sammy and zelda


These were just the cosplays I managed to remember to get pictures of. There were so many other amazing cosplays that I didn’t get pictures of.

big flaws in breath of the wild:

  • cannot pet the doggy
  • cannot pet and befriend wild wolf
  • cannot pet and befriend fox
  • stable is rude and wont let me keep deer or bear as friend
  • cannot pick up smol birds and give them love
  • cannot pet sheep and goats
  • cannot pet buffalo
  • cannot pet patricia
  • cannot pet boar
  • cannot pet moose
  • cannot kiss fish
  • where the heck are all the cats????
  • cannot pick up korok
  • cannot befriend lynel
  • cannot smooch the lizards
  • no snek????
  • cannot pet ganon
  • cannot obtain bees
  • cannot express my love and gratitude to all npc by giving them things
Puppy Love

You held onto the three leashes, praying that none of the dogs would see a cat or another hyper dog. You had 4 dogs. Cas was the 2 year old German Shepherd, Dean was the 1 year old black lab, Sammy was the 3 month old Golden Retriever, and Zelda was the 10 week old Golden retriever/german shepherd mix. They all had special meanings behind their names. Cas was the name of your favorite character from Supernatural; Dean was mc. Dreamy from the same show. Sammy came from Supernatural, too. Zelda-who was at home-was the name you’d fallen in love with because of your early childhood addiction to video games

You knew that you had to wait until you got a golden retriever to name him Sammy because of the obvious reasons involving the hair. Jared Padalecki wasn’t blonde, but his hair was shaggy enough to name a dog after him.

All of the dogs were hyper when they saw a cat or another dog, and you knew that you wouldn’t be able to contain all of them completely. They wouldn’t hurt a fly, but they would certainly chase any unsuspecting animal if they got loose and had infinite freedom. Cas was easily the strongest, but he was much more laid back than the other two. Sadly, this was your only time to bring them out for a walk during the day. Other times, it was too busy and they would get too distracted by the people. Many times, the people wouldn’t watch where they were going, and they would knee the poor dogs in the face.

This wasn’t usually a busy time at all. It was the middle of the day on a Tuesday. The lunch hour had come and gone, so most people were back at their desks, working. Thanksgiving was just around the corner, but you couldn’t afford to make it back home to be with your family. You were a senior in college, and money wasn’t growing on any trees around your cousin’s house. He was kind enough to let you stay with him during your college years so that you didn’t have to pay for room and board. You were also allowed dogs!

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw a young yellow lab barrel around the corner. When he caught sight of your dogs, he rushed right over to them. Sammy jumped onto the growing puppy, and you had a hard time restraining them.

“Enough!” you said sternly to all of them. Immediately, each of your dogs sat on the ground. If you were stern with them, you knew that they wouldn’t move until you gave them the a-ok to do so “stay” you commanded, and they obeyed. You moved over to the puppy who had his tail in the air. He was wagging it around, yearning to play with someone. You could see the life and energy in his big brown eyes.

“You’re just adorable, little guy” you said, kneeling down to his level. He took the opportunity to jump onto you, licking your face with his wet tongue. You laughed at his playful attitude “alright, alright, alright” you said, trying to settle him down. You noticed that he had a leash on which meant that he must’ve gotten loose on a walk. Someone must’ve been looking for him, so you checked his tags.

“Your name is Rudy?” you asked, and his ears perked up at hearing his own name “well, I think we’re gonna have to take you back to my place, and we’ll call your mom or dad” you explained to the dog. You took his leash in your hands, turning back to your other dogs. You wrapped 2 leashes around each wrist, holding them tightly as you walked all of them back to your house.

“Did you adopt another one?” your cousin asked when he saw you walking through the doorway with 4 dogs instead of the original 3 you left with.

“Someone lost his owner, but he has a phone number” you said

“Well, you don’t want to keep his parents waiting. Imagine if you lost one of yours” he said, and you took the leashes off each dog “I have to run to the store, but I’ll be back in a bit” he said, pulling on a sweater

“See you in 4 hours” you said, and he gave you a playful shove before he walked out the door. You grabbed a phone before walking over to Rudy. He looked uncomfortable in his new surroundings. He looked like the kid who is going over to a friends house for the very first time-everything’s different, you don’t know how to act, and you’re just an awkward mess. Rudy was the epitome of that.

You knelt down to him again, and you looked at the number on his tag. You dialed it before stepping away from the dogs. Cas, Dean, Zelda, and Sammy were all interested in the new puppy in the house, and they took turns invading his space. You held the phone against your ear, and you were surprised when it only rang once.

