sammy bo

💋 2014 ComicCon.💋 😘😍

Don’t they look cozy for two friends who have done maybe 6 episodes so far ( it was mentioned that the wedding was not filmed yet so that also means 9, 10, then 7, 8 are just a thought.)

BUT both actors were reading the book while acting out what was presented scripted. I’m sure they each said: “WHOA, THESE TWO HAVE A LOT OF FUN SEXYTIME!” Both knew what they were getting into and both really liked being with each other so…….. Go with the flow and see where it takes you.
Both needed someone to be the strength for the other, love grew from friends with similar backgrounds and similar values
…………and there you go.💋💥❤️

Post note: I DO NOT BELIEVE A GAY MAN WOULD ALWAYS BE SO CUDDLY WITH A FEMALE…….ALWAYS and let’s not forget the lil Sammy “BOING” moment at Saks❗️😳 This man is NOT gay!
Magcon preference - what Disney couple everyone compares you too

Hayes - Peter Pan and Wendy
Nash - David and Nani
Cameron - Samba and Nala
Taylor - Donald and Daisy Duck
Sammy - Woody and Bo Peep
Jack g - Jasmine and Aladdin
Jack j - John Smith and Pocahontas
Skate - Shang and Mulan
Matt - Prince Eric and Ariel
Carter - Beast and Belle
Shawn - Lady and the Tramp
Aaron - Mini and Mickey