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Splendorman Playlist (Polka Face)

  1. Pepperland- George Martin
  2. Ocean Man- Ween
  3. Ice Cream Parade- Steam Powered Giraffe
  4. Sad- Bo Burnham 
  5. The Fool on the Hill- The Beatles (This is the best version I could find on Youtube; the last 10 seconds are cut off)
  6. Seaside Rendezvous- Queen
  7. Wired Wrong- Steam Powered Giraffe
  8. Mr. Blue Sky- Electric Light Orchestra
  9. Galaxy Song- Monty Python
  10. Nowhere Man- The Beatles
  11. Sound of Tomorrow- Steam Powered Giraffe
  12. Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite- The Beatles
  13. Always Look On the Bright Side of Life- Monty Python

If anyone can find a better quality version of Fool on the Hill please let me know

so, i made a pictures with all my current poptropica ocs

From top to bottom, left to right:

Row 1- Tyler, Cassidy, Emmanuel, Europa, Miriam, No Name, Viola, Maroon Hawk
Row 2- Cecelia, Mint, Cindy Ashe, Virus Virex, Firefly, Jessie
Row 3- Xavier, Sofia, Haddie, Archer, Cherry Bomb, Louis
Row 4- Fearless Bird, Sammy, Sweet Tooth, Bo, Ariadne, Hekate
Row 5- Kat, Nicholas, Taffy, Seraphina, Olivia
Row 6- Dominick, Blanche, Franklin, Maribel, Sprinkles, Queen Bee
Row 7- Golden Carrot, The Marvelous Maxine, Francine, Margo, Milo, Mardy, Gwendolyn
Row 8- Bridget, Dream Queen, Jenae, Wendy, Cameron, Jiggy, Charlotte
Row 9- Randell, Lorena, Ludo, Jonquil, Lucille, Quinn, Bailey, Jessamine
And finally, the girl in the middle you all know and love, Fearless Penelope Popper!

I hope you guys like! ^^

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💞- A memory about their children
*Shy was happy, it was the first time he would get to go outside. Though it was only going to be for an hour, dark out, and within the fenced area, it was still something to be excited for. He held on to Angel’s and Sammy’s hands, Bo right behind him as he skipped. They all smiled, though Angel’s smile looked a bit more sad…but Shy noticed her smile always looks a bit sad. He never understood why, why would she be sad about? He shook his head, clearing it. This is no time to worry about that, he can ask later, but right now, it is time to have a new experience! Shy shakes in anticipation as Sammy unlocks the back door, and opens it. He gasps at the fenced area, seeing the grass lit by the back door light. He quickly lets go of their hands and steps outside, breathing in the fresh air. He giggles, beckoning Bo to come with him, and starts running around. He reminds himself to be mindful of his asthma, but enjoys what he can do. Shy freezes when he hears a soft meow. Looking around to see the others chatting, he goes close to the fence and looks through the taller grassy section. Shy tilts his head when he sees a small creature curled up, blinking up at him. He reaches out slowly, as to not startle it, and lets the creature sniff his hand before being allowed to pat its head. Smiling, he pets the small thing, purring along when it starts to purr. He wonders what it is, since it purrs like he does…could it be a toon demon like him? He gently picks it up, purring more as the little one snuggles into him. He walks up to the others, and they look when they hear the meowing, finally noticing the cat he is carrying. Sammy looks confused as Angel asks* “Oh? What do you have there, dear?” *Shy smiles up at her and says the only thing he can think of* “M-my baby!~” *Angel stared wide eyed, knowing that the small demon can’t keep the cat, not with Danny around* “Oh…” *Sammy, noticing the sad tone, thinks of a solution* “Ah, that’s a cat…Hey squirt, why don’t I take care of em? That way you can still see your…um kitten? And still be able to do what you want?” *crouches down, smiling gently as Shy tries to hide the cat* “You know I won’t hurt em, squirt, but taking care of a baby animal is a lot of work, you can still see them if I take care of them you know?” *Shy nods, slowly handing over the cat, but staying close to Sammy* “I’ll let ya play with the baby, but it’s time to go back in now. You will play more with em later, alright? After….after Danny leaves, I promise squirt…”*Shy looks at the ground at the mention of his creator, but gives a small smile when Sammy holds out the kitten to lick at the demons cheek. Bo nods, picking up Shy, and cuddling him as they all head back inside*
*hums* I d-don’t have k-kids but…I l-like to t-take care of o-others, like animals, b-because t-they need parents t-too…

Nate and His New Girl (Part 1)

Request: Can You please make an imagine based off the last text au imagine you made, the one where nate meets a new girl? I love your blog btw!