“Hello” a worried voice came from the other line. It sounded oddly familiar, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

“Hi, this is (Y/N). Are you the owner of a yellow lab?” you asked, not knowing how to ask the question in a better way.

“You found Rudy?” he asked in a relieved voice

“I brought him back to my place if that’s alright” you said, and you noticed that Sammy wasn’t giving Rudy any space “Sammy, enough” you said with a stern voice before turning your attention back to the person on the phone “I’m really sorry. My dogs are really enjoying the company of Rudy” you apologized, and he laughed. Even the laugh sounded familiar.

“It’s absolutely fine. At least he’s safe. I was terrified that he would get lost or he’d get hit by a car. It was…not fun” he said, and you felt the side of your mouth pull up in a smirk.

“Well, I don’t think you two should be apart for too much longer. I’ll give you my address, and you can stop by to pick him up if you’d like” you said, trying to be as polite as possible. You didn’t know how to handle a situation like that. It wasn’t your style. You surrounded yourself with dogs because they were easier to talk to than people.

“That sounds great” he said, and you continued to give him your address “I’ll be there in 1o minutes”

“I’ll be here” you said before hanging up the phone “your daddy’s coming to get you, Rudy” you said with an excited voice. He ran over to you at the mention of his owner. You knew Castiel’s attitude toward strangers. He was extremely protective over you, and he was always suspicious of people at the door. He would bark and bare his teeth until they proved themselves or ran away. He didn’t trust anyone except for you.

You walked into the kitchen, putting the baby gate up on one doorway. It was usually enough to hold him in. He never tried to break it down, so you trusted the technique. It kept visitors from being terrified of him.

“Cas” you called, and he walked into the kitchen. He knew the drill, and he knew that you were going to lock him in the prison known as the the kitchen. His tail was hanging between his legs, and his head was low. You felt bad for him, but it was for the best. You sat on the floor in the kitchen, and he walked over to you. He licked your cheek over and over again, in an attempt to keep you from locking him in the kitchen. You ran your hands through his soft fur, feeling terrible about having to do this to him.

“I’m sorry, buddy” you said before standing up. You put up the baby gate on the other side, and he gave you his signature look. His head tilted to the side, and he looked up at you with big sad eyes. You felt terrible having to say no to him, but you didn’t want him to scare the man who was coming for his dog. Cas was far too protective over you.

You picked up Zelda, cuddling her to your body. She was still just a small ball of fur, and she made your heart flutter whenever she looked at you. The house was so quiet that you could hear the creak of the French Empire door knocker before hearing it against the door. Cas began barking causing Dean and Sammy to do the same thing.

Before you turned the handle, you heard the horrible growling coming from right next to you. You looked to see that Cas had jumped over the baby gate, and he was baring his teeth at the door. You opened the door, holding him back. You couldn’t even look at who the stranger was because you were too afraid of Cas biting him. All the dogs were barking, so you knew that you had to use your stern voice.

“Castiel, Dean, Sam,” you raised your voice “get in the living room right now, and stay in there” you said, and they all obeyed you. Even though Cas didn’t want to leave you, he knew that you were being serious.

“Alright. Just let me text Misha and Jensen. I’ll let them know to be in character when they get here” the stranger said, and you finally turned around to look at him. Your mouth fell open at the sight of him.

“Oh my God” you breathed out in absolute disbelief at who was standing in your front doorway.

“I’m Jared” he introduced himself, and you remained absolutely speechless. He was just as flawless as you imagined him to be. His smile was the perfect, his endless eyes were perfect, he was perfect. You opened your mouth to speak, but no words came out. You looked just like a fish out of water “I take it you’re a fan” he said, and you nodded.

“Sorry…I’m just a little shocked. I wasn’t really expecting Jared Padalecki to be strolling up to my house to collect his lost puppy” you said, trying to calm your racing heart “I’m (Y/N)” you introduced yourself, and he held out his hand. It was an odd gesture in your mind, but you shook it anyway.

“It’s nice to meet you” he said, and you knew that you had to act like a normal human being. The last thing you wanted to do was make him feel uncomfortable.

“Would you like to come in?” you asked, and he shrugged his shoulders

“Sure. It’s pretty chilly outside anyway” he said, and you stepped aside, letting him into the house. Rudy ran right over to him, and he knelt down on the floor “hi, little man!” he greeted his dog, ruffling his fur.

“He’s adorable. I’ve always wanted a yellow lab, but (Y/C/N) put a limit on four” you said, shutting the door. He lifted the puppy up into his arms, and he looked into your eyes.

