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Prompt: “Who ate all the mother fucking ice cream?!“

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Requested by: @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian


“Shut up.”

“But baby…”

“Shut up, Sammy!”

Sam sighs and drags his hand over his face.

“Y/N…you need to just listen to me.”

“I am sooo fat.” You whine falling back onto the bed.

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But Dean is straight isn't he? o.o

Yes, Dean Winchester is an outstanding heterosexual. But you see sometimes he has this problem, where he notices that even though he likes girls, boys can be kinda cute too. All accidents though, no homo. 

Like the time he accidentally flirted with the cute cop and Sammy literally had to drag him away:

Or the time he accidentally checked out a guy’s ass, even though two cute ladies were walking by at the same time:

Or his accidental crush on TV character Dr. Sexy who accidentally happens to be a male: 

Or his little accidental flirting adventure with Aaron where he gets all flustered, and Dean being genuinely disappointed when it turns out that Aaron wasn’t flirting:

Or Dean accidentally checking out his best friend when said best friend accidentally unbuttons his shirt. WAIT NO, HE WASN’T ACCIDENTALLY UNBUTTONING THAT SHIRT, HE WAS DOING THAT BECAUSE DEAN SAID SO:

And here we have Dean accidentally checking out his best friend again:

And again:

What is it they say again about three times being a pattern? WeJustDontKnow.gif 

Not to mention his accidental reaction when he sees Cas all cleaned up for the first time after purgatory:

It’s okay Dean, we don’t judge. Also, I hope that answered your question.


A Birthday Present



Harry’s POV

After being served breakfast in bed by (Y/N) with the help of Sammy and Stanley, I was dragged to the living room where a big pile of presents were on the floor. 

“Open Mummy’s one first, Daddy!” I sat down and Stanley immediately jumped onto my lap, wrapping his arms around my neck, resting his head on my chest. Sammy sat on the floor next to (Y/N) picking out the present that (Y/N) had got me. 

“Okay, bring it here then.” He picked up a big box, with the help of (Y/N), and placed it next to me. I looked down at Stanley before asking. “Do you want to help me?” He nodded and made grabby hands towards the present. I just let him rip the paper off to reveal a blue and pink box. I frowned slightly and asked him to take off the lid. After that, Stanley seemed to get bored and with my help, crawled off the sofa and sat on (Y/N)’s lap.

After the lid was taken off, the box was filled with endless amounts of blue and pink hearts. I looked over at (Y/N) who had small tears in her eyes and she simply nodded for me to continue. I dipped my hand in the box and felt around until I came across an envelope. 

I pulled it out of the box and saw the familiar writing from (Y/N) saying, ‘Harry’.

I opened the envelope and what came next made my heart burst and tears leak from my eyes. I pulled out a picture of an ultrasound. I felt like I honestly couldn’t breathe. I knew what this meant. We were having another baby. 

“Turn it over.” (Y/N) whispered. I did as she said and on the back was written, ‘Our little baby, aged ten weeks. Happy Birthday, Harry x’.

I turned the picture over and looked at the little baby on the scan. Our little baby. I placed the picture on the couch next to me and stood up and walked over to (Y/N). 

“I love you so much.” I whispered as I couched down to face her, my fingers going out to wipe under her beautiful eyes. “This is the best birthday present I could ever ask for.” I brought my lips to hers and my hand instinctively placed itself on her belly. 

“And I love you more.” She replied. 

New Bed- Sam Wilkinson

“I heard you’re baaaack” you yell walking through the front door. The boys immediately mob you with hugs. “Coming through coming through” Sammy barks pushing through the herd to find you. You giggle into his neck as he wraps his arms tightly around your waist. “Damn girl I missed you so much” he says kissing you deeply. “Brah nobody wants to see that take it to your room” Johnson shouts. “Actually there’s something I want you to see it just came this morning” Sammy whispers before dragging you towards his bedroom. 

In the middle of the room you see a brand new king bed a huge upgrade from his full. He runs and jumps on the bed “Come on babe let’s try it out” he gasps already short of breath. You laugh and join him climbing onto the bed. You shake you head at his childish behavior but can’t help letting out a squeal as you bounce on the bed. “This is actually pretty great” “I know right? I’m glad I bought it” Sam jumps from one corner of the bed to the other causing it to bang against the wall repeatedly. “Sammy we’re totally going to break the bed”you laugh continuing to jump anyway. 

“Have some decency and at least close the do- What the hell!” Gilinsky shouts appearing in the doorway surprising both of you “They’re jumping on the fucking bed” he announces. You and Sam freeze looking like caught children as the guys rush to come look. “We thought you were you know, getting it in. Haven’t seen each other in a while plus Sam wouldn’t shut up about how he missed your -” Johnson almost finishes. “Hey you don’t nned to repeat everything” Sam interrupts.  Your hands cover your faced embarrassed. “With all of you in here! What’s wrong with y’all” you reply sitting on the bed. “That’s not a bad idea though” Sam smirks flopping down pulling you close. “We’re out of here then” Nate says leaving the room. 

I Still Get Jealous *Sammy Wilk Imagine*

Requested by skatemaloley sorry for the wait hope you like it :)


You sighed as your boyfriend; Sammy dragged you into another store;he’s been dragging you around all day from store to store trying things on like a rich white girl on a shopping spree with daddy’s credit card.


“Sam you’ve bought enough can’t you be done now?” You whined at him “No and if you stop whining daddy will buy you something” “Oh my god you’re so stupid” you said laughing even though you wanted to be mad at him.


