the only one who knows how to make you scream.” He smirked evilly as he shoved his whole length inside of me.

“Oh shit!” I gasped out.

“Say my name baby.” He grunted as he kept pounding into me.

I wouldn’t say his name and he was noticing.

“Who made you this wet?” He growled.

“Sammy did!” I smirked, “Who?” He asked through gritted teeth. His thrusts got harder, his fingers started massaging figure eights onto my clit.

My hands grabbed onto his shoulders.

“No touching.” He grabbed my hands and held them down with one of his. He continued thrusting.

“Please baby, let me touch you.” I whined, trying to break free of his grasp.

“Who’s making you feel this good, baby.” He cooed.

“You are Jack! Fuck, you only make me feel this good baby!” I screamed out as his thrusts got harder.

He let go of my hands and they instantly flew to his back. He started leaving kisses from my jaw to my chest, stopping to leave hickeys on my boobs.

“Fuck Jack! I’m so close.” I cried out.

“Me too, baby.” His head fell to the crook of my neck.

His thrusts started getting sloppier as I felt my stomach tie in knots.

“Shit Jack!” I screamed, my toes curled, my nails scratched down his back as my back arched into his chest.

“Shit, you’re so fucking hot baby.” He bit my neck as I felt him release into me.

“Shit Jack. Ugh baby.” I groaned.

He pulled out of me, and collapsed on his side of the bed.

His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

“I’m sorry I got so jealous.” He mumbled, nuzzling his face into my neck.

“Don’t be sorry baby, you’re so hot when you’re jealous.” I giggled.

“Oh, so that’s what you were up to? Just making me jealous?” He smirked.

“Whatttt? Noooo?” My cheeks turned a bright red.

“If you wanted it rough baby, all you had to do was ask.”

“I love you, Jack.”

“I love you too,” he smiled, pulling me even closer.


Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 1,848
Warnings: Swearing, slight angst

Final part of The Games We Play

For the first time in your life- you were throwing in the towel. You were walking away from the case, and getting far away from Dean Winchester. Far away from the man that couldn’t even be bothered to show up to talk things out. You’d been willing to hear him out, to talk to him, to see if there was hope outside of World of Warcraft.

Dean looked around, looked in every car window. You were nowhere to be found. “Fuck.” He felt his heartbeat speed up. If he didn’t find you now, he’d never see, or hear from, you again. You’d be lost to him. He’d seen your car that first day, so he figured he’d drive around. The first place he would look was the police station, hoping that maybe you went about working on the case.

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lilredniki  asked:

😄 yeah but you guys are cooler than them. I hope you dont ever change. And Dean, is there anyway i could maybe get a ride in Baby? I would love to see her or myself. To be honest, the 67 chevy impala is way better than the ones they have now. I hope i can find one someday. Sammy you are way better than i ever thought. Thank you so mich for not backing out after i told you about Mikey

Dean: Yeah, Sam told me about your DJ gig. If we make it, we’ll take Baby for a cruise.

Sam: Hey, not a problem. Looking forward to everything.


Warnings: None I believe
Characters: Daddy!Dean Winchester, Uncle!Sam Winchester, Daughter!Reader Winchester
Summary: (Read request at bottom)
Readers Age: Request says around 13/14 but it can work for any.
Word Count: 701

A/N: So I meant for this to be longer but I couldn’t think of where to go with it, *cough cough* writers block *cough cough* but anyway… Enjoy!

Reading. That’s how you spend your time, you love books, when you read them you immerse yourself into an amazing world. When a book describes the perfect scene, it feels like your right there talking to the characters.

Whether you’re reading a fictional book or an old lore book that you found in the library, whatever it is you want to read it. Even when you read a book that you’re not interested in, you stick to it until the end.

You get this side from your Uncle Sam, whenever him and Dean go out on a hunt, he always stops by some place and picks up a new book for you. He usually gets two of the same book so you both can talk about it, that’s the little quality time you two spend together.

You were submerged in the book you were reading, Harry Potter. You pictured yourself right there, you ignored everything around you, that is until you heard a knock at your door, that snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Oh uh.. Come in!” You yelled, you saw your Uncle come in with a smile on his face, “Finished reading yet?” He asked.

“No almost, I have one more chapter to go.” You informed him he nodded, “Well come get me when you’re done alright?” You nodded and went back into fantasy land.