“(Y/C/N) is your boyfriend?” he asked, and you shook your head

“No, no. He’s my cousin. He’s letting me stay here while I go to school” I said, and he nodded in understanding. Your heart was still racing from merely being in his presence. You wanted to say something, but every word died in your throat before you had the opportunity. You wanted to scream and hug him for the rest of your natural born life, but your brain wouldn’t let you make a complete fool of yourself in front of someone so perfect.

“Do you, uh, think I could stay and warm up for a bit?” he asked, and you hesitated. While you wanted him to stay, it wouldn’t look too good if your cousin came back while you had a man in the house “it’s just getting pretty cold outside, and I have to walk him back to my place. I don’t particularly want to face the cold right at this moment”

“That’s fine. Can I get you anything to drink?” the words came out without a single hesitation. You didn’t care about how your cousin reacted to the guest, all you wanted was some alone time with one of your idols.

“Could I get something hot?” he asked

“We have tea, coffee, apple cider, and hot chocolate” you said before he furrowed his brows in thought. Everything about the man was perfect. Everything between the very top of his head to the very tips of his toes was flawless.

“I’d love some apple cider” he said, and you nodded your head. You immediately turned to walk into the kitchen.

Alright, (Y/N), don’t screw this up!

“Make yourself comfortable in the living room. I’ll be right out” you called before hearing him shuffle into the living room. From the doorway, you could see him take a seat on the loveseat.

The beauty that he possessed was dangerous. It took everything in your power to keep from running over to him and pressing your lips against his. You just wanted to see what it felt like. After watching countless actresses kiss those unforgiving lips, you wanted to experience the rush.

Your conscious mind warned you against doing just that for a multitude of reasons. The biggest reason being that he was an actor, and you were just a normal human being. Deep in your subconscious, though, you heard a small voice.

You have as good a chance as anyone else!

You shook your head to the ridiculous thought, “that’s stupid” you muttered under your breath before focusing your eyes back on the tall greek god in your living room.

He reached out to your dogs, and they approached him slowly. Castiel was the only one who wouldn’t go anywhere near the stranger in the house. He had no idea why you would be letting a complete stranger into your house. Cas knew everyone who walked through the front door and took a seat in the living room because they came around regularly. Jared was new and completely out of the ordinary.

You heated up his apple cider, making a cup for yourself also. When they were finished, you carried them out into the living room. You set each cup on the coasters that (Y/C/N) bought. They were the family sigils from the Game of Thrones.

You sat on one of the chairs that faced the loveseat. Castiel moved over to you, and he rested his head on your lap. You stroked his fur a few times, trying to think of something to talk about in order to fill the silence.

“So, you’re a fan of the show, but you have a lot of Game of Thrones merch. I’d love to know where your favoritism lies” he said with a wink

“My cousin and I watch Game of Thrones, and we buy merchandise. I think it’s obvious where my loyalty lies when it comes to tv shows. I’ve named living and breathing creatures after characters in Supernatural” you said, and he smiled “the living room is decked out with Game of Thrones stuff, but you should see my bedroom. I even have a Supernatural bed set. The sheets aren’t very forgiving on my skin, but I love them anyway. It’s like I’m sleeping with…” you cut yourself off.


You completely forgot that you were talking to Jared Padalecki, a star of the show that you were dedicated to. Obsessed was a harsh word, but it described you perfectly when it came to that show. It was obvious that you were attracted to each of the characters in a different way, but you rarely talked about your sexual attraction to them. You always joked about it with your college girlfriends, but that was about it.

You were mortified. The heat rose in your throat, and your face flushed with color. You averted your eyes from him, knowing that he must’ve felt so uncomfortable.

“Like you’re sleeping with us?” he asked, and you cleared your throat. You picked up your mug, and you avoided the question by drinking. The liquid soothed your dry throat.

He adjusted on the couch, and you couldn’t figure out if it was because you made him feel awkward around you. When you put the mug back down, you raised your eyes to see that he wasn’t fazed by your words.

“Perhaps I can test the sheets out sometime” his tone was low and so pleasant to listen to. The words, however, surprised you. The words he spoke and the way he communicated them to you, made you feel like you would come undone at any second. A man you had idolized for years was flirting?

Of course he’s not flirting with you. Why would he want to do that? You’re nothing special.

The smirk on his lips was irresistible, and it made your stomach tighten. You could feel your heart in your throat. A shaky hand grabbed for your mug, knowing that it was your only way to keep yourself from screaming out of utter happiness.