Click here to see the text AU the imagine was based off of. (:

Part 1 Read Part 2 Here | Read Part 3 Here

You smooth out any wrinkles you had on your outfit before trekking your way into the place. Once satisfied, you open the door to what seemed like an empty apartment, yet you still call out the boys. “John, Nate! I’m here!” You set your keys down on the kitchen counter and look around. “Hello?”

“Hi there!” a cheery girl greets, jumping out from one of the bedrooms. Your heart nearly bursts out your chest, making you cling on for dear life. “You must be (Y/N).” She brings her hand out with the innate expectation of a handshake.

You tilt your body to the side and look behind her. You noticed it was Nate’s room she came out of and nodded wearily at the never-before-seen stranger. “Yes… And you must be, uhm… I’m sorry, who are you?” You looked with increasing confusion. You were also on guard just in case she might be some crazy psychopath who broke into the house and did God knows what to the boys.

“I’m Kelsey, Nate’s friend,” she beams her pearly whites.

You would think your tension would loosen up, but it didn’t; the introduction made it ten times worse. Friend? This must be the female, the “beautiful, funny, chill, and oh so super nice” girl, he texted you about the other night. 

You shook her hand that’s been hanging awkwardly in midair. “Oh, right… He’s mentioned you before. Which reminds me, where’re the boys?”

“The others haven’t made it yet, and Nate and John wanted to get some donuts for tonight so they’re out for a bit. They told me to keep you company until they got back. Would you like some water? I can get you a cup if you’d like!”

You took offense to the girl assuming you were new to the place and her acting like she wasn’t, which she obviously was by the looks her struggling to find the cabinet with the cups in it.

But there was a bigger issue at hand. 

“Oh, so you’re gonna be here for movie night tonight? As in Nate’s date or…?”

She giggled with innocence, her cheek forming a tint of red to it. “I guess you can say that.” 

“Great,” you mumbled to yourself. “As if I didn’t have enough things to worry about, and now I have to put up with hours of seeing you and Nate together?” you thought privately in the comforts of your own mind. You took a seat on the couch and sat there in silence as further thoughts waved through your head.

Your heart began to slump from thinking about all the possibilities that could happen when she’s here: the likely cuddling, the inevitable hand holding, the fact that you probably won’t be sitting next to Nate like you usually would, the thought of her staying after the night is done, her sleeping in his room together once you leave? The fact that you might be forced to witness almost all of these? What is this obscenity?

A heavy sigh of sadness escape your lips. You begin to get second thoughts about your presence here tonight. Maybe you should leave quietly before the guys arrive, you contemplated.

But her voice broke your train of thought. “Are you okay?” the girl looked sincerely worried. 

“Yeah,” you chuckled, getting off the couch. You casually saunter your way towards the door. “Actually, I think I might have to,” you opened the frame, “I might need to le-”

“(Y/N)!” a voice shouted from behind the opened door.

You whipped your head back and bumped into the body of who the voice belonged to - Nate. 

“Hey!” You are caught by surprised. You thought you had at least another 10 minutes to secretly depart.

“Sorry about that, we had to go get some snacks. Have you met Kelsey yet?!” he asked of joy as he wrapped his arms around her waist. They made eye contact with each other before their attention shot back to you. 

You feigned a smile. “I have! She really is all that you told me,” you sadly admitted. 

Nate was right. She’s been nothing but sweet since you got here; she didn’t seem like the girl to cause trouble; her long, brunette hair, perfect skin, and beautiful face screamed her beauty; but better yet, Nate seems to really like this girl if he’s actually bringing her around.

Then comes bursting through the apartment is Sam. “SUP SUP! SAMMY BO-” The happy, energetic kid flops when he turns to see he is caught in the middle of you and a scene he knows must break your heart: Nate’s arms around a girl while you are in front of the seemingly gleeful couple. “[ahem]… My bad. Hi, I’m Sam.”

“Sam, as in Nate’s old roommate? It’s finally nice to meet you, I’m Kelsey!” 

They shook hands at an awkward distance.

“Come on, let’s go make some popcorn,” Nate’s voice trailed away as you are left standing by the exit, still thinking of making a run for it. However, Sam got to you before you even took a step.

“Don’t!… even think about it.” He stands in front of you and rubs your arms with his hands. “If you want to leave, I’ll go with you.”

You looked away from his eyes to think a bit. Then your decision was made and you asked him, “Okay. Can we go please?”

“Of course,” he whispered. He turns to the room and shouts, “Hey, guys! (Y/N)’s dad called saying he needed some things moved around the house, so I’m gonna help out and we’re gonna leave. That cool with you?”