Once you finished reading you got up and went to find Sam. Of course he was in the library along with your dad, “Hey Sweetie.” Dean greeted, “Hey dad, Uncle Sam I finished the book.” You sat down next to your uncle.

“Great! What did you think?” Sam asked as he turned towards you giving you his full attention, you started explaining your favorite parts and characters. You both discussed the plot and the ending.

You and Sam were so deep in conversation that you didn’t even see how hurt your dad looked, he just went back to whatever he was doing on his laptop.

A little while later you went back into the library and sat down beside Sam, “These mudbloods are so annoying!” Dean yelled at his laptop acting like he knew what he was talking about.

You and Sam both gave Dean a weird look, “What?” You said, squinting your eyes at him in confusion. Dean looked up at you.

“The mudbloods, I mean they’re always yelling at the actual wizards like c'mon…” Dean trailed off, “Uh dad…” You said trying to take in what he just said and how wrong his sentence was.

Dean looked up at you, “First of all, did you just try to quote Harry Potter?” You asked, Dean nodded… “Okay… Second of all, you do realize that mudbloods are the humans, and they’re the ones always getting crap not the wizards…” You pointed out.

Dean made an ‘O’ shape with his mouth and nodded, Sam started laughing, “Okay why did you just attempt to quote Harry Potter, I thought you said that series is for nerds.” You reminded him.

“Well, uh… I read up on it…. I wanted to get in on what you guys always talk about…” Dean mumbled the last part.

Your face went from confusion to sorrow, “Dad… Are you jealous that uncle Sam and I always talk about books?” You asked still not quite getting it.

“No, you two can talk about books all you want it’s just… You and I never do anything anymore, it seems you and Sam have a better relationship than you and I…” Dean looked down at his hands.

You walked over to him and gave him a hug, “Daddy, you’re my dad, we will always have a better relationship with each other than uncle Sammy and I do. If you want we can start doing more things together.” You pulled out of the hug and sat on his lap.

“Yeah I would like that.” Dean kissed your cheek, Sam smiled at the sight.

“Just promise me you won’t ever try to quote any books ever again.” You looked at him dead serious, Dean chuckled, “I promise.” You hugged him once again.

“I love you Daddy.” You said as you hugged him tighter.

“I love you too Sweetheart.”

Requested by @natreads-andstuff:
“Can you do a oneshot about deans daughter ambushes really quite and loves too read, and she always talks to Sam about her books, and Dean gets sorta jealous because his daughter never talks to him about stuff like that. Also could she be 13/14”

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

DeanXReader with Sam and Charlie

Request: Reader is a bit of a history lover and finds it super interesting and she’s British and knows loads about the American civil war from her exams and there’s a ghost to do with it or something and Sam tries to like take charge but she’s stubborn like her bf dean and beats him with finding all the information and filling in gaps in like record time and he has to make her apology cupcakes as a result and dean is just super amused by it cause he knew she knew more than Sam about it all etc?

Request: A fluffy dean x reader? add sam in there too?? please!!!

Request: can u do part 2 of dean x reader w charlie and sam

Part One

A/N: Because it’s a part two, and I never mention the reader being British in the first part, I don’t really make any reference to nationality. Just, ya know, let your imagination run wild.

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12 Dates Drabble #3

Prompt idea from @iwillprobablybechangingthislater​ … Thanks dear!

Dean gets a little bit of a hard time from a couple of co-workers after adding the picture of the two of you to his toolbox at the garage. 

I’m sorry I haven’t finished more of these! The last couple of days were of course busy. Hoping to finish a few more and get the New Year’s one written next week when I’m off, as well as some unrelated writing stuff. 

Here is the link to the 12th Date! (Which has links to the rest of them, too.)

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Characters: Sam Winchester, Lucifer, Crowley, Rowena 

Pairings: Lucifer x reader (sort of)

Warnings: season 11 spoilers, the Devil??? 

A/N: SO this is something I thought of in the middle of the night, it’s based on the 9th episode of season 11 but I’ve changed it up a bit. If you haven’t seen it then you might not want to read this yet. Also the poem used here is mine, hope you like it. 