“You live around here?” you asked, and he nodded his head “I mean, I knew that you and Jensen live here while you’re shooting, but I didn’t know that it was that close”

“We’re on a short break from shooting, so we’re stuck with all of this free time that we don’t know what to do with” he said “usually, we just laze around the house and play video games”

“Must be nice. College classes kick my ass on the daily. I’m even stressed out over my break” you said, and he shot you that award winning smile. His soft brown eyes captured yours in a wonderful gaze. It was flattering, but you had no idea why a man like him was looking at you with that strong gaze.

After a long moment, you found your voice, “why are you looking at me like that?” you asked, and he broke the intensity with a chuckle.

“You’re just really beautiful” he answered without a hint of doubt in his voice

“Are you kidding me?” you asked, and his eyes widened “my boobs aren’t threatening to burst out of my neckline right now, so where do you get off calling me beautiful?” you asked with a laugh. No man had ever called you that before. Even when you tried to dress up in a nice dress, you were never awarded for it. It wasn’t possible for him to be honest with you while you were slouching on the chair with a t-shirt and jeans.

“You don’t have to be slutty to be beautiful” he said

“You really do know how to make a girl feel special” you said with a patronizing tone.

“You should really learn to take a compliment” he breathed out “you don’t have to be an actress either. You can be a stressed out, college student for all I care. There’s something about you that strikes me as pure and beautiful, and I don’t want to keep that to myself. It’s probably just puppy love” he said with a proud smile.

Your face heated up like a stove, and you knew that your cheeks must’ve looked like you were baking out in the sun all day.

“Thank you” you said, and he nodded his head with an accomplished look on his face. He tucked a stray piece of hair behind his ear, and you studied his every move.

Your eyes caught sight of your dogs playing with Rudy on the floor. Cas still hadn’t moved from your side.

“They seem to really enjoy his company” you said, and he glanced over at the dogs on the floor.

“It wouldn’t be very fair to keep them away from each other for too long. It gives us a reason to see each other again” he said, and the sides of your mouth tugged up into a partial smile.

“My cousin’s gonna be home shortly” you said, and he understood what had to happen. You would’ve given anything for him to stay longer, but you know how your cousin would react to you having a man in the house. He was always protective, and this was no different.

Jared scooped the young puppy into his arms, and he looked like a giant compared to the small dog. I walked him to the door.

He reached into his back pocket, before pulling out a rectangular card “here’s my number, and Jensen’s is on the back. Ghost text him sometime, it’ll be hilarious” you took the card from him, memorizing the numbers.

You let out a hearty laugh at the thought of pranking Jensen “I don’t think he’ll be too happy about that, but I’ll think about it” you said

“I really hope we can see each other again in the near future” he said with honesty in his eyes.

“I feel like I’ve had my fair share of awkward moments today, so I can’t even imagine how much worse it’ll be if we see each other again” you said with a smile.

You watched as he moved his face toward yours ever so slowly. Your insides screamed at you to kiss him while you had the chance. He veered off course, and you felt his warm breath against your ear.

“Perhaps you could test out my bed sheets. Besides, I still have to test out yours” he whispered, and you immediately became weak in the knees.

He placed a soft kiss against your cheek, winked at you, and left the house.

“Holy. Shit”

idk if this might be an “unpopular opinion” but like my experience with botw made me headcanon zelda as aro with strong platonic caring for link and nothing romantic. ??? i just have the strong feelings about the wonderful character she got in the game, with this passion for knowledge and studying and like being this huge nerd. and the heavy pressures placed on her weighing her down with excessive amounts of stress that lead to depression and anxiety, and not to mention she’s only just turning 17 so there’s a buttload of hormones going on that just adds to intensity. tbh i don’t think i’ve ever loved a zelda so much as how she’s portrayed in this game (aside from tetra, but tetra is so special to me). and idk why i feel so much more surprised seeing zelink stuff about botw bc like it’s to be expected with zelda games. but man, maybe it’s just me. i dunno if it has anything to do because i played the game entirely with japanese va so i don’t know how the voice acting is in other languages (i also notice the eng subs in the cut scenes actually don’t 100% seem to match up with the eng subs provided in the game, which i assume are just supposed to match with the dub). and with all of the memories and the ending i just see, if anything, a plutonic bond. i dunno man. i love this version of zelda; i see passion and anxiety and humanity in this zelda; someone who cares so deeply but at the same time questioning because of the position she’s in and goddamn i just want her to be  happy and to be able to follow what he real interests are. let her study! let her learn! let her break from the mold she’s been forced into.
not that you can’t be like that and not allo. idk man. i just have a lot of feelings about this game.
(/。-﹏-。\ )