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2013 Cosplay Review

Well, everyone else was, so…

Guidestuck Squarewave - Knitted Roxy - Calliope - God Tier Meulin - Trickster Roxy - Bondagestuck Roxy - Soldierstuck Roxy - God Tier Roxy - God Tier Nepeta - Kiichi

Not pictured: Fem God Tier Dave, Wedding Roxy, God Tier Jade

As with last year, it’s mostly just variations of Roxy. It’s a terminal illness.

GT Meulin photo courtesy of this guy, Kiichi of Jessie, and all others of Stella.


Are you ready to see true darkness?

Some pics of my Beast cosplay from Over the Garden Wall taken at Naka-kon this weekend! My girlfriend, laeluu, helped me make it (read: pretty much made the whole thing) a week before the con in addition to her own cosplay and I’m totally grateful to her for it. 


The Beast - Me

Wirt - strangecat321

Beatrice and photo credit - squiddlelunchtop


Sammy’s 2012 Cosplays

It’s mostly just… variations of Roxy. I ditched some other one-event things, like Homestuckcoming Meulin and winterstuck Rose.

Roxy | Lil Cal | Promstuck Roxy | John | 50s stuck Roxy | Lingerie Roxy | Meulin | Dreamer Roxy | Kenny | Nepeta


In commemoration of 413, some of my favorite cosplays from back in the day! Far from all inclusive, but what I’m most proud of, definitely. It was a good run.

(For anyone who can’t pick me out of the larger groups, I’m Squarewave, Meulin, Nepeta, and all the Roxy’s.)

All photos (except the second medium Alpha kids, Dancestors, and Cal) from the lovely Shiloh! Where would all the happy memories be without them…

Happy 413, everybody!