You were sitting in the bunker library pouring over some books you needed for research on this, your most recent case. A case which just happens to involve none other than the Devil himself. Sam had told you and Dean about his vision and that he though God was telling him that Lucifer would help fight the Darkness. So now, here you are, pouring over every book you can find on the fallen andgel and how you can contain him long enough to ask for his help.

Rigt now you’re alone. Sam and Dean had gone out to talk to Crowley and Rowena to see if they can help at all. In the midst of all your note-taking, your mind started to wander back to Lucifer and jott down this:

The most beautiful one

Was the one who fell.

He was the bringer of light

The most loving son to a benevolent father 

He shined the brightest 

And yet when humanity appeared 

He faltered, unsure of this flawed creature

He simply could not love it

He frowned uppon man, 

Confused as to why he must obey its will

His brothers and sisters all bowed for him

But he refused

And bacause of this… He fell

Abbandoned by his family 

Hated by all

He burned for eternity… Alone

Once you’re done you re-read it and smile a bit to yourself, it’s not half bad but you don’t think the boys would aprove. You’d found the Winchesters after their ordeal with Lucifer and the angels so you aren’t really sure what to excpect now. 

The sound of the bunker door opening puls you from your thoughts and you look up to see Sam walking in the door. You hide the poem behind a couple of loose papers and smile up at Sam. 

“Hey Sammy! How’d it go?” You ask

“It wen’t better than expected. They said they’d help us.” He replies with a smile

“Awesome! Hey, where’s Dean?”

“Um he was just checking up on something. He said he’d be back soon though.”

“Alrigt, I think I found a spell that can bring Lucifer here, so long as Rowena can find the protection runes.”

“She said she’d call when she did. Good job Y/N.”

“Thanks.” You say with a smile before returning to our book. Sam moves out of the library, probably to his bedroom leaving you to your work. 

After about twenty minutes of more research Sam walks back in to the library, holding his phone to his ear. 

“Uh-huh, yeah… Alright I’ll be there.” He hangs up the phone and looks at you “That was Crowley. He says they’ve got everything set and are waiting for me and the spell.” 

“Wait, you’re going now? Without Dean? No way, I’m not letting you.” 

“Y/N I have to go, this might be our only chance and I don’t have time for Deans’ lectures.” 

“Fine, but you’re not going alone. I’m coming with you.” 


“No, don’t start with me. I’m not letting you go to Hell to face the Devil alone. Not after everything you’ve already been through with him.” You say, looking him dead in the eye.  

Sam sighs defeatedly and hangs his head before grudginly agreeing. And within ten minutes you’re all geared up and on the road.

~Time Skip~ 

Standing in some outer region of Hell, Limbo you think Crowley called it, you watch as Rowena finishes painting sigils on the outside of a cage in the middle of the room. Sam pours holy oil around it for good mesure and then comes to stand beside you giving you a reassuring look. Soon Rowena is finished as well and moves to join Crowley on a balcony overlooking the scene. 

You take a deep breath and open your notebook, which contains the spell you founs and the poem you’d written earlier. Turning the pages you find the incantation and begin to chant it. Once your done fire springs up around the cage, igniting the holy oil and the ground begins to shake violently making you and Sam stumble against eachother. 

Suddenly it stops and everything is quiet, eerily quiet. Then you see it; a dark figure is now in the cage hidden in shadow. You can’t make out much of him except his blood red eyes that are looking directly at you and Sam. 

Very slowly he begins to step into the light and you can feel Sam tense up beside you. Now that you can properly look at him, he doesn’t look at all like how you’d imagined him. Sure you weren’t expecting horns or anything but you sure as hell weren’t expecting this. 

He seemed like a copleately normal guy, wearing jeans and a t-shirt and jacket. His hair is short and blond and his eyes have reverted back to a state of blood-chilling piercing blue. Under other circumstances you might have considered him handsome, very much so. 

Sam clears his throat nervously beside you, stiring you from your thoughts. 

“Little Sammy Winchester. I didn’t expect to see you buddy. Hug it out?” He says in a cool voice that sends a shiver up your spine, a cheecky grin playing across his lips. 

“Trust me when I say: I wouldn’t be here if I had any other choice.” Sam replies, anger and hatred seeping through his voice. 

“Ah well this is a pretty impressive setup you’ve got here. So what have you unleashed uppon the world that is so bad you need my help to stop it? Hmm?” 