“You love me” he kissed you “Eh not at the moment” “Come on you can pick out my next outfit even if I don’t like it I’ll still buy it” you pretended to think about it “Promise this is the last one?” “Promise babe” “Okay come on”


A few minutes later you were waiting for Sammy to try on the outfit you picked out for him. You were standing alone looking through your phone when you heard footsteps approaching so you looked up and saw one of the employees that helped you before.


“Hey beautiful” you were confused because you knew this guy knew that you and Sam were together because it was mentioned before.


“Um Hey…” you said trying not to sound rude or anything “Where’s lover boy?” “My boyfriend is in the dressing room do you need something?” “Just your phone number” was this guy serious? “Um excuse me?”


“Come on; we could have so much fun together” he smiled at you and you sighed “I don’t even know you” “But you could, what your man don’t know won’t hurt him” you laughed because this guy was clearly insane, why would you ever cheat on Sam?


“Hey y/n what do…what’s going on here?” Sam had come out of the dressing room and looked at you and this weirdo employee.


“Nothing” you said but at the same time this moron said “You’re girlfriend here was trying to get my number”


Did he really just say that?!


“I was not! He was flirting with me!” You defended yourself, hoping you wouldn’t have to try and convince Sam that you were innocent “Listen dude, I don’t know what happened and I don’t care just fuck off” Sam told him


The douche bag laughed “Not my fault your girls a hoe”



Okay rude much?




You saw Sam go to step toward the guy but you stopped him “Please don't” “You should really listen to your girl” the guy said smiling at Sammy “You should really shut the fuck up and stop disrespecting girls like that you dick”


You noticed people were staring and you really just wanted to get the hell out of there.


“Sam it’s not a big deal, let’s just go” “Stay out of this y/n” he walked around you and over to the guy “Chill man it’s not me you should be pissed at” the guy pushed Sam away from him and that of course set Sam off.


“Who the fuck, do you think you are?!” Sam yelled at him and before you knew it Sam punched the guy in the face and he fell to the ground.


“Oh my god will you stop!” You told Sam “No! He was being a dick to you how do I just let that go?” He was constantly getting into fights with guys because he got jealous so easily, he needs to chill out.


“You walk away Sam because it’s not worth the jail time” you told your boyfriend and surprisingly he actually listened.



You didn’t get why he always got so jealous all the time, you were nothing special at least you didn’t think so.


No one was trying to steal you.


“We need to talk about what happened back there” you told him since you knew he wouldn’t be the first to bring it up.


“Why?” he asked and you could just tell he wanted to just brush it off “Seriously?You know exactly why” “If I knew y/n would I be asking?” you groaned “You were acting like a jealous moron” “I was not” you laughed “Okay babe keep telling yourself that” after that you dropped the subject but you were planning to bring it up again later.



Later that night while Sam was watching TV you made yourself comfortable in his lap.


“What do you want y/n?” He said looking up at you “You’re just a ray of sunshine aren’t you” “I’m sorry” “Will you tell me why you get so crazy when boys talk to me?” “Because you’re my girlfriend” “You need to chill out though I’m with you, not looking for anyone else” “You say that now”


You were confused by that comment, why would he say that?


“What does that mean?” He shook his head and looked passed you “Nothing I just don’t understand why we have to talk about this” “Because you overreacted Sammy you didn’t have hit that guy” After you said that Sam looked at you again


“So you’re mad at me for sticking up for you?” You groaned “No Sam I love that you did that but you could have done it differently if you keep getting into fights like that you’re gunna end up in jail and then you would be someone’s boyfriend” you couldn’t even say that without laughing


“Ew why would you even say that” you kept laughing “I think you would be a good bottom” “I hate you so much” “Imagine if you went to jail and there was a Christian Grey look alike and he asked you to be his Ana” “No I didn’t imagine that’s just…Ew no stop” you kept laughing “You’re so cute”


You got off him and sat next to him instead and you were still laughing at what you had said about 50 Shades of Grey which you had dragged him to see.


“Y/n that’s not funny that’s nasty” “I’ll stop laughing if you tell me why you get so jealous all the time” he groaned “Fine since you won’t drop it I’ll tell you” “Thank you”


It’s about time it wasn’t such a big thing to ask for he’s so stubborn.


“How do I know you won’t actually like whoever comes up to you? I don’t want anyone stealing you” you looked at him like he was crazy “I’m not interested in anyone else but you Sam you know that” “I know but I can’t stand when guys even stand next to you” “I love you, no one else” You reassured him.


He moved so he was lying with his head in your lap “I know I’m sorry I get so crazy” you laughed “It’s okay, just promise me no more fighting” “I pinky promise” he said holding up his pinky you laughed and wrapped yours around his.


“I love you y/n” you smiled “Love you too Sam”


BLURB «At the Studio With Nate»

Imagine being at the studio with Nate though. Like in the car he’d be super excited, but nervous to record his new track for his mixtape. His dimples would be etched into his cheeks bc he just gets so excited about his music, and the fact that you were free to join and see him in his zone. When you would get there, his arm would be draped around your waist as you two walked into the studio, and everyone would greet you guys. Nate would lead you to the couch and give you a light kiss on your lips, before he went to record. And, just imagine watching him rapping his verse, and how passionate he gets about it, and that like turns you on. So you’re biting your lip, and Nate looks up at you noticing how you’re staring, and that sly lil shit would just smirk. And as soon as he was done, and Sammy went into the booth, dragging Nate to the bathroom, and fucking him. Oops.