John frowned and expressed his gloom with an long “awwww”. Nate, on the other hand, was too busy making popcorn, laughing and messing around with his new beau to even hear anything, but you left anyways without so much of a goodbye from him.

“See you,” you said, barely audible through the happy commotion in the kitchen. 

Part 1 Read Part 2 Here | Read Part 3 Here

A/N: I hope you guys liked it! There might be a part 2, but I’m unsure of when it’ll come out. (: Any feedback is much appreciated. ☺️


Magcon preference - what Disney couple everyone compares you too

Hayes - Peter Pan and Wendy
Nash - David and Nani
Cameron - Samba and Nala
Taylor - Donald and Daisy Duck
Sammy - Woody and Bo Peep
Jack g - Jasmine and Aladdin
Jack j - John Smith and Pocahontas
Skate - Shang and Mulan
Matt - Prince Eric and Ariel
Carter - Beast and Belle
Shawn - Lady and the Tramp
Aaron - Mini and Mickey

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Shy Anon: 💗- A memory about a good deed they did

💗- A memory about a good deed they did
*Shy leans his head against the wall, sitting in his corner and daydreaming when he is interrupted by a soft sound. He gets up slowly, curious as to what could be making such a sad noise. He moves to the door, grabbing the handle and hoping it’s not locked. He looks surprised when it is not….why is the door unlocked? Danny sometimes will forget…if he drank too much or took the bad stuff…Shy steps into the hallway, following the sound, clutching a small stuffed kangaroo as he goes. He briefly wonders where Sammy, Bo, or Angel are at. This section of the building seems a bit more quieter than usual. The small demon comes across a lot room, and inside a small boy is seen crying. Shy tilts his head….what is a boy doing here? Then he thinks, Bo was telling me about a field trip coming, did he get lost then? Shy takes a step forward, the floor board squeaking and the boy quickly looks up. They stare at each other, the boy looking a bit scared but mostly in awe at the cartoon in front of him, his voice cracks as he speaks* “Aren’t you…Bendy? You are, aren’t you?” *the boy wipes his tears as Shy nods timidly, and the boy quietly asks*“ But mister Bendy…aren’t you evil? Are you here to hurt…me?” *Shy’s eyes widens as he frantically shakes his head to say no, sitting down and ducking down to seem as harmless as possible, tail drooping a bit at the thought of the boy fearing him. The boy makes a sound, but Shy does not glance up to see what the boy is doing until he feels a soft touch on his horns* “My name is Elliott….You don’t seem so bad…so why are you bad on the show?” *Shy looks up, eyes watering and whispers brokenly* “I-I don w-wanna b-be bad…f-forced ta b-be dat w-way…” *Elliott looks at the small demon in front of him, then gently embraces him in a hug* “I…understand. I don’t want to be bad either…but some of the kids try to make it like I am…” *Shy startles as the boy starts crying, not liking it at all. This boy, no, Elliott…he understood somewhat and he is hurting too. Shy bites his lip, he didn’t like this one bit, Elliott should be happy instead. He gently rubs at Elliott’s back, and hums a soft melody, slowly calming him down* “D-don c-cry, b-be…um..b-be bright!~ B-be you, n-not bad, b-but kind!~…” *Shy wipes at Elliott’s tears, then holds out his stuffed kangaroo* “P-please t-take this? I-it’s m-magical, can protect y-you, and b-be your h-hug buddy when y-you…um…n-need to!~” *Elliott lightly takes the kangaroo, looking at it, seeing the small ribbon tied around to neck and rosy cheeks, he smiles. Elliott looks up then hugs Shy again, this time feeling happier than before* “I c-can be your f-friend, t-those m-meanies can’t s-see how…g-great you are!~” *The two spend some time talking together, Elliott doing most of the talking as Shy smiles, listening. There time is cut short as they hear footsteps and someone calling out for Elliott. Elliott reluctantly gets up, giving one last hug* “Your not a bad guy, and I know this now…You have a friend in me too, mister Bendy…Thank you for everything!” *Shy smiles sadly at seeing Elliott leave, but feels happy, at least…he made the boy smile. Shy goes back to his room, humming happily, believing that Elliott will be safe, as long as he has the kangaroo the little demon gave him…*
*Shy smiles, wondering where Elliott is now, and thinking on whether he still has that kangaroo* H-he was the f-first child I s-saw, the f-first person I f-felt helpful to…I’m h-happy to have m-met him..:

calling all jared/sam blogs


So I can check you out and possibly follow. I am looking for blogs that post MOSTLY Jared/Sam. And that you tag and ARE active. My dash has been so dead.(which is weird I follow over 700 ppl) and it’s been mostly Jensen/Dean and repeat posts. Not that I am complaining. I just need more Sammy wammy bo bammy and Jared.