“The Darkness.” Sam says flatly

“No, that’s not possible. She was locked away, there is no way- Unless you two knuckleheads decided to tamper with the Mark of Cain.” 

Sam clenches his jaw but remains silent.

“You did, didn’t you? Oh, why am I not surprised?” Lucifer says with an amused laugh. 

“Are you going to help us or not?” Sam snaps irritably.

“Now let’s see… I can that’s for sure, but what would i get in return?” A smug look in his face

“What could you possibly want from us?” Sam asks grudginly

“Oh come on Sammy! Imagine how smoking I would be topside.”

“You need a vesel.” Sam states, realization dawning on his face


“No. Absolutely not!” You say before Sam has the chance to answer.

Lucifers’ eyes snap to yours, percing through you with the intensity of his gaze. 

“And who might you be?” He asks raising an eyebrow, intrigued by your behaviour

“Who I am is none of your buisness.” You answer frostily.

“Is it now?” A clearly amuzed look on his face now. His gaze drops to the notebook in your hads and his amuzed look turnes into a full on grin. 

The book shifts in your hands and for a moment the pages shift of their own accord. You look down to see it’s open to the page you’ve written your poem on. Only somethig is different. 

At the bottom of the page are written two words in some other handwriting. Those two words read: 

He burned for eternity… Alone

Untill now

Your head snaps up upon reading those words but you no longer find yourself in the room beside Sam. Instead you are staring into those cool blue eyes and a small gasp escapes your lips. Lucifer chuckles and smirks at you before saying:

“You, my dear, are quite the poet.” 

You open your mouth to call out but before you get the chance Lucifer snaps his fingers and you are enveloped in darkness. 

Hump Day Smut!

Man, Wednesday snuck up on me this week! I did what I could but I had 3 exams since last Hump Day so take it easy on me for my descriptions being shit(tier than usual) and me not finding as many fics as I normally do. I still love you all!!!

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This beautiful nameless masterpiece by @thenightyouknow (When you read the top of the post and see that she cranked this out so fast for an anon who was treated like shit for being a “big girl”, it’ll be even more special. My fat heart is so happy.)

Use Your Words by @mysupernaturalfics (Blind reader and Dean.)

Come and Go by @ilostmyshoe-79 (Dean stops in for a night with redheaded reader.)

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One and Only by @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy (Sammy confessing his feelings for you mixed with smut.)

Two Winchesters Are Better Than One by @ilostmyshoe-79 (Kimmy is the queen of the Winchester sandwich. She never disappoints.)

Mornin’ Beautiful by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid (Actual best way to be woken up.)

Grocery Store Clerk by @samanddeanssiren (Dean put it best in 11x04: One night wonders.)

Make Some Noise by @inhellandheaven Battery Burner (Tbh, I went ahead and added this post to the list AND tagged it as Battery Burner before I even finished it. I read the line “You’re getting fucked in the next twelve hours and I don’t care how it happens” and I was like “…..yup. It’s this one.” There’s something about sexually frustrated Dean that just… unf.)

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Talking With the Dead

Summary: Dean and Sam catch wind of a case where someone is bringing people back from the dead.
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Female Reader
Word Count: Just over 1.3K
Warnings: Language, little bit o’ angst.
Author’s Note: My submission for
@balthazars-muse​  Monster Movie challenge. My sign is Taurus: Animation; the ability to bring souls back from the dead

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"You Did It Out Of Love" One Shot

Author: lifeofsnark

Word count: 2644

Warnings: self-loathing, mentions of suicide, mentions of past neglect, mentions of past self-harm

Summary: Kate overhears Dean telling Sam that he still doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  She takes it on herself to let Dean know just how wrong he is about himself. Very angsty, but ends on a positive note.

A/N: Another in the Kate/Winchester’s line (following Enter Sandman 1 and 2.) Please please send feedback to lifeofsnark!


Kate shut the door of the bunker quietly behind her. She knew Sam and Dean were home from the last hunt- the Impala was back in its spot in the garage- but she didn’t know how long they had been back.  They could be asleep.

They weren’t; before she made it to the stairs she could hear their raised voices coming from the kitchen. “Don’t tell me to hurry up, Dean! I’m trying to get the bleeding stopped as fast as I can!” Sam shouted.

Kate had never heard Sam raise his voice at his brother when Dean was injured; she hurried towards the kitchen